我的世界Java 版 1.18 测试性快照 5 发布

Changes in experimental snapshot 5 compared to snapshot 4
  实验性快照 5 相对于实验性快照 4 的改动

  • Peakier peaks! In some areas mountains have jagged peaks, like in the beloved bedrock beta mountains.
  • 山峰更高耸了!像颇受好评的基岩版 beta 的山峰一样,现在某些山峰会有锯齿状突起了。
  • Made mountain areas and peak biomes slightly larger on average.
  • 山地和山峰群系现在总体来说面积更大了。
  • Raised the average mountain height, fixing an unintentional change from snapshot 4 that made mountains lower and smoother. But then we had to lower the mountain height again to fit the peakier peaks, so maybe it evens out. We deliberately avoid having peaks or mountains that go above y260 or so, because we want players to have space to build cool stuff on the peaks. So any peaks that try to sneak too high up get mercilessly cut off into a plateau.
  • 提升了平均山地高度,修复了实验性快照 4 中不小心让山峰更矮更平滑的问题。然后我们又要调低山地的高度,来让山峰更高,所以可能就抵消了。我们故意避免让山地和山峰超过 y=260 左右的高度,这样玩家才能在山峰上建点什么东西。如果某些不听话的山地试图再窜高,就会被无情地削成高原。
  • Fossils with diamonds no longer generate above deepslate level.
  • 有钻石的化石不再在高于深板岩层生成。
  • Moved swamps slightly more inland, since they were leaking murky swamp water into the ocean. Oceans are happy about this, swamps are a bit grumpy. Also swamp trees can grow in slightly deeper water than before, so swamp lakes should be less barren.
  • 给沼泽稍微搬家到了内陆,因为它们会把脏兮兮的泥水漏进海洋。海洋很开心,沼泽有些小怨气。以及,沼泽中的树现在会稍微扎根深一点了,所以沼泽湖泊会更有生机一些。
  • Cave carvers can carve through red sand and calcite, so those blocks aren’t left hanging in the air.
  • 雕刻器洞穴现在可以雕刻红沙和方解石了,这样这些方块就不会悬空了。
  • Tweaked the depth of rivers and the steepness of river banks. They are less likely to be super deep or get choked off in flat areas. Also rivers integrate better with swamps, the river tends to get shallow and merge with the swamp instead of carving through. Swamps like that, feels less disruptive.
  • 调整了河流的深度和河岸的陡峭程度。河流现在不太可能在超级深,以至于在平地显得不合群了。河流和沼泽融合得更好了,它们现在会吞噬沼泽或和沼泽合并,而不是钻条洞过去。沼泽很喜欢这个,不那么违和了。
  • Small lakes features are no longer placed in dry and hot biomes (desert, savanna, badlands). Reduced the number of lake feature placements in other biomes.
  • 小湖泊地物现在不会在干燥炎热的群系(沙漠、热带草原和恶地)中放置了。减少了湖泊地物在其他群系中放置的概率。
  • Small hills and overhangs (3d noise in tech speak) generate more often in flat areas, like in snapshot 3. This was accidentally removed in snapshot 4, causing flat areas to be a bit too flat and featureless.
  • 小山坡和悬空山(技术上的说法就是三维噪声)在平地中生成更频繁了。这个特性在实验性快照 4 中不小心被移除了,因此平地就会显得过于平坦乏味。
  • Reduced the amount of shattered terrain and shattered savanna biome, replacing some of that space with flatter beaches instead.
  • 减少了破碎的地形和破碎的热带草原群系,并将其以更加平坦的沙滩代替。
  • Water springs can generate in more types of blocks such as dirt and snow, increasing the likelihood of small mountain streams and waterfalls. Also added springs to lush caves.
  • 涌泉会在更多的方块中生成,例如泥土和雪块,增加了山间小泉和瀑布生成的几率。另外繁茂洞穴现在会生成涌泉了。
  • Fixed an indent in the code. Doesn’t matter at all so I don’t know why I’m mentioning it here.
  • 修复了代码里让人极其难受的一个小缩进错误啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊。其实没有什么问题,我也不知道为什么更新日志会有这个。
  • Made badlands slightly smaller on average. Just a bit. But don’t worry they still tend to be quite big.
  • 让恶地稍微变小了一点。就一点,它们还是会很大的,别担心。
  • Added (well, re-added) jungle edge biome. If we keep it we’ll probably rename it though, because it isn’t really an edge biome any more.
  • 加入了(好吧,重新加入了)丛林边缘群系。如果我们保留这个群系的话我们大概会给它重新起个名字,因为它已经不是边缘群系了。
  • Tweaked mushroom fields biome so it matches the shape of the islands better.
  • 调整了蘑菇岛群系,这样蘑菇岛就更加像个岛的样子了。
  • Dripstone caves biome place stone surface instead of grass surface when leaking out of cave entrances. This should make dripstone cave entrances less grassy.
  • 溶洞群系会在超出洞穴入口范围时放置石头,而不是草。这样应该就可以让溶洞的入口不那么草了。
  • Removed the height-based spawning change that was made in snapshot 3. We appreciate the community discussions about this. We decided to undo the change for now and will come back to this when we have more time.
  • 移除了实验性快照 3 做出的高度怪物生成调整。我们对社区对此的讨论表示感谢。我们决定暂时先撤销这个改动,等有时间的时候我们会再细调。

How do I get the experimental snapshot?



关于如何安装实验性快照的可视化指南,参见这个附有精心配图的教程! 或者, 请按以下步骤操作:

  • Download this zip file
    下载这个 zip 文件
  • Unpack the folder into your  versions  folder of your local Minecraft application data folder (see below if you are confused)
    将其中的文件夹解压到您本地 Minecraft 文件夹的“versions”子文件夹中(如果您有疑问,请参见下文)
  • Create a new launch configuration in the launcher and select the pending 1.18_experimental-snapshot-5.zip version
    在启动器中新建启动配置,选择“pending 1.18_experimental-snapshot-5.zip”版本
  • Start the game and the remaining files will be downloaded
  • Play in a new world!This version is not compatible with other snapshots!

Finding the Minecraft application data folder

  • Windows: Press Win+R and type %appdata%\.minecraft and press Ok
    Windows系统:按 Win+R 并输入 %appdata%\.minecraft ,点击确定
  • Mac OS X: In Finder,in the Go menu,select  Go to Folder  and enter ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
    Mac OS X系统: Mac OS X : 在访达的“前往”菜单中,选择“前往文件夹”并输入 ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft,然后按“前往”。
  • Linux: ~/.minecraft or /home/<your username>/.minecraft/
    Linux系统: ~/.minecraft 或 /home/<your username>/.minecraft/

Having trouble? Check this visual overview.
有疑惑? 请查阅这个概述。

What about the previous Caves & Cliffs preview datapack?

These changes are too big for a datapack, that’s why we’re doing it in a separate experimental snapshot. So for now, the experimental snapshot serves the same purpose as the datapack did before.

Can I open old worlds in this experimental snapshot?

No, experimental snapshots can only open worlds that were created in the same version. Later on in the actual 1.18 release you will be able to open 1.17 worlds.
不行,实验性快照只能打开在这个快照中创建的世界。在之后的1.18 版本中您将能够加载 1.17 的世界。

What about Bedrock?

An earlier version of experimental Caves & Cliffs world generation is available on Minecraft Bedrock. You can read about it here. We are working hard to get this new version of world generation to Bedrock betas soon.

How do I give feedback?

Use the feedback site or this Reddit post .
使用反馈网站或者这个 Reddit 帖子

We are mostly interested in feedback about the new world generation overall, and what it is like to play in it. We are also looking for feedback on the updated mob spawning. We changed so that mobs only spawn in complete darkness in order to make it easier to spawn-proof the new larger caves.

New feature requests are not so useful at this point, since the scope of the Caves & Cliffs update is already large enough and we want to focus on finishing the features that we’ve already announced.

Note that we don’t use the bug tracker for experimental snapshots.

When will these features show up in the normal snapshots?

1.18 snapshots will probably start sometime around September.
1.18 的快照可能会在 9 月份左右的某个时间点开始推出。


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