A new launcher has arrived! We’ve taken all your favorite Minecraft games and made them easy to access from a single location.
新的启动器已经准备就绪!我们已经准备好让你从同一个地方方便地启动所有你最喜爱的 Minecraft 游戏!
We know you may have questions about this new launcher, and we have prepared some answers for you below!

General Questions

What is the Minecraft Launcher for Windows?
Minecraft 启动器 Windows 版是什么?
A new launcher available in the Microsoft Store that allows you to launch Minecraft, Minecraft: Java Edition,and Minecraft Dungeons from the same location.
一个在微软商店上提供的新启动器,能够在同一个地方启动 Minecraft (译注:指基岩版)、 Minecraft Java 版、《我的世界:地下城》。

Do I need the Minecraft Launcher for Windows to play Minecraft or Minecraft Dungeons?
我需要 Minecraft 启动器 Windows 版来游玩 Minecraft (译注:指基岩版)或《我的世界:地下城》吗?
You don’t need to use this launcher, but it will help you save timeby having all your Minecraft games accessible from one location.
你不必用这个启动器,但这可以节约你从同一个地方启动所有 Minecraft 相关游戏的时间。

Where do I get the Minecraft Launcher for Windows?
我该从哪里获取 Minecraft 启动器 Windows 版呢?
You can download it from the Microsoft Store.

Where do I install the Launcher?
For the time being, please install the Launcheron your C: Drive to avoid any potential issues.
目前建议将启动器下载至 C: 驱动器以避免潜在问题。

If I already own one or more of the games on the Microsoft Store, can I use the new Launcher?
如果我已经拥有了微软商店里的一些 Minecraft 游戏,我可以用这个启动器吗?
Yes! It’s been designed to consolidate all your existing and future Minecraft games in one place. Just click on the link above todownload the new Launcherand get mining.
可以!这个启动器设计的目的就是为了将目前已有及未来可能有的 Minecraft 游戏集中到同一个地方。点击上面的链接下载新的启动器开始挖方块吧!

Is the Minecraft Launcher for Windows free?
Minecraft 启动器 Windows 版是免费的吗?
The launcher itself is free, but you will need to purchase the games individually in order to play them.

Does the Minecraft Launcher for Windows automatically give me access toall games?
Minecraft 启动器 Windows 版会自动给我所有游戏的游玩许可吗?
No, you still need to purchase each game individually. You can also subscribe to Xbox Game Pass for PC or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to gain access to Minecraft: Java Edition, Minecraft for Windows(Bedrock Edition), and Minecraft Dungeons.
并不,你仍然要单独购买各个游戏。你也可以订阅 Xbox Game Pass for PC 或者 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 来获取 Minecraft Java 版、 Minecraft Windows 版(基岩版)以及《我的世界:地下城》。

What platforms will the Minecraft Launcher for Windows run on?
Minecraft 启动器 Windows 版基于什么平台运行?
Windows 10, version 1903 (May 2019 Update)or newer.
Windows 10, version 1903 (2019 年 5 月更新) 或更高版本。

What’s the difference between the Minecraft Unified Launcher and the Minecraft Launcher for Windows?
Minecraft 统一启动器(暂译,指原启动器)与 Minecraft 启动器 Windows 版之间有什么区别?
The Minecraft Unified Launcher only launches Java Edition and Minecraft Dungeons and was made for Windows 7/8. The Minecraft Launcher for Windows will launch those titles and Minecraft for Windows, and it works on both Windows 10 and Windows 11.
Minecraft 统一启动器只能启动 Java 版及《我的世界:地下城》,是为Windows 7/8 设计的。 Minecraft 启动器 Windows 版除了可以启动以上版本外,还能启动 Minecraft Windows 版(基岩版),且能在 Windows 10 及 Windows 11 上运行。

How is Minecraft Dungeons different being on the Minecraft Launcher for Windows?
《我的世界:地下城》在 Minecraft 启动器 Windows 版上有什么不同?
If you purchased Minecraft Dungeons through either the Microsoft Store or minecraftdungeons.net, the purchase entitlements for the game and any owned DLC packs can be accessed on both the Minecraft Launcher for Windows and the old Minecraft Launcher. Be sure you are signed in using your Microsoft Account that owns Minecraft Dungeons in order to play.
如果你通过微软商店或者 minecraftdungeons.net 购买了《我的世界:地下城》,已购买的游戏及 DLC 均可在 Minecraft 启动器 Windows 版及旧版 Minecraft 启动器上看到。请确保你登录的微软账号已经够买了《我的世界:地下城》。

Will Minecraft: Education Edition be available in the Minecraft Launcherfor Windows?
Minecraft 启动器 Windows 版会支持《我的世界:教育版》吗?
No, Minecraft: Education Editionuses its own launcher. More on Minecraft: Education Edition can be found here: Minecraft Official Site | Minecraft Education Edition
不会,《我的世界:教育版》拥有自己的启动器。你可以在这里查阅关于《我的世界:教育版》的更多信息:Minecraft Official Site | Minecraft Education Edition

Will Minecraft Story Mode be available through this launcher?
No, Minecraft Story Mode is no longer being developed or supported.

I play Java Edition and received Minecraft for Windows code several months/years ago. How is this different from that?
我在几月/年前购买了 Java 版并获得了 Windows 版本的兑换码,这两者之间有什么不同?
The Minecraft for Windows codes are good for one copy of Minecraft when redeemed through the Windows Store. This new launcher does not come with a copy of thegame but instead is a method of accessing your copy of Minecraft.

Do I need to uninstall the old launcher?
You do not need to uninstall the old launcher(Minecraft Unified Launcher) but we strongly recommend doing so to cut down on confusion. If you want to uninstall the old launcher, see our guide for Uninstalling the Old Minecraft Unified Launcher.
你不必卸载旧启动器( Minecraft 统一启动器),但我们强烈建议这么做以避免混淆。如果你想要卸载旧启动器,请参考我们关于卸载旧启动器的指导(译注:个人建议暂时不要着急卸载旧启动器,目前来看新启动器可能在稳定性上存在一定问题,可暂时观望一段时间)。

Account Questions

Do I need a Microsoft account to use the Minecraft Launcher for Windows?
我需要创建一个微软账号来使用 Minecraft 启动器 Windows 版吗?
Yes, you will need a Microsoft account to download the new Launcher from the MicrosoftStore.
需要,在微软商店中下载 Minecraft 启动器 Windows 版时需要创建一个账号。

How do I sign into my account(s)?
You can sign in using your Microsoft account. If you need help with your Microsoft account login, please contact Xbox support.
你可以使用微软账号登录。如果你在登录时遇到问题,请联系Xbox support

I have a question about the Microsoft account migration.
We have answers available on our Minecraft: Java Edition Account Migration FAQ.

How do switch between my Microsoft accounts to play my games?
You can click your username in the top left corner.From the drop down, select Switch Account. This will bring up a new window allowing you to sign into another Microsoft account. If multiple accounts have been added, this button will allow you to switch between them. You can also open Settings and look under the Accounts tab. This will also allow you toswitch accounts or add new ones.Please note that you can only be signedin toone Microsoft account at a time.
你可以点击左上角的用户名,在下拉列表里选择“Switch Account”(译注:我在实际操作时没有看到这个选项?)。这将打开一个新窗口以登录另一个微软账号。如果添加了多个账号,你可以通过这个按钮在多个账号中切换。你也可以在“设置”中找到“账号”一栏,这里也可以进行切换账号或者添加账号。请注意,在同一时刻只能登录一个微软账号。

don’t see my games or a “Play” button to press; how can I play?
You may be signed in to different Microsoft accounts in the Store and Launcher. You will need to make sure you’re signed in to the Microsoft Store using the same account that you’re using to sign-in to the Minecraft Launcher; Click here to go to the Store and review or update the active account. You will find the account (or an option to sign in if you are not currently) on the top left of the page.

Technical Questions

How do I update the Minecraft Launcher for Windows?
我该如何更新 Minecraft 启动器 Windows 版?
When a new update is available you will be prompted to update. To manually update you can check the launcher’s settings.

How do I make sure I have the Minecraft Launcher for Windows and not the old Unified Launcher?
我该如何确保我拥有的是 Minecraft 启动器 Windows 版而不是旧版启动器呢?
You can check which Launcher you’re using by opening the ‘Settings’ and selecting the ‘About’ option.The screenshots below will show you what each Launcher will look like.
你可以检查“设置”→“关于”选项来判断你正在使用的是哪个启动器。下面的截图会展示两个启动器的样子。(译注:旧启动器第一项显示的标题为 Launcher,而 Windows 版启动器显示的是 Launcher for Windows)

New Minecraft Launcher for Windows(Gamecore):
新版 Minecraft 启动器 Windows 版(Gamecore):

Previous Minecraft Unified Launcher(Win32):
旧版 Minecraft 统一启动器(Win32):

Are there beta versions of the Minecraft Launcher for Windows I can get access to?
我可以获取到测试版本的 Minecraft 启动器 Windows 版吗
If you have the Minecraft Launcher for Windows installed, you can go to settings and check the box labelled “Use beta versionof the launcher.”
如果你已经安装了 Minecraft 启动器 Windows 版,你可以前往设置找到“使用测试版启动器”选项。

Will my Minecraft: Java Editionprofiles/installations transfer to the new Launcher?
我的 Minecraft Java 版的配置文件/安装信息会转移到新的启动器吗?
If your profiles/installations have not copied over, please follow these steps:

  • Open the %appdata%/minecraft folder
  • Create a copy of launcher_profiles.json
  • Delete launcher_profiles_microsoft_store.json
  • Rename the copied version oflauncher_profiles.json to launcher_profiles_microsoft_store.json


  • 打开 %appdata%/.minecraft 文件夹(译注:可先 Win + R 键打开运行,然后输入 %appdata%/.minecraft ,点击“确定”即可,下同。此处怀疑原文可能少打了一个“.”)
  • 复制一份 launcher_profiles.json
  • 删除 launcher_profiles_microsoft_store.json
  • 将复制的 launcher_profiles.json 重命名为 launcher_profiles_microsoft_store.json

What happens to my current save files for Minecraft Dungeons?
The new launcher will automatically detect your save files. Once you log in to the new launcher you should be able to pick up right where you left off.   
For Minecraft Dungeons, this datais located in %HOMEPATH%\Saved Games\Mojang Studios\Dungeons by default.
对《我的世界:地下城》来说,相关数据默认存储在 %HOMEPATH%\SavedGames\Mojang Studios\Dungeons 当中
For Java Edition, the new launcher also uses the exact same data in your .minecraft folder, so all of your saves and worlds etc will carry over. If you changea setting in .minecraft, both launchers, new and old, will detect that change.
 Java 版来说,新启动器使用相同的 .minecraft 文件夹中的数据,因此你所有的存档、世界等都会都会在新启动器中看到。如果你修改了 .minecraft 中的设置,新旧启动器都会检测到这个变动。
Bedrock will experience no changes, but the default save location is %LocalAppData%\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang\minecraftWorlds
基岩版不会有任何变动。默认路径为 %LocalAppData%\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang\minecraftWorlds 。

I’m having a problem with the Minecraft Launcher for Windows. Can you help?
我在使用 Minecraft 启动器 Windows版时遇到了问题。可以提供帮助吗?
Contact Minecraft support with adetailed description of your issue. Please include screenshotswhere applicable.
联系 Minecraft support 并详细叙述你的问题,并尽可能提供截图。

Where do I report bugs I find in the Minecraft Launcher?
我该去哪里汇报在启动器里找到的 bug 呢?
Please search for bugs you’ve discovered at https://aka.ms/MCBugTrackerHelp.
请前往 https://aka.ms/MCBugTrackerHelp 寻找相关信息。

Is the Beta version of the game available in the launcher?
For Minecraft Bedrock Edition, currently only the published versionsof the game are available.
对 Minecraft 基岩版来说,目前只能使用正在发行的版本。
For Minecraft: Java Edition, you are ableto play on older releases and new snapshots.
对 Minecraft Java 版来说,你可以游玩已有的正式版及最新的快照版。

Does this mean players on Java and Bedrock can cross-play?
这意味着 Java 版玩家和基岩版玩家可以一起游玩吗?
No, crossplay between Java Edition and Bedrock is not supported.
并不,暂不支持 Java 版玩家与基岩版玩家联机。

Will my mods carry over to the new launcher?
我的 mod 会转移至新启动器吗?
If you use launcher or game mods, you will need to migrate them to the new Minecraft Launcher for Windows’ installation location before you uninstall your old launcher. Please check with your mod developer for more detail.
如果你使用启动器(译注:此处指的可能是 mod 启动器)或游戏 mod ,你需要在卸载旧启动器之前将其转移至新的启动器路径下。请联系 mod 开发者获取更多细节。


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