我的世界基岩版 1.19.10 发布

New Features:

Allay Duplication

  • When an Allay hears a Jukebox playing, it will do a dance animation
  • 悦灵听到唱片机播放时,将会播放跳舞动画
  • If the Jukebox stops playing, or if the allay gets too far away from the Jukebox, it will stop dancing
  • 如果唱片机停止播放,或悦灵离唱片机太远了,他会停止跳舞
  • If the Allay is given an Amethyst Shard while dancing, it will play a small amethyst sound, make a heart, and duplicate into another Allay
  • 如果悦灵在跳舞时被给予了一个紫水晶碎片,他将会发出一个小声的水晶音效,发出心形粒子,并复制出另一个悦灵。
  • After duplication, both Allays will have a 5-minute cooldown before being able to duplicate again
  • 复制结束后,这两只悦灵在再次复制前都有五分钟的冷却时间


  • Expanded the ‘/locate’ command into locate structure and locate biome
  • 扩展了 ‘/locate’ 命令的功能,现在可以定位结构及生物群系了
  • The Trader Llama now has its own spawn egg
  • 行商羊驼有了他自己的刷怪蛋
  • Added the player’s cause of death to the death screen
  • 将玩家死亡原因添加到了死亡页面
  • Music is now included in the game files on iOS, so players no longer need to be download the music pack from the Marketplace
  • iOS 平台上的游戏文件现在自带音乐,所以玩家不需要再从市场下载音乐包了
  • Added Bluetooth mouse and keyboard support on iOS
  • 添加了 iOS 平台上对蓝牙键鼠的支持


Performance / Stability

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Boats are unloaded from the world
  • 修复了一个船从世界中卸载时可能引发的崩溃
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a Wither is loaded into the world
  • 修复了一个凋灵加载入世界时可能引起的崩溃
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in multiplayer when a player left the game while changing dimension
  • 修复了一个多人游戏中玩家在切换维度的同时离开游戏可能引起的崩溃
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a Fishing Rod was cast through dimension-changing portals (MCPE-154161)
  • 修复了一个钓鱼竿穿过改变维度的传送门时可能引起的崩溃 (MCPE-154161)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when players died while affected with Withering
  • 修复了一个玩家带有凋零效果时死亡可能引起的崩溃
  • The game no longer crashes when entering the Coin Starter Bundle screen
  • 游戏不会在进入新手金币组合包界面时崩溃了
  • Loading a world no longer takes a very long time when having the Holiday Creator Features experimental toggle enabled
  • 启用假日创作者特性实验性开关时,加载世界不会再花去很长时间了。


  • Players are no longer pushed by Doors as they close (MCPE-154734)
  • 关门时,玩家不再会被门推动了 (MCPE-154734)
  • Items now stack properly in the offhand when inventory is full (MCPE-34959)
  • 背包满时,物品会在副手正确堆叠了 (MCPE-34959)
  • Equipping items in armor slots through inventory screen now produces sounds (MCPE-46939)
  • 在背包界面向盔甲槽装备物品时会发出声音了 (MCPE-46939)
  • Players can now hear each other equipping items in armor slots
  • 玩家现在可以听到盔甲槽中互相装备的物品的声音了
  • Fixed a bug where players could take fall damage when walking around on Scaffolding at certain heights (even when not actually falling)  (MCPE-154779)
  • 修复了一个玩家在脚手架上走动时可能受到摔落伤害的问题(即使没有发生真正的摔落)(MCPE-154779)
  • Fixed a bug that reset the player’s vertical camera angle upon entering a Boat (MCPE-152762)
  • 修复了进入船后玩家相机的垂直角度被重置的问题 (MCPE-152762)
  • Advanced Pick Block now copies the items inside when used on a Boat with Chest (MCPE-153410)
  • 高级选择方块在运输船上使用时会复制其中的物品 (MCPE-153410)
  • Resistance effect is no longer one level weaker than it should be (MCPE-156012)
  • 抗性提升效果不再比其应有的效果弱一级了 (MCPE-156012)
  • Haste I will now properly increase the player’s mining speed (MCPE-102237)
  • 急迫 I 现在会合理的增加玩家的挖矿速度 (MCPE-102237)
  • Conduit Power I now grants the effect of Haste I instead of Haste II
  • 潮涌能量 I 现在给予急迫 I 而非急迫 II 的效果
  • Fixed an issue with extra health from Health Boost not persisting after exiting the world (MCPE-153504)
  • 修复了生命提升效果得到的额外生命在退出世界后无法继续存在的问题 (MCPE-153504)
  • Container entities like Boat with Chest can now be opened on mobile devices without crouching if all the seats are occupied
  • 若所有座位都被占用,运输船等容器实体现在可在不潜行的状态下被打开
  • The player no longer endlessly jumps after entering a Boat while holding down the jump button (MCPE-155774)
  • 按住跳跃键上船后,玩家不会再一直跳个不停了 (MCPE-155774)
  • Fixed a bug causing player hitboxes to not reset if they die while swimming (MCPE-155232)
  • 修复了玩家在游泳时死亡后碰撞箱不重置的问题 (MCPE-155232)
  • Fixed an issue where new users given Operator permissions by default were not able to use operator commands
  • 修复了默认给予操作员权限的新用户无法使用操作员指令的问题
  • Fixed an issue where worlds that gave Operator permissions to new players only gave Member permissions
  • 修复了世界将操作员权限给予新用户时实际只给予成员权限的问题
  • Removed the Vanilla Experiment and Wild Experiment toggles, since they no longer have any active experimental content
  • 移除了原版实验性内容和荒野更新实验性内容开关,因为目前已经没有启用的实验性内容了

World Generation

  • Fixed a bug where upgrading old worlds could result in water columns below y=0
  • 修复了一个升级旧的世界后导致水面低于 0 高度的漏洞
  • Mangrove Swamps are now denser to more closely match Java Edition (MCPE-153748)
  • 红树沼泽现在更密集,与 Java 版相匹配 (MCPE-153748)
    • There is still work to be done to increase the density of Mangrove trees in water
    • 现在还有一些如增加水中红树密度等工作待完成
  • Grass blocks in Mangrove Swamps now have Dirt blocks underneath them (MCPE-155414)
  • 红树沼泽中的草方块下将生成泥土方块挨着他们 (MCPE-155414)
  • Clay patches now correctly generate in Mangrove Swamps
  • 红树沼泽中的黏土斑块现在会正确生成了
  • Campground structures now generate correctly in Ancient Cities (MCPE-156084)
  • 露营地结构现在远古城市中正确生成了 (MCPE-156084)
  • Updated Ancient City structures to match Java Edition
  • 更新了远古城市结构以与 Java 版相匹配
  • Sculk Vein feature can now generate within the same height-span as the Sculk Patch feature (MCPE-156074)
  • 幽匿脉络地物现在与幽匿斑块地物生成在相同的高度范围内了 (MCPE-156074)


  • Fixed issues with mobs disappearing after going through Nether portals (MCPE-155678)
  • 修复了生物穿过下界传送门后消失的问题 (MCPE-155678)
  • Fixed a bug causing tamed mobs to disappear when they go through a Nether portal in a multiplayer world (MCPE-88322)
  • 修复了一个多人游戏中导致被驯服的生物穿过下界传送门时消失的问题 (MCPE-88322)
  • Villagers now spawn as Swamp Villagers in Mangrove Swamp (MCPE-153731)
  • 红树沼泽中,村民现在生成为沼泽村民 (MCPE-153731)
  • Villagers will now flee from Zoglins (MCPE-74974)
  • 村民现在会逃离僵尸疣猪兽了 (MCPE-74974)
  • Parrots are once again poisoned by Cookies (MCPE-151671)
  • 鹦鹉现在又可以被饼干毒死了 (MCPE-151671)
  • The Trader Llama now has the correct name displayed when opening its inventory (MCPE-47165)
  • 打开行商羊驼的背包界面后,其名称将被正确展示 (MCPE-47165)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Trader Llamas from becoming aggressive towards entities that attack the Wandering Trader (MCPE-94996)
  • 修复了一个阻止行商羊驼对攻击流浪商人的实体产生敌对的漏洞 (MCPE-94996)
  • The Wandering Trader will now flee from Zoglins
  • 流浪商人现在会逃离僵尸疣猪兽了
  • The Wandering Trader will now drink Milk to clear its Invisibility effect (MCPE-44605)
  • 流浪商人现在会饮用牛奶来清除其隐身效果 (MCPE-44605)
  • Fixed a bug causing riding passengers to stop riding when reloaded if they were across chunk borders
  • 修复了一个经过区块边界时,因重新加载导致骑乘者中断骑乘的漏洞
  • Breaking a Boat with Chest or Minecart with Chest will now anger nearby Piglins (MCPE-153393)
  • 打破运输船或运输矿车将会激怒附近的猪灵 (MCPE-153393)
  • Fixed entities disappearing when importing worlds converted from legacy console editions of Minecraft
  • 修复了导入从远古控制台版本导入而来的世界后实体消失的问题
  • Fixed a bug where Slimes would no longer spawn in flat worlds made before 1.18 (MCPE-119396)
  • 修复了史莱姆不在1.18以前的超平坦世界中生成的漏洞 (MCPE-119396)
  • Fixed a bug where failed Slime spawn attempts would reduce the spawning rates of other mobs (MCPE-153502)
  • 修复了生成史莱姆失败的尝试会降低其他生物生成速率的问题 (MCPE-153502)
  • Wither now breaks Obsidian when attacked by players (MCPE-64630)
  • 被玩家攻击时,凋灵现在能够破坏黑曜石了 (MCPE-64630)
  • Wither no longer breaks surrounding blocks after a shorter delay than intended after being attacked
  • 凋零受到攻击后,不会在一段时间后破坏而是立即破坏周围的方块了
  • Entities entering Nether portals exit in same relative position and rotation to the portal (MCPE-139835)
  • 现在进入下界传送门的实体将以相同的相对位置和角度被传送出来 (MCPE-139835)
  • Edited health points of Cod, Pufferfish, Salmon, and Tropical fish to be 3, matching Java Edition
  • 修改了鳕鱼,河豚,鲑鱼和热带鱼的生命值为3,以与Java 版相匹配
  • Shulker projectile now adds effect “Levitation” instead of “Levitation II” on hit
  • 被潜影贝的抛射物击中时,将获得效果 “漂浮” 而非 “漂浮 II”


  • Tadpoles now grow up into Temperate Frog in Meadow, and into Cold Frog in Deep Dark
  • 蝌蚪现在会在草甸中生长成为温带青蛙,在深暗之域中生长为寒带青蛙
  • Frogs no longer lay Frogspawn on shallow, flowing water (MCPE-152559)
  • 青蛙不会在流动的浅水中产卵了 (MCPE-152559)


  • Allays can now follow players through Nether portals (MCPE-155678)
  • 悦灵现在可以跟随玩家穿过下界传送门了 (MCPE-155678)
  • Taking a stackable item from an Allay now correctly adds this item to existing stacks (MCPE-153540)
  • 从悦灵处获得可堆叠物品时能够正确的将此物品堆叠到已有物品中了 (MCPE-153540)
  • Taking a stackable item from an Allay no longer cause item duplication
  • 从悦灵处取得可堆叠物品时不会再导致物品复制了
  • Allay pickup range is changed from 64 to 32 blocks to match Java Edition (MCPE-251766)
  • 悦灵捡拾的范围由 64 格修改为了 32 格以与 Java版相匹配 (MCPE-251766)
  • Allay now retains information about the vibration it is reacting to through save and load
  • 保存存档再次读取后,悦灵将保留其正在作出反应的振动的有关信息
  • Items held by Allays now glow in darkness (MCPE-153533)
  • 悦灵持有的物品会在黑暗中发光了(MCPE-153533)


  • Warden can now path through lava (MCPE-153582)
  • 监守者现在可以寻路穿过熔岩了 (MCPE-153582)
  • Warden can now pass through water (MCPE-153602)
  • 监守者现在可以穿过水了 (MCPE-153602)
  • Warden is no longer pushable while emerging or digging
  • 监守者出现和挖掘时不可被推动了
  • If the Warden is in liquid when attempting to despawn, it will not do the digging animation, instead it will just despawn without any animation/sound (MCPE-155706)
  • 如果监守者尝试消失时处在液体中,它不会播放挖掘动画,而是不带任何动画或声音就直接消失 (MCPE-155706)
  • Warden now always chases a nuisance after it roars at it
  • 监守者被吼叫后,将会追寻此事件
  • Warden now increases its anger towards an attacking nuisance by 100 anger for each attack
  • 每次攻击将会增加监守者 100 点怒气值
  • There are no longer graphical artifacts from the Warden’s emerge or dig particle effects (MCPE-153580)
  • 监守者出现和挖掘时的粒子效果没有图像损坏了 (MCPE-153580)
  • Warden’s hurt animation no longer differs between Bedrock Edition and Java Edition (MCPE-153967)
  • 监守者的受伤动画在 Java 版和基岩版间没有差异了(MCPE-153967)
  • Wardens can now spawn on more types of non-full blocks, such as upper Slabs, Redstone Dust, Snow layers, Buttons, and Tripwires (MCPE-155821)
  • 监守者现在可在多数非完整的方块上生成了,例如上半台阶,红石粉,雪层,按钮以及绊线钩 (MCPE-155821)
    • Known limitations: The current solution doesn’t allow spawning on some types of blocks such as Leaves and lower Slabs
    • 已知限制:目前的解决方案不允许监守者生成在树叶和下半台阶等类型的方块上
  • Warden now retains information about the vibration it is reacting to through save and load
  • 保存存档并加载后,监守者会保留其正在作出反应的振动的有关信息
  • Warden’s Sonic Boom attack now bypasses enchantment damage reduction such as Protection (MCPE-156282)
  • 监守者的音波攻击现在会绕过一些附魔的伤害减损,例如保护 (MCPE-156282)


  • Nether Sprouts and Fungi can now be placed on Mud and Muddy Mangrove Roots
  • 下界苗和菌类现在可被放置在泥巴及缠根泥土上了
  • Froglight walk sound volume is now more similar as other blocks walk sound volume (MCPE-154879)
  • 蛙明灯上的走路音效音量现在与其他方块的更加相似了(MCPE-154879)
  • Mob Spawners now drop XP only when destroyed by a Pickaxe
  • 刷怪箱现在只有被镐子摧毁时才会掉落经验值
  • Fixed a visual issue where Barrier Blocks would show a red texture/overlay when being viewed from the inside (MCPE-98938)
  • 修复了一个从内部查看屏障方块时会显示一个红色纹理/覆盖层的视觉问题 (MCPE-98938)
  • Renamed “Flowered Azalea Leaves” to “Flowering Azalea Leaves”
  • 将 “Flowered Azalea Leaves” 重命名为  “Flowering Azalea Leaves”(盛开的杜鹃树叶)
  • Lapis Lazuli Block is now named Block of Lapis Lazuli (MCPE-105452)
  • Lapis Lazuli Block 现在被重命名为 Block of Lapis Lazuli(青金石块) (MCPE-105452)
  • Cut Copper Slab and its variants can now be placed on the top half of a block on the first attempt (MCPE-154302)
  • 切制铜台阶及其变体现在可在第一次尝试时就被放在一个方块的上半部了 (MCPE-154302)
  • Campfires can now provide full-faced bottom support to other blocks
  • 营火现在可为其他方块提供全面的底部支持
  • Lecterns can now provide full-faced bottom support to other blocks
  • 讲台现在可为其他方块提供全面的底部支持
  • Weeping Vines can now be placed underneath all blocks which can provide full-faced bottom support (MCPE-153083, MCPE-104717)
  • 垂泪藤现在可被放在任何方块下提供全面的底部支持了 (MCPE-153083MCPE-104717)
  • Fixed an issue where Carved Pumpkins launched from Dispensers weren’t equipping to nearby mobs
  • 修复了从发射器射出的雕刻过的南瓜不会装备到附近实体上的问题
  • Bell now rings when hit by any type of projectile
  • 现在钟被任意类型的抛射物击中时都会响了
  • Hit sound is now played when Amethyst block is hit by projectiles (MCPE-137090)
  • 紫水晶块被抛射物击中时将播放击中音效 (MCPE-137090)
  • Amethyst Clusters are no longer destroyed if attached to a Sculk Sensor
  • 幽匿感测体邻近的紫水晶簇不会被摧毁了
  • Structure Blocks can no longer be waterlogged (MCPE-59566)
  • 结构方块不会吸水了 (MCPE-59566)

Mangrove and Mud Blocks

  • Muddy Mangrove Roots are now broken fastest with a Shovel (MCPE-153710)
  • 现在使用锹破坏粘泥的红树根的速度最快 (MCPE-153710)
  • Mangrove Roots are now broken fastest with an Axe (MCPE-155606)
  • 红树根现在使用斧破坏红树根的速度最快 (MCPE-155606)
  • Mangrove Leaf blocks are no longer collected into different stacks when using Silk Touch (MCPE-153786)
  • 使用精准采集得到的红树叶不再被放到不同的堆叠槽里去了 (MCPE-153786)
  • Mangrove Leaves are no longer collected into separate stacks when using Shears
  • 使用剪刀得到的红树叶不再被放到不同的堆叠槽里去了
  • Stripped Mangrove Logs now craft into Stripped Mangrove Wood instead of Mangrove Wood (MCPE-155365)
  • 去皮红树原木现在由去皮红树木而非红树木合成得到 (MCPE-155365)
  • Mangrove Log is now included in Bonus Chest loot tables (MCPE-153924)
  • 红树原木现在包含在奖励箱的战利品表中 (MCPE-153924)
  • Mangrove Propagules are no longer blocked to grow by Leaves (MCPE-154928)
  • 红树胎生苗不会被树叶阻碍生长了 (MCPE-154928)
  • Mangrove Propagules now render correctly when placed in Flower Pots (MCPE-155528)
  • 红树胎生苗放在花盆中能够被正确渲染了 (MCPE-155528)
  • Mangrove Propagule now uses grass sounds
  • 红树胎生苗现在使用草地音效
  • Mangrove Propagule is no longer destroyed by flowing water (MCPE-154011)
  • 红树胎生苗不会被流水摧毁了 (MCPE-154011)
  • Mangrove Signs now use Mangrove Plank textures for breaking particles (MCPE-156568)
  • 红树木告示牌被破坏时使用红树木板纹理的破坏粒子 (MCPE-156568)
  • Mangrove Propagule is now placed at a random offset (MCPE-153735)
  • 红树胎生苗放置时会有一个随机偏移 (MCPE-153735)
  • Iron Bars and Glass Panes now connect to Mangrove Roots (MCPE-153871)
  • 铁栅栏和玻璃板现在可以与红树根相连接了 (MCPE-153871)
  • Sweet Berry Bush can now be planted on Mud, Muddy Mangrove Roots, and Rooted Dirt (MCPE-153916)
  • 甜浆果丛现在可被种植在泥巴,粘泥的红树根和缠根泥土上了 (MCPE-153916)

Sculk Blocks

  • A Sculk Vein block now drops as many items as its number of faces when mined with Silk Touch
  • 使用精准采集挖掘时,幽匿脉络方块会掉落与其面数相同数量的物品
  • Sculk Catalyst can now spread Sculk through Mud and Muddy Mangrove Roots (MCPE-153924)
  • 幽匿感测体现在可以在泥巴和粘泥的红树根上传播幽匿方块了 (MCPE-153924)
  • When a mob dies in proximity of multiple Sculk Catalysts, only the closest one will bloom
  • 当一个生物在多个邻近的幽匿感测体间死亡时,只有最近的一个会被触发
  • The “It Spreads” achievement is no longer unlocked when a Sculk Catalysts blooms after the death of a mob which carries no XP
  • “It Spreads” 成就不会在没有经验值的生物死亡后触发幽匿感测体时解锁了
  • Sculk Shriekers now scan for Wardens in a box with side 48 blocks, not 96 blocks
  • 幽匿尖啸体会扫描边长 48 格范围内的监守者,而非边长 96 格的范围
  • Sculk Shriekers now apply Darkness effect to players with threat level 3 or 4
  • 威胁等级达到 3 或 4 后,幽匿尖啸体会对玩家施加黑暗效果。
  • Sculk Shriekers now detect players when riding any type of entity (MCPE-153814)
  • 幽匿尖啸体现在能够侦测到玩家骑乘任意类型的实体了 (MCPE-153814)
  • Sculk Shriekers now activate repeatedly while players are standing on them (50%) (MCPE-153818)
  • 玩家站在其上时,幽匿尖啸体将反复激活 (50%) (MCPE-153818)
  • Sculk Shriekers now implicate the player that provokes it from afar
  • 幽匿尖啸体现在能够侦测到从远处发起挑衅的玩家
  • Sculk Shrieker now retains information about the vibration it is reacting to through save and load
  • 保存并加载存档后,幽匿尖啸体会保留其正作出反应的振动的有关信息
  • A Sculk Shrieker can no longer summon a Warden underwater (MCPE-153791)
  • 幽匿尖啸体无法在水下生成监守者了 (MCPE-153791)
  • Sculk Shrieker particles are now correctly rendered from behind (MCPE-153591)
  • 幽匿尖啸体的粒子效果能从后面正确渲染了 (MCPE-153591)
  • Sculk Shrieker now detects players when riding all types of entities, including Striders, Skeleton Horses, Pigs, and Llamas (MCPE-153814)
  • 幽匿尖啸体现在能够侦测到玩家骑乘所有种类的实体,包括炽足兽,骷髅马,猪和羊驼 (MCPE-153814)
  • The Sculk Sensor now correctly detects when a Big Dripleaf block changes its tilting state (MCPE-153115)
  • 幽匿感测体能够正确的侦测到大型垂滴叶改变其倾斜程度的事件了 (MCPE-153115)
  • The Sculk Sensor now correctly detects when a Grass, Grass Path, Dirt, Coarse Dirt, or Rooted Dirt Block is tilled with a Hoe (MCPE-153734)
  • 幽匿感测体现在能够正确的侦测到草方块,草径,土,沙土或缠根泥土被锄耕种的事件了 (MCPE-153734)
  • Sculk Sensors cannot detect a player equipping a handheld item anymore (MCPE-153971)
  • 幽匿感测体无法侦测到玩家装备手持物品的行为了 (MCPE-153971)
  • Sculk Sensors are now occluded by Wool in a consistent manner, no matter which direction vibrations come from (MCPE-153815)
  • 无论振动来自哪个方向,幽匿感测体的侦测现在能够以一致的方式被羊毛阻断 (MCPE-153815)
  • Sculk Sensors cannot detect a Player placing, destroying, walking and falling on Carpets anymore (MCPE-153956)
  • 幽匿感测体无法侦测到玩家放置,破坏地毯或在其上行走,摔落的行为了 (MCPE-153956)
  • Sculk Sensors cannot detect Wool and Carpets hitting ground in item form anymore (MCPE-152998)
  • 幽匿感测体无法侦测到羊毛和地毯以物品形式撞击地面的事件了 (MCPE-152998)
  • Sculk Sensor now retains information about the vibration it is reacting to through save and load
  • 保存并读取存档后,幽匿感测体将保留其正作出反应的振动的有关信息
  • Sculk Sensors can now detect a Boat with Chest having its Chest opened and closed (MCPE-156199)
  • 幽匿感测体能够侦测到运输船中箱子的开合了 (MCPE-156199)
  • Sculk Sensors give out a Redstone Signal of 12 and 13 when detecting fluids being placed and picked up, respectively
  • 侦测到液体放出和收回时,幽匿感测体将分别产生 12 和 13 强度的红石信号
  • Sculk Sensors can now detect a player drinking Milk
  • 幽匿感测体能够侦测到玩家饮用牛奶了
  • Sculk Sensors can now detect a player picking up Powder Snow via Bucket (MCPE-153817)
  • 幽匿感测体能够侦测到玩家使用桶收集细雪的过程了 (MCPE-153817)
  • Sculk Sensors cannot detect an entity jumping on Wool covered by Sculk Veins anymore
  • 幽匿感测体无法侦测到实体在覆盖有幽匿脉络的羊毛上蹦跳的行为了
  • Sculk Sensors cannot detect an entity standing still in Scaffolding anymore (MCPE-118454)
  • 幽匿感测体无法侦测到在脚手架上静止站立的实体了 (MCPE-118454)
  • Sculk Sensors can now detect an entity moving in Powder Snow and cobwebs (MCPE-153105)
  • 幽匿感测体能够侦测到玩家在细雪和蜘蛛网中行走了 (MCPE-153105)
  • Sculk Sensors can now detect items being placed in the hand of an Armor Stand
  • 幽匿感测体能够侦测到物品放置在盔甲架手中的行为了
  • Sculk Sensors cannot detect any more items being equipped on mobs at spawn time
  • 幽匿感测体无法侦测到生物生成时装备物品的行为了


  • Goat Horn now correctly drops when Goats ram Mangrove Logs (MCPE-154912)
  • 山羊撞击红树原木时,山羊角能够正确掉落了 (MCPE-154912)
  • Goat Horn now has the same sound for the “Call” variant as Java Edition (MCPE-154886)
  • 山羊角的 “Call” 变种和 Java 版具有相同的音效了 (MCPE-154886)
  • The last sound for Goat Horn was renamed from “Resist” to “Dream” to match Java Edition (MCPE-155059)
  • 山羊角的最后一个音效由 “Resist” 重命名为 “Dream” 以与 Java 版相匹配 (MCPE-155059)
  • Fixed Bottles not usable on water and Boats not placeable on water (MCPE-156451)
  • 修复了瓶子无法在水上使用和船无法放置在水上的问题 (MCPE-156451)
  • Wooden tools can now be repaired using Mangrove Planks, Crimson Planks, and Warped Planks (MCPE-153808)
  • 木制工具现在可以通过使用红树木板,绯红木板和诡异木板进行修补了 (MCPE-153808)
  • Smelting Gold and Iron tools and weapons into Nuggets now rewards XP (MCPE-136467)
  • 将金制和铁制的工具及武器熔炼成金锭,铁锭时会获得经验奖励 (MCPE-136467)
  • Shields that are disabled when struck by an Axe or by Warden now plays broken item sound  (MCPE-153315)
  • 被斧或监守者击碎的盾会播放击碎物品的声音了 (MCPE-153315)
  • Items in off-hand are once again rendered properly
  • 副手上的物品又能正确渲染了
  • Pufferfish now gives Poison II effect instead of Poison IV when consumed (MCPE-105392)
  • 河豚被食用时将给予中毒 II 而非中毒 IV 的效果 (MCPE-105392)


  • Players now have their hands back when they are holding a Map when they have one item in offhand and one in main hand. Curious how they held it without hands… (MCPE-100259)
  • 修复了玩家主手和副手均持有物品时,若持有地图,玩家的手会消失的问题。很好奇之前没手的时候玩家是怎么拿东西的… (MCPE-100259)
  • Darkness effect now works in the Nether and the End dimensions
  • 黑暗效果现在下界和末地维度均起作用
  • Lava and Powder Snow fogs now take priority over Darkness and Blindness fogs (MCPE-154928)
  • 熔岩和细雪的雾的优先级高于黑暗和失明效果产生的雾 (MCPE-154928)
  • Fixed animation system issues for players in split-screen situations
  • 修复了玩家在分屏状态下动画系统的问题
    • Fixed Crossbow, Trident, and Shield rendering for other players (MCPE-118528)
    • 修正了弩,三叉戟和盾在其他玩家眼里的渲染情况 (MCPE-118528)
    • Fixed split-screen render position when sleeping in a Bed (MCPE-65705)
    • 修复了分屏模式下睡在床里时的渲染位置 (MCPE-65705)
    • Fixed Elytra’s animation during split-screen
    • 修正了分屏模式下鞘翅的动画
    • Fix attached Lead position when second player is using first person perspective
    • 修正了第二个玩家使用第一人称视角时附加的主导位置
  • Fixed an issue with reloading RTX worlds that caused DX11 to be used, resulting in a black screen (MCPE-152645)
  • 修复了一个重新加载 RTX 世界时导致 DX11 被使用从而引起黑屏的问题 (MCPE-152645)
  • Fog settings with negative fog start will no longer cause UI elements get tinted by fog color
  • 雾设为负数时不会导致 UI 元素被雾的颜色着色了
  • Fixed a visual bug where liquids could have unexpected heights in the corners depending on diagonally-adjacent blocks (MCPE-152995)
  • 修复了取决于对角线相邻方块的,角落中的液体可能有意料之外的高度的视觉问题 (MCPE-152995)
  • Fixed terrain flickering in and out of the fog when playing on Nintendo Switch
  • 修正了 NS 平台上游玩时出现的忽隐忽现的雾
  • Fixed an issue with underground light sources being generated when breaking or placing a block (MCPE-155808)
  • 修复了打破或放置方块时生成地下光源的问题 (MCPE-155808)

User Interface

  • Fixed touch control’s right d-pad button not working when the d-pad area overlapped with the hotbar area (MCPE-156103)
  • 修复了方向键区域与快捷栏区域重叠时,触摸控制的右方向键不工作的问题 (MCPE-156103)
  • Infinite loading should no longer occur when entering the Dressing Room (MCPE-156209)
  • 进入试衣间时不会一直加载个不停了 (MCPE-156209)
  • Fixed up some of the text for the emote wheel so it would fit inside the box
  • 修复了表情栏里的一些文字,这样他们就能贴合在方框内了
  • Added settings to change duration of notifications
  • 添加了修改通知时长的设置项
  • Friendly Fire game rule toggle has been moved to the Multiplayer tab on the Create New World screen
  • 启用 PVP 的游戏规则开关被移动到了创建新世界界面的多人游戏选项卡下
  • On mobile devices, the experience bar is now centered over the entire length of the hotbar, including the ellipsis at the end
  • 在移动设备上,体验栏已被集成在整个快捷栏的所有长度上,包括末尾的省略号
  • Fixed issue where info and buttons did not appear for downloaded skin packs (MCPE-152216)
  • 修复了下载皮肤包的信息和按钮不显示的问题 (MCPE-152216)
  • On the death screen in Pocket UI, moved the Main Menu button to the top navigation to avoid accidental button presses when dying mid-fight
  • 将携带版 UI 死亡界面上的回到主菜单按钮挪到了顶部导航栏避免飞行时死亡误触
  • Fixed incorrect positioning of “Select (A)” tip on the death screen when using a gamepad controller
  • 修复了使用手柄时死亡界面上 “选择 (A)” 提示的错误位置
  • Added correct death message when dying from Sweet Berry Bush (MCPE-103583)
  • 添加了死于甜浆果丛的正确死亡信息 (MCPE-103583)
  • Added a minimum size to yellow splash screen text
  • 添加了黄色闪烁标语的最小尺寸
  • Fixed a typo in notification duration label for Accessibility Settings (MCPE-156901)
  • 修复了可访问性设置中通知持续时间标签的一处笔误 (MCPE-156901)
  • Fixed “Crafting” word above the crafting slots in the inventory on Classic UI (MCPE-152697)
  • 修复了经典 UI 中背包里合成槽位上方的 “合成” 一词 (MCPE-152697)
  • Worlds created with a template will now always disable achievements
  • 从模板创建的世界将总是禁用成就
  • Fixed an issue where items could be dropped by clicking in the dark gray area of the player inventory when using Furnace, Blast Furnace, Smoker, Enchanting Table, Grindstone, Brewing Stand, Anvil, Beacon, Smithing Table, Loom, Cartography Table, and Stone Cutter
  • 修复了使用熔炉,高炉,烟熏炉,附魔台,砂轮,酿造台,铁砧,信标,铁匠台,织布机,制图台和切石机时可通过点击玩家背包深灰色的区域扔掉物品的问题。
  • Fixed an issue where some paragraphs of text in modals were misaligned (MCPE-153789)
  • 修复了某些段落里的情态词没有对齐的问题 (MCPE-153789)
  • Container screen cursor can now be controlled by the wireless controller touch pad on PlayStation 4 (MCPE-106320)
  • 现在可通过PS4的无线控制器触摸板来控制容器界面的光标了 (MCPE-106320)
  • Fixed a typo in notification duration label for Accessibility Settings (MCPE-156901)
  • 修复了可访问性设置中通知持续时间标签的一处笔误 (MCPE-156901)
  • Player can now continuously jump while holding down the jump button (MCPE-117045)
  • 按住跳跃键时,玩家可以一直跳个不停了 (MCPE-117045)
  • Player can now descend from the top of scaffolding with the new touch controls (MCPE-154309)
  • 玩家现在可通过新的触摸控制来从脚手架的顶部下降 (MCPE-154309)


  • Realms players can once again post screenshots to their Realms Feeds and comment on Realms Feed posts
  • Realms 玩家现在又可以把他们的游戏截图发到 Realms Feeds 并在 Realms Feed 的帖子中进行评论了
  • Fixed a bug wherein failure to join a Realm gave misleading or incorrect error messages (REALMS-7242)
  • 修复了加入 Realms 失败时,给出误导或有误的错误消息的问题 (REALMS-7242)
  • Different types of Realms subscriptions will always show the “Manage” button on the Settings > Subscriptions page if they are manageable on the current platform
  • 若在当前平台上可被管理,不同类型的 Realms 订阅都会在设置-订阅页面下展示管理按钮
  • Added a popup to notify players on Google Play about holds on Realms subscriptions
  • 添加了一个弹窗来告知 Google Play 平台的玩家在 Realms 上的订阅
  • Clicking “Play on Realm” from World Settings now copies the world’s game rules to the Realm
  • 点击世界设定里的 “在 Realm 里游玩” 会将本地游戏的游戏规则复制到 Realm 中
  • Due to recent changes, packs and worlds with version 1.19-level custom, experimental GameTest Framework JavaScript are rejected at the time of upload within Realms
  • 因最近的变更,带有版本 1.19 以上的自定义实验性 GameTest 框架 JavaScript 在上传至 Realms 时会被拒绝
    • We’re working on more infrastructure to fully support worlds and packs with script in Realms, but in the meanwhile, packs with experimental script are not supported in Realms
    • 我们正在开发更多的基本内容来完全支持将带有脚本的世界和包加载进 Realms 中去,但与此同时,带有实验性脚本的包在 Realms 中不受支持
    • Note that the recently released Spellcraft Marketplace map, which uses script, is also not supported within Realms
    • 请注意最近发布的 Spellcraft 市场地图也使用了脚本,目前在 Realms 中也不受支持

Spectator Mode (Experimental)
旁观者模式 (实验性)

  • Players in Spectator mode no longer get effects from gameplay
  • 旁观者模式的玩家不会从游戏里获得效果
  • Players in Spectator mode no longer trigger raids while in Village with Bad Omen effect
  • 带有不祥之兆的旁观者模式玩家在村庄里时不会触发袭击了
  • While in Spectator Mode, actors in other chunks are no longer culled away
  • 处于旁观者模式时,其他区块中的活动对象不会被干掉了
  • Players in Spectator mode can now breathe anywhere
  • 处于旁观者模式的玩家可在任何地方呼吸
  • Players in Spectator mode can no longer be pushed by Pistons
  • 处于旁观者模式的玩家不能被活塞推动了
  • Spectators will be ignored for sleeping rules to skip the night
  • 跳过夜晚时,旁观者会被睡觉人数的规则忽略
  • Moving around as a Spectator will no longer affect player’s hunger level
  • 作为旁观者四处移动不会影响玩家的饥饿等级
  • Spectators no longer broadcast self-made sounds; such as footsteps, climbing, watersplash, etc.
  • 旁观者不会播送自己发出的声音,如脚步声,攀爬声,水花声等等
  • Player’s insomnia timer stops ticking once the player switches to Spectator mode
  • 当玩家切换到旁观者模式时,失眠计时器将会停止
  • Render only head for players in Spectator mode
  • 处于旁观者模式的玩家只渲染头部
  • Render players in Spectator semi-transparently
  • 处于旁观者模式的玩家会被渲染成半透明的
  • Projectiles such as Arrows, Tridents, Fireballs will now shoot through Spectators
  • 例如箭,三叉戟,火球等抛射物会直直穿过旁观者
  • Spectators playing with gamepad no longer are shown unusable tooltips
  • 使用手柄游玩的旁观者不会被展示不可用的提示了

Technical Updates:

Updated Add-On Template Packs
更新的 Add-On 模板包

  • Updated Add-On templates for 1.19.10 with new resources, behaviors, and documentation, are available to download at aka.ms/MCAddonPacks
  • 1.19.10 更新的 Add-On 模板包带来了新的资源,新的行为,以及新的文档。可以在 aka.ms/MCAddonPacks 下载


  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a mob had the flocking component
  • 修复了生物带有 flocking 组件时可能引起的崩溃
  • Fixed a bug where Soul Campfire was using the wrong tag, resulting in cases where some custom recipes for Campfires were not working correctly (MCPE-98305)
  • 修复了灵魂营火使用错误标签,导致某些情况下营火的自定义合成表无法正常工作的问题 (MCPE-98305)
  • Fixed interaction priority when using a Bucket on a waterlogged and interactable block, eg. Lever (MCPE-154221)
  • 修复了使用桶对含水的可交互方块的优先级问题。例如拉杆 (MCPE-154221)
  • The Trader Llama is now its own dedicated mob instead of being a normal Llama with specific component groups
  • 现在行商羊驼成为了专有的生物,而非带有指定组件组合的普通羊驼
  • Ensured content errors are not ignored when loading entity JSON schemas with invalid value types for following fields: The “Runtime_Identifier”, “Is_Spawnable” and “Is_Summonable” fields for “description”, the “component_groups” field and the “event” field for “events” (MCPE-151381)
  • 确保了加载实体 JSON 格式时,若以下字段值的类型无效,其内容错误不会被忽略:  “Runtime_Identifier”, “Is_Spawnable” 和 “description” 的 “Is_Summonable” 字段,”component_groups” 字段以及”events” 的  “event” 字段 (MCPE-151381)


  • Fixed an issue where, after 1.18.30, teleporting an entity to a chunk that has not been loaded since before 1.18.30 would result in the loss of that entity
  • 修复了 1.18.30 版本后,将实体传送至一个未在 1.18.30 版本后加载过的区块会导致实体丢失的问题。
  • Fixed an issue in the teleport command where a “facing” argument would calculate an incorrect vertical orientation (MCPE-144870)
  • 修复了 teleport 指令的 facing 参数会计算出错误的竖直方向的问题 (MCPE-144870)
  • Teleporting entities into unloaded chunks no longer deletes them
  • 将实体传送到未加载的区块中不会将他们删除掉了
  • Autocomplete suggestions now show only valid parameters
  • 自动补全建议现在只展示有效的参数
  • New execute command functionality is now available via the “Upcoming Creator Features” experimental toggle
  • 新的 execute 指令可通过 “即将到来的创作者特性” 实验性内容开关使用其新特性
  • Chests with loot tables no longer drop items when removed with ‘/clone’, ‘/fill’ or ‘/setblock’ (MCPE-151876)
  • 带有战利品表的箱子通过 ‘/clone’, ‘/fill’ 或 ‘/setblock’ 移除时不再掉落物品 (MCPE-151876)
  • Fixed an issue where entities loaded by Structure Blocks and commands would cause the despawn of the original mob used to save the structure and any mobs from previous loads of the structure (MCPE-155036)
  • 修复了使用结构方块和指令加载的实体会导致原有的储存在结构中的方块或任何之前从结构中加载的生物消失的问题 (MCPE-155036)
  • Pillagers and Vindicator Captains spawned with commands are once again hostile by default (MCPE-116971)
  • 使用指令生成的掠夺者和卫道士队长现在再次默认为敌对状态 (MCPE-116971)


  • Renamed minecraft:block_collision block component to minecraft:collision_box
  • 将 minecraft:block_collision 方块组件重命名为 minecraft:collision_box
  • Renamed the minecraft:block_light_filter component to minecraft:light_dampening and added appropriate versioning
  • 将 minecraft:block_light_filter 组件重命名为 minecraft:light_dampening 并添加了适当的版本控制
  • Renamed the ‘part visibility’ component’s field ‘rules’ to ‘conditions’ and added appropriate versioning
  • 将 ‘part visibility’ 组件的字段 ‘rules’ 重命名为 ‘conditions’ 并添加了适当的版本控制
  • Renamed the ‘crafting_table’ component’s field ‘custom_description’ to ‘table_name’ and added appropriate versioning
  • 将 ‘crafting_table’ 组件的字段 ‘custom_description’ 重命名为 ‘table_name’ 并添加了适当的版本控制
  • Renamed the ‘minecraft:block_light_filter’ component to ‘minecraft:light_dampening’
  • 将 ‘minecraft:block_light_filter’ 组件重命名为 ‘minecraft:light_dampening’
  • Renamed the ‘part visibility’ component’s field ‘rules’ to ‘conditions’
  • 将 ‘part visibility’ 组件的字段 ‘rules’ 重命名为 ‘conditions’
  • Renamed the ‘crafting_table’ component’s field ‘custom_description’ to ‘table_name’
  • 将 ‘crafting_table’ 组件的字段 ‘custom_description’ 重命名为 ‘table_name’
  • Blocks with block_light_absorption’ component of value 16 no longer fail to load
  • 带有 block_light_absorption’ 组件为 16 的方块不再加载失败了
  • Renamed the component ‘minecraft:ticking’ to ‘minecraft:queued_ticking’
  • 将组件 ‘minecraft:ticking’ 重命名为 ‘minecraft:queued_ticking’
  • Renamed the ‘minecraft:ticking’ component’s field ‘range’ to ‘interval_range’, which is now described in ticks rather than seconds
  • 将 ‘minecraft:ticking’ 组件的字段 ‘range’ 重命名为 ‘interval_range’, 现在描述时间刻而非秒数
  • Renamed the ‘minecraft:flammable’ block component fields ‘flame_odds’ and ‘burn_odds’ to ‘catch_chance_modifier’ and ‘destroy_chance_modifier’
  • 将 ‘minecraft:flammable’ 方块组件的字段 ‘flame_odds’ 和 ‘burn_odds’ 重命名为 ‘catch_chance_modifier’ 和 ‘destroy_chance_modifier’
  • Added ability to set ‘minecraft:flammable’ block component using booleans for default flammable or nonflammable values
  • 添加了使用布尔值设置 ‘minecraft:flammable’ 方块组件来修改方块默认可燃或不可燃的功能
  • Updated documentation for minecraft:map_color and minecraft:material_instances
  • 更新了 minecraft:map_color 和 minecraft:material_instances 的文档
  • Cake blocks now emit Block_Change game events when slices are eaten
  • 蛋糕方块在被吃掉一片时会触发  Block_Change 游戏事件


  • Fixed ‘minecraft:block_placer’ item component to correctly trigger block component ‘minecraft:on_player_placing’
  • 修正了 ‘minecraft:block_placer’ 物品组件以正确触发方块组件 ‘minecraft:on_player_placing’
  • Hunger Exhaustion component now uses new correct default values (MCPE-154238)
  • 饥饿值组件现在使用新的正确默认值 (MCPE-154238)
    • Please note, add-on packs that alter ‘player.json’ may need to ensure that the player saturation rate is set correctly to match the default values, if required
    • 请注意,如果有必要,修改了 ‘player.json’ 的附加包可能需要确保玩家饥饿值已经被正确设置以与默认值相匹配


  • Added ‘minecraft:drink_milk’ behavior, which allows a mob to drink Milk based on specified environment conditions
  • 添加了 ‘minecraft:drink_milk’ 行为, 允许一个生物在特定环境条件下喝牛奶
  • Actor properties will now save and load correctly across multiple clients and entities
  • 活动对象属性现在能够在多个客户端和实体间正确保存并加载
  • Direction facing will now be preserved through a transformation from one actor type to another
  • 转换一个活动对象类型到另一个活动对象类型时,其面朝方向将被保留
  • Fixed an issue where projectiles with an offset weren’t spawned based on the player’s rotation (MCPE-153880)
  • 修复了带有偏移的抛射物不基于玩家旋转角度生成的问题(MCPE-153880)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the owner of the ‘minecraft:angry’ component from broadcasting anger to its friends if it has no target. A mob with this component will now be able to get angry if it both does not have a target and the component’s ‘filters’ list is empty (MCPE-94996)
  • 修复了阻止组件 ‘minecraft:angry’ 拥有者将其愤怒传递给其没有目标的伙伴的问题。带有此组件的生物现在能够在没有目标且 ‘filters’ 列表为空的情况下变得愤怒 (MCPE-94996)
  • Mobs can now be hit by projectile when their hitboxes are outside the mob’s bounds
  • 碰撞箱在生物边缘外时,现在生物可被抛射物击中
  • Replaced ‘values’ field with ‘range’ field, which only supports array JSON types. Added required ‘type’ JSON field for actor properties with supported values ‘int’‘float’‘bool’, and ‘enum’ . The ‘default’ and ‘range’ fields on the property must match the type specified in the new ‘type’ field
  • 将 ‘values’ 字段替换为 ‘range’ 字段, 仅支持数组 JSON 类型。为活动对象属性添加了所需的 ‘type’ JSON 字段,支持的类型如下 ‘int’‘float’‘bool’, and ‘enum’ .  此属性的 ‘default’ 和 ‘range’ 字段必须与新的‘type’ 字段所指定的类型相同


  • Fog setting with negative fog start will no longer cause flames on player model in UI to get tainted by fog color
  • 将雾设为负数不会将 UI 中玩家模型里的火焰染上雾的颜色了
  • “particles_blend” material is no longer culled
  • “particles_blend” 材质不会被剔除掉了
  • Fixed the issue where water fog expanding speed did not match value specified in ‘midPercentage’ field (MCPE-153864)
  • 修复了水雾扩展的速度与 ‘midPercentage’ 字段所指定的值不匹配的问题 (MCPE-153864)
  • Fixed issue where under water fog transition between biomes is not smooth while affected by eye adapting effect
  • 修复了水雾下生物群系间的过渡不平滑,且受眼睛适应效果影响的问题

GameTest Framework (Experimental)
GameTest 框架 (实验性)

  • Added argument keepVelocity: bool to functions teleport and teleportFacing – If true, preserves velocity when teleporting the Entity
  • 将参数 keepVelocity: bool 添加到了方法 teleport 和 teleportFacing 中 – 若值为 true,将在传送实体时保留其速度
  • The /script profiler command now includes native API calls its trace call stacks
  • /script profiler 命令现在包含了一个调用其跟踪调用栈的原生 API


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