We recently hosted our very first Dev Q&A on the Minecraft Discord server in honor of the release of the brand new Ben 10 DLC pack (available now in Minecraft Marketplace!).
我们最近在Minecraft Discord服务器上举办了首次开发者问答,以纪念全新的《少年骇客》DLC发布。(该DLC可以在Minecraft Marketplace上获取!)

Joining us were a few members of Blockception, including Alex, a project lead for the Ben 10 DLC, Kelsey, a 3d modeler and animator, and Daan, their project programmer and redstoner. We also had Wade, a Senior Producer from Cartoon Network!
参加此次问答的有数位来自Blockception的成员:《少年骇客》DLC项目负责人Alex,3D建模师和动师Kelsey,还有项目程序员和红石制作员Daan。在此之外,我们还邀请了Cartoon Network的高级制作人Wade。

Question: Why Ben 10?
: 为什么选择了《少年骇客》?

Alex: It was only a matter of time before we made a Minecraft and Ben 10 crossover. Ben 10 is the longest-running show still being produced by Cartoon Network and crosses over many different ages. We love the idea of people from classic series reliving their childhoods and playing with newer fans. We felt it was the right time to bring our shape-shifting hero and his friends to the world of Minecraft in a big way paying respect to the present and the past at the same time.
Alex: 我们迟早会将《Minecraft》和《少年骇客》联动。《少年骇客》是Cartoon Network仍在制作的最长的节目,它跨越了多个年龄段。我们想让喜欢经典系列的人们重温他们的童年,也想让他们与新粉丝们一起游玩。现在,我们觉得是把外星英雄和他的朋友们带到Minecraft世界的最佳时机,以一种大的方式同时尊重过去和未来。

Question: What alien did you enjoy implementing the most and why?
: 你最喜欢使用哪个外星人,为什么?

Daan: Personally, I liked implementing Cannonbolt, I think he came out the best as he feels really satisfying to play.
Daan: 就我个人而言,我喜欢使用轰天雷,我认为这个英雄出的是最棒的,我玩起来特别满意。

Question: Does Ben 10 eat chicken nuggets? (DarthPadji)
: Ben 10吃块吗? (来自 DarthPadji)

Wade: Ben got turned into a chicken by Dr. Animo’s chicken ray gun. Even though that wore off, he has shied away from nuggets ever since. He does love chili fries.
Wade: Ben曾经被Dr. Animo用鸡射线变成了一只鸡。尽管已经变回来了,但从那时起他就对鸡块敬而远之。不过他特别喜欢辣椒薯条。

Question: Ben 10 hardly fits the style of Minecraft, how were you able to overcome this challenge?
: 《少年骇客》与《Minecraft》的风格大相庭径,你是怎么克服这一挑战的?

Kelsey: I took the approach of trying to keep things as simple as could be while designing the aliens. Minecraft itself has simple models, so I tried emulating that. How’d I do?
Kelsey: 我采取的办法是:设计各类外星人时尽量从简。Minecraft本身就有一些简单的模型,我试着模仿了一下。怎么样,我做的如何?

Question: Is there a lot of redstone involved in this project?
: 在这个项目中,有用到很多红石机关吗?

Daan: We managed to get 1000+ command blocks and 1000+ functions files into this map. And that is not mentioning the complex behaviors that have been developed to transform the player into all the aliens. I think in total, we have over 7000+ lines of commands.
Daan: 我们在这张地图中加入了超过了1000个的命令方块和函数。除此之外,我们还开发了一个复杂的行为包,来让玩家可以变身为外星人。总体来说,我们使用了超7000行命令。

Question: Why were higher resolution textures used on the models compared to the normal Minecraft textures?”
: 与正常的Minecraft材质相比,为什么你们在模型上使用了更高分辨率的材质?

Kelsey: We felt that using a higher resolution would help us present the Ben 10 Minecraft designs more appropriately. For example, getting little details like Kevin’s lock and chain necklace to appear on his skin.
Kelsey: 我们认为,使用高分辨率的材质可以更好的表现《少年骇客》在Minecraft中的细节。举个例子,Kevin的皮肤上就有他的锁和锁链

Question: How many people worked on this?
: 有多少人参与了这次工作?

Alex: Around 35+ People across everyone involved!
Alex: 大约有35人参与其中!

Question: How did you make the determination on what aliens to include?
: 你是如何确定想要包含哪些外星人的?

Wade: We wanted to feature the current roster and focused development time on that. We discussed adding more aliens in future updates, so that’s a possibility and something we hope we can do.
Wade: 我们希望用大精力开发当前名册中拥有的外星人。但我们也讨论了在未来的更新中会加入更多的外星人,所以好好期待吧。

Question: How long have you played Minecraft?”
: 你玩了多久Minecraft?

Kelsey: We all started with the Java Edition! I got the game late Beta, Alex during Beta, and Daan all the way back in Alpha.
Kelsey: 我们都是从Java版开始玩的!我从Beta版后期开始玩,Alex也是从Beta版开始玩的,Daan甚至从Alpha版就开始了。

Question: Did you work with the official Ben 10 team? If so, what was that like?
: 你们有没有与《少年骇客》的官方团队合作过?如果有,感觉如何?

Alex: Yes we did! Everything has to be approved by them. From Models, to story lines, Aliens and scripts! They were super easy and fun to work with allowing us to get very creative and giving us the freedom to do exactly what we wanted!
Alex: 当然!我们做的所有东西首先都要经过他们的批准。从模型、故事线、外星人到剧本!与他们工作我感觉十分的简单和有趣,并且他们允许我们可以自由创造,还让我们可以加入一些自己想要的东西。

Question: Did you watch Ben 10 as a kid?
: 在你还小的时候,你看《少年骇客》吗?

Alex: I watched Ben 10 way too much as kid. The theme song is forever stuck in my head.
Alex: 在我还小的时候,我经常看《少年骇客》。它的主题曲都刻我DNA里了。

Question: Favourite alien?
: 最喜欢的外星人?

Alex: Heatblast
Alex: 火焰人

Daan: Cannonbolt
Daan: 轰天雷

Kelsey: Echo Echo
Kelsey: 小波波

Question: What’s the thing you’re most proud of to have accomplished within the project?
: 你认为你在这个项目中完成的最自豪的事情是什么?

Kelsey: I’m so proud that we were able to get 10 aliens in that have their own unique abilities!
Kelsey: 做出10个有各自能力的外星人!

Alex: Being able to complete almost everything we had set out to do at the start of the project.
Alex: 完成了项目开始时就定下的全部工作。(敷衍)

Daan: I’m really proud of the Omnitrix system.
Daan: Omnitrix系统真的让我十分自豪

Wade: Most proud of: story mode.
Wade: 最自豪的事:故事模式

Question: Is there any Ben 10 music in the world pack?
: 这个世界包里有没有《少年骇客》的音乐?

Alex: Yes! The Theme song is in the DLC along with over 200 different sound effects and 20+ custom music tracks made specifically for this pack.
Alex: 当然有!主题曲自不用多说,此外还有专为了这个世界包制作的超过200种的音效和超过20种的自定义音乐。

Question: How did you find inspiration to make it?
: 你们是怎么获得制作灵感的?

Alex: A bunch of were always big fans of the series so when the opportunity arrived we literally started coming up with ideas that was always wanted for a Ben 10 game.
Alex: 我们所有人都是《少年骇客》的超级粉丝,所以当我们获得这个机会时,制作《少年骇客》游戏的制作灵感源源不断的迸发出来。

Question: Did anything funny happen while making the DLC? Any fun stories to share?
: 在制作这个DLC时有没有什么有趣的事情?可以分享一下吗?

Alex: Jetray’s arms were upside down at one point! Oops!
Alex: 魟人的手臂有一点点颠倒了!

These were just some of the highlights from last week’s Q&A. To go back and read the full chat, and to catch more Dev Q&As in the future, be sure to check out the official Minecraft Discord!
上面只是上周的开发者问答中一些亮点。如果你想查看完整的聊天记录,并且不错过未来的开发者问答的话,快康康我们的官方Minecraft Discord吧!


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