我的世界基岩版 Beta 发布 美西螈现在不开启实验性玩法就可以测试了

Features No Longer Behind the Experimental Toggle

Axolotl & Glow Squid
  • Axolotls are now available outside the Caves and Cliffs experiment
  • 美西螈现在不开启实验性玩法就可以测试了
  • Axolotls can be rehydrated with Splash Water Bottle and Lingering Water Bottle
  • 你可以用喷溅水瓶和滞留水瓶来湿润美西螈,使其不在岸上受到窒息伤害
  • Axolotls now have their missing sounds (MCPE-123304)
  • 美西螈可以正常发出所有的声音了
  • Axolotls now swim way more often (MCPE-123263)
  • 美西螈现在更频繁的游泳
  • Updated the axolotl and glow squid spawn rules. They can now spawn in any biome and up to y=63 instead of y=30
  • 更新了美西螈和荧光鱿鱼的生成规则。现在它们可以在任何生物群系的y63以下生成
  • Cobblestone and Cobbled Deepslate are now used to repair stone items on an Anvil (MCPE-123670)
  • 现在你可以用圆石和深板岩圆石在铁砧上修复石制工具
Powder Snow
  • Powder Snow is now available in the Creative inventory
  • 现在你可以在创造模式物品栏中找到细雪
  • Using a Bucket of Powder Snow on a Cauldron filled with Powder Snow results in a Powder Snow block being placed above the Cauldron
  • 用细雪桶点击已经装满了细雪的炼药锅的上方可以把细雪方块放在炼药锅的上方
  • Cauldrons fill up in snowy weather, creating a renewable source of Powder Snow (MCPE-105412)
  • 现在细雪是可再生物品了,在下雪天炼药锅会逐渐填满细雪
  • Most mobs cannot walk on Powder Snow, but fall into the block instead
  • 绝大多数生物不能在细雪上行走,而是会陷入其中
  • Mobs inside a block of Powder Snow start to freeze and eventually take damage
  • 陷入细雪中的生物会逐渐冻结,并最终受到伤害
  • Players can protect themselves from Powder Snow by equipping leather armor
  • 装备皮革盔甲可以在细雪中保护自己
  • Buckets can be used to scoop up and place Powder Snow
  • 可以用桶来装放细雪
  • Fall damage is now correctly prevented when a player or mob falls on a single powder snow block
  • 现在生物摔落到单格厚的细雪上时会正常抵消摔落伤害
Glow Lichen
  • Glow Lichen is now visibly as close to the surface it is placed on as Java Edition (MCPE-122665)
  • 发光地衣的材质现在与Java版更接近
  • Glow Lichen now has a map color that more closely resembles the color of the block (MCPE-126316)
  • 发光地衣现在在地图上显示的颜色与方块本身的颜色更接近
  • Colors applied to text on signs are no longer barely visible (MCPE-117516)
  • 应用在告示牌上的文字颜色不会再几乎看不见了
  • Amethysts, Amethyst Shards, Amethyst Cluster Variants, Amethyst Buds, Budding Amethysts, Tuff Blocks, Calcite, and Smooth Basalt are now available in the Creative inventory
  • 你现在在创造模式物品栏中都可以找到紫水晶、紫水晶碎片、紫水晶簇、紫水晶芽、紫水晶母岩、凝灰岩、方解石和平滑玄武岩
  • Spyglass is now available in the Creative inventory
  • 你现在在创造模式物品栏中可以找到望远镜
  • Deepslate is now available in the Creative inventory
  • 你现在在创造模式物品栏中可以找到深板岩
Lush Caves
  • Azalea Leaves and Flowered Azalea Leaves have correct color on maps
  • 修复了地图上杜鹃树叶和盛开的杜鹃树叶的颜色
  • Small dripleaf can now be placed on moss
  • 现在你可以把小垂滴叶放在苔藓上
  • Lush Cave blocks are now available in the Creative inventory
  • 你现在在创造模式物品栏中可以找到繁茂洞穴相关方块
  • Dripstone is now available outside the Caves and Cliffs experimental toggle
  • 滴水石不再需要实验性玩法
  • Pointed dripstone is now available outside the Caves and Cliffs experimental toggle
  • 滴水石锥也不用实验性玩法了
  • Water drips from stalactites
  • 钟乳石会滴水
Glow Squid
  • Glow Squid are now available outside the Caves and Cliffs experimental toggle
  • 荧光鱿鱼不再需要实验性玩法
  • Glow Item Frames are now available outside the Caves and Cliffs experimental toggle
  • 荧光物品展示框不再需要实验性玩法
  • Glow Ink is now available outside the Caves and Cliffs experimental toggle
  • 荧光墨囊不再需要实验性玩法
  • Maps now glow in Glow Item Frames (MCPE-117503)
  • 荧光物品展示框中的地图现在会发光
  • Goats no longer drop Mutton when killed
  • 杀山羊不掉羊肉
  • Goats are now available outside the Caves and Cliffs experimental toggle
  • 山羊不再需要实验性玩法
  • Waxed Oxidized Cut Copper Slabs can now be merged into full Waxed Oxidized Cut Copper blocks
  • 涂蜡氧化切制铜半砖可以合成为涂蜡氧化切制铜块
  • Copper is now available in the Creative inventory
  • 你现在在创造模式物品栏中可以找到铜
  • Lightning Rod is now available in the Creative inventory
  • 你现在在创造模式物品栏中可以找到避雷针
Moss block
  • Using Bone Meal on a sapling planted on a Moss block now correctly grows a tree (MCPE-125689)
  • 给长在苔藓块上的树苗施用骨粉会正常让树苗长成树
Pointed Dripstone
  • Pointed Dripstone now correctly gets destroyed after the block it was placed on are broken by block updates
  • 现在滴水石锥所附着的方块被方块更新摧毁后会正常一并摧毁滴水石锥
Raw Ore
  • Fortune enchantment now cause more raw iron/gold/copper ore to be dropped
  • 使用时运挖掘铁/金/铜矿会掉落更多的粗铁/金/铜
  • Raw copper, iron and gold ore are now available outside the experimental toggle
  • 粗铜、金、铁不再需要实验性玩法
  • The “Caves and Cliffs” toggle is now correctly localized
  • “洞穴和悬崖”切换按钮现在已正确本地化

General Tweaks and Bug Fixes

  • Players can once again host multiplayer games and send invites over mobile/cellular data (MCPE-55405)
  • 玩家可以再次开启多人游戏并用流量/蜂窝数据向其他玩家发送邀请
  • Chemistry items icons no longer disappear after suspend/resume in Education Edition worlds
  • 在开启了教育版功能的世界中暂停再恢复不会使化学相关物品的图标消失
  • Fixed issue with underwater fog being the same for all Biomes and view distance not increasing over time (MCPE-124282MCPE-124266)
  • 修复了所有生物群系的水下迷雾都相同,可视距离不会随时间增加的问题
  • Underwater view distance is increased in Rivers and land biomes to be more like Minecraft Java when “Caves and Cliffs” experiment toggle is enabled.
  • 启用“洞穴和悬崖”实验性玩法后,河流和陆地生物群落中的水下可视距离会增加,更像Java版了。
  • Boats now break when they collide with a Cactus from the side (MCPE-106044)
  • 船从侧面撞上仙人掌时,船会被破坏
  • Changed the position of bow to match previous versions (MCPE-116741)
  • 更改了弓的位置以匹配以前的版本
  • Crossbows in players’ and mobs’ hands are now rendered correctly in all perspective modes (MCPE-116737)
  • 现在所有人称下玩家和怪物手中的弩都会正确渲染
  • Fixed animation issue causing an off-hand held shield to appear to re-equip whenever the player changes their main-hand item (MCPE-116773)
  • 修复了当玩家切换他们的主手的物品时,会显示副手盾牌重新装备的动画的问题
  • Cauldrons that have been emptied after containing potion are now correctly filled with water when it rains
  • 之前装过药水的炼药锅清空以后现在下雨时里面会正常装水
  • Fixed issue where Fireworks of all colors could be crafted from any other color of Firework Charges (MCPE-90715)
  • 修复了任意一种颜色的烟花可以从其他颜色的烟火之星制作的问题
  • Blazes and Enderman once again receive damage from splash water bottles (MCPE-97483)
  • 烈焰人和末影人现在水瓶又会对它造成伤害了
  • Fixed a bug where mobs would not spawn below y=0 when the Caves and Cliffs experimental toggle is enabled (MCPE-122056)
  • 修复了开启洞穴与山崖实验性玩法后y0以下不会生成生物的问题
User Interface
  • Updated the appearance of the loading screen
  • 更新了加载屏幕的外观
  • Android should once again see invite notifications and achievement toasts! (MCPE-54902)
  • 安卓玩家再次可以看到邀请提示和获得成就的提示
  • Fixed an issue with certain blocks which could cause them to grow too quickly when ticked
  • 修复了某些特定方块加入随机刻队列后会生长过快的问题
  • Mobs and entities once again make a sound when entering water
  • 生物和实体进入水中又会发出声音了
  • The ‘/setworldspawn’ command is now prohibited in legacy worlds and affected worlds will reset their altered spawn positions to the original position (MCPE-27797)
  • “/setworldpawn”命令现在不再能在旧版世界中使用,以前使用过该命令的世界将会把出生点重置为原始的出生点

Technical Updates

Add-Ons and Script Engine
  • Added a MoLang query to get default bone pivots (MCPE-116741)
  • 添加了一个MoLang查询以获取默认骨骼枢轴
  • Updated MoLang query to return normalized item use time remaining based off given parameters (MCPE-116737)
  • 更新了MoLang查询,可以返回基于给定参数的标准化项目剩余使用时间


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