我的世界基岩版 Beta 发布 现在右键可以调整光照方块的亮度

Features and Bug Fixes

Stability and Performance

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • 修复了一些可能在游戏中出现的崩溃
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when downloading large Marketplace worlds
  • 修复了在市场中下载较大的世界时有时出现的崩溃



  • Text to Speech now correctly reads item names in the inventory
  • 文本转语音现在会正确阅读物品栏中的物品名称
  • Inventory grid slots are no longer double counted for Text to Speech focus controls
  • 文本转语音的光标控制不再重复计算物品栏的槽位



  • Light blocks are now visible when holding another, and also show brightness value (MCPE-123249)
  • 现在手持光照方块时可以看到已经放下的光照方块,同时会显示光照方块的亮度等级
  • Fixed Light Block not being removed when left-clicking it while holding a Light Block (MCPE-123258)
  • 现在手持光照方块时左键可以挖掉光照方块
  • Fixed Light Block brightness not being adjustable when right-clicking it (MCPE-123387)
  • 现在右键可以调整光照方块的亮度
  • Fixed Light Block hitbox issue (MCPE-135277)
  • 修复了光照方块的碰撞箱问题
  • Fixed Barrier Block being destructible whilst not holding a Barrier Block
  • 现在没有手持屏障方块时不能再破坏屏障方块了
  • Boats now disappear from inventory correctly after placing it on water in Survival mode (MCPE-136445)
  • 生存模式下在水上放置船后,物品栏中的船会正常消失

User Interface


  • Text to Speech for chat setting once again correctly narrates chat messages (MCPE-129901)
  • 现在文字转语音会正确叙述聊天信息
  • Sidebar strings are now localized properly when a new language is loaded or the current language changes
  • 当加载新的语言或者更换当前的语言时,侧边栏字符串会被正常翻译了
  • Updated the Achievements button and moved from the Profile screen to the Main Menu and Pause screens
  • 更新了成就按钮,并将其从个人资料界面移至主菜单和暂停界面
  • Enabled new achievements screens for VR (not including PSVR)
  • 在VR上启用了新成就界面(不包括PSVR)

Vanilla Parity


  • Eating Chorus Fruit while gliding no longer deals fall damage to the player (MCPE-112621)
  • 滑翔时吃紫颂果不再对玩家造成摔落伤害
  • Fixed an animation parity issue with Skeletons not using both arms to hold their Bows (MCPE-670)
  • 修复了骷髅不使用双臂握弓的问题



  • Fixed an issue where mobs would sometimes render with incorrect geometry when viewed from the Structure Block preview window (MCPE-95183)
  • 修复了在结构方块预览窗口中生物显示错误的问题
  • Experimental Features: Wither can now be spawned on negative heights (MCPE-125270)
  • 实验性玩法:凋灵可以在负y上生成
  • Ghasts no longer spawn in less than 5x4x5 area (MCPE-133687)
  • 恶魂不再在小于5x4x5的区域中生成
  • Magma Cubes no longer spawn in less than 3x3x2 area (MCPE-46540)
  • 岩浆怪不再在小于3x3x2的区域中生成
  • Medium Magma Cubes now have a larger hitbox (MCPE-132159)
  • 扩大了中等大小的岩浆怪的碰撞箱
  • Shulker boxes now remain in Dispensers when dispensed at world limit (MCPE-130085)
  • 在高度限制上发射潜影盒时潜影盒会留在发射器中



  • Unicode font now correctly highlights on Signs with glowing text (MCPE-130072)
  • Unicode字体现在可以正确地在带有发光文字的标志上突出显示
  • Waterlogged blocks no longer occasionally turn into ghost blocks (MCPE-136537)
  • 含水方块不再偶尔变成幽灵方块
  • Pumpkins placed facing South, East, or West now can now be used to trade with Villagers if they were mined with Silk Touch tools (MCPE-105540)
  • 现在用精准采集获得的南瓜,不管这个南瓜朝向哪里,都可以与村民交易了
  • More Candles can no longer be added to Candles placed without any support block (MCPE-130810)
  • 在下面没有支持的方块的情况下放置的蜡烛不能再添加更多的蜡烛



  • Sky no longer renders through walls of a large enclosed area when using fog
  • 当使用雾气时,天空不再通过大面积封闭区域的墙壁呈现出来

Technical Updates


EDU / Chemistry

  • New chemistry material reductions can be defined in the JSON files
  • 现在可以在JSON文件中定义新的化学材料减量
  • Chalkboards now appear consistently when being placed
  • 黑板现在在放置时显示一致



  • The ‘/clone’ command now copies signal strength for Levers and Redstone Dust
  • /clone “命令现在可以复制拉杆和红石粉的信号强度
  • The ‘/structure’ command can now specify a <to: x y z> position argument with y below 0 as long as it is equal or above the minimum height for that dimension
  • 结构 “命令现在可以指定一个<to: x y z>位置参数,只要它等于或高于该维度的最小高度,y就会低于0
  • Added functionality for Intellisense options: “d” and “default” in the gamemode command selector
  • 智能提示选项添加了新功能:游戏模式命令选择器中的 “d “和 “default “
  • Minecart with Command Block can now use the self selector (@s) in its commands to target itself (MCPE-60126)
  • 命令方块矿车现在可以在其命令中使用自我选择器(@s)来锁定自己
  • The “/time set” command now sets the correct time and day when specifying a time above 24000 or below the current time (e.g. “/time set 0” sets the day to 0, “/time set 28000” sets the day to 1), and “/time” can now set or add to a negative world time (MCPE-43394)
  • 当指定一个高于24000或低于当前时间的时间时,”/time set” 命令现在可以设置正确的时间和日期(例如,”/time set 0″ 会将日期设置为0, “/time set 28000″ 会将日期设置为1),并且”/time” 命令现在可以设置或顺延一个负的世界时间



  • Updated documentation formatting for item components
  • 更新了物品组件的文档格式
  • Using water buckets to collect fish has been version locked to prevent breaking old world templates
  • 使用水桶收集鱼已被版本锁定,以防止破坏旧的世界模板



  • Fixed the ability to add launch point positional offset for projectiles spawned with the ‘spawn_entity’ component
  • 修复了为用 “spawn_entity “组件生成的弹射物添加发射点位置偏移的功能
  • Fixed the ability to add angular offset to launch vector for projectiles spawned with the ‘spawn_entity’ component
  • 修复了为使用 “spawn_entity “组件生成的弹射物添加发射矢量角度偏移的功能
  • Fixed offset not working for projectiles summoned through an interaction
  • 修复了偏移量对通过互动召唤的弹射物不起作用的问题
  • Fixed projectile ‘angleoffset’ value only reflected if shooter is riding another entity
  • 修复了弹射物的 “angleoffset “值只在投射者骑在另一个实体上时反映出来
  • Fixed rotation of projectile launchpoint around a mob when projectile offset specified
  • 修复了指定弹射物偏移量后,弹射物发射点会围绕生物旋转的问题


  • Fixed ‘query.item_remaining_use_duration’ having improperly scaled or inverted results (This is to fix a Versioned Change as of engine version 1.17.30)
  • 修复了’query.item_remaining_use_duration’缩放不正确或结果倒置的问题(这是为了修复引擎的版本变更到1.17.30)。
  • Added ‘query.facing_target_to_range_attack’, which returns whether or not the queried actor’s ‘minecraft:behavior.ranged_attack’ goal is currently running
  • 增加了’query.facing_target_to_range_attack’,它返回被查询的角色的’minecraft:behavior.ranged_attack’目标当前是否正在运行

Molang Documentation


  • Improved Molang documentation related to experiments
  • 优化了与实验相关的Molang文档
    • Experimental queries and language expressions now list which experiment(s) they require to be available
    • 实验查询和语言表达式现在列出了它们需要哪些实验才可用
  • Versioned Changes are now detailed in the documentation, starting with the ‘query.item_remaining_use_duration’ fix
  • 文档中现在详细介绍了版本变更,从 “query.item_remaining_use_duration “的修复开始


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