我的世界基岩版 Beta & Preview 发布



  • Zombies now have a 10% chance to be able to break doors on hard difficulty (MCPE-79636)
  • 现在困难难度下,僵尸有10%的概率破门 (MCPE-79636)
  • Removed “Wood” from the names of Mangrove Wood Planks, Stairs, and Slabs (MCPE-156791)
  • 从 ‘Mangrove Wood Planks, Stairs 和 Slabs ‘这些名称中移除了 ‘Wood’ 一词(MCPE-156791)
  • The Wandering Trader’s spawning now matches Java Edition and will no longer spawn in water, lava, or underground (MCPE-46911)
  • 流浪商人的生成现在已经与 Java 版相契合,且不再会在水里,岩浆中和地下生成 (MCPE-46911)
  • End Portal Frame Block is now named “End Portal Frame” instead of “End Portal” (MCPE-76821)
  • 末地传送门方块现在命名为 “End Portal Frame” 而非 “End Portal” (MCPE-76821)
  • Tadpoles flopping around while on land now more closely match Java Edition and fishes in speed (MCPE-154316)
  • 蝌蚪在岸上扑打的行为现在与 Java 版和鱼的速度更契合 (MCPE-154316)
  • Polar Bears no longer panic when attacked
  • 北极熊被攻击时不再恐慌了
  • Piglins will now stop attacking if the player puts on Gold Armor (MCPE-65516)
  • 现在若玩家穿着金盔甲,猪灵将会停止攻击 (MCPE-65516)


  • Players can now place blocks where a spectator is hovering
  • 玩家现在可在观察者悬停的位置放置方块了
  • Players now have their hands back when they are holding a Map when they have one item in offhand and one in main hand. Curious how they held it without hands… (MCPE-100259)
  • 持有地图时,若玩家主手和副手均持有物品,玩家的手又能正常显示了。很好奇玩家之前没有手是怎么拿东西的… (MCPE-100259)


  • Fixed a bug that caused the new Wild Update music to not play in the Wild Update biomes when in Creative mode
  • 修复了一个导致创造模式下新的荒野更新音乐在荒野更新的群系中不能播放的问题


  • Twisting Vines and Weeping Vines with no support now pop even when the random ticking speed is set to 0 (MCPE-69305)
  • 没有支撑的缠怨藤和垂泪藤现在即使时间刻速度设为0时也会生长 (MCPE-69305)
  • Sculk Catalyst now blooms when a mob with no experience dies next to it
  • 没有经验值的生物在幽匿感测体附近死亡时,幽匿感测体也会被触发
  • Hanging Mangrove Propagules no longer drop a Propagule item when Silk Touched if not at max growth (MCPE-156821)
  • 若没有完全生长,悬空的红树胎生苗在使用精准采集破坏时不会再掉落胎生苗物品了(MCPE-156821)
  • Muddy Mangrove Roots can now be placed sideways (MCPE-153721)
  • 粘泥的红树根现在可被放置在侧面了 (MCPE-153721)
  • Hanging Mangrove Propagule no longer changes color when certain blocks are placed nearby (MCPE-156570)
  • 在悬空的红树胎生苗旁边放置方块不会使其变色了(MCPE-156570)


  • Fixed an issue that could occur when travelling through a nether portal to the overworld (MCPE-158167)
  • 修复了一个穿过下界传送门返回主世界时可能出现的问题 (MCPE-158167)


  • The ‘Toggle Perspective’ hint now shows the player’s assignment instead of the default assignment
  • ‘切换视角’ 提示现在将展示玩家的选项而非默认选项

红树 & 杜鹃树叶

  • Mangrove and Azalea Leaves no longer prevent tree growth (MCPE-154980)
  • 红树和杜鹃树叶不会再阻止树的生长了 (MCPE-154980)


  • Fixed an issue with extra health from Health Boost not persisting after exiting the world (MCPE-153504)
  • 修复了通过生命提升获得的额外生命在退出世界后不展示的问题 (MCPE-153504)
  • Fixed an issue that caused FOV to stutter when sprinting while the player had a speed effect applied
  • 修复了玩家带有速度效果疾跑时出现的视角卡顿问题


  • Added support for middle mouse click on iOS
  • 在 iOS 平台上添加了鼠标中键点击的支持


  • Jobless Zombie Villagers are no longer unable to ride Minecarts and Boats (MCPE-76831)
  • 无业的僵尸村民不再无法乘坐矿车和船了 (MCPE-76831)
  • Ravager is now able to destroy Mangrove Leaves, Azalea, Azalea Leaves, Cave Vines, Dripleaves, Spore Blossoms, and Hanging Roots (MCPE-156551) (MCPE-125322)
  • 劫掠兽现在可以破坏红树叶,杜鹃花,杜鹃树叶,洞穴藤蔓,垂滴叶,孢子花和垂根了 (MCPE-156551) (MCPE-125322)


  • If two vibrations are emitted at the same time, Sculk Sensors will now react to the closest one (MCPE-155793)
  • 若两个振动同时出现,幽匿感测体现在会对最近的那个作出反应 (MCPE-155793)
  • If two vibrations are emitted at the same time and at the same distance, Sculk Sensors will now react to ** with the highest frequency
  • 若两个振动同时出现且距离相同,幽匿感测体将对频率最高的作出反应
  • Sculk Sensors now detect a Creeper exploding with a frequency of 15
  • 幽匿感测体现在侦测苦力怕爆炸的频率为15
  • Sculk Sensors now detect an End Crystal exploding with a frequency of 15 (MCPE-153733)
  • 幽匿感测体现在侦测末地水晶爆炸的频率为15 (MCPE-153733)
  • Sculk Sensors now detect a Fish being let out of a Bucket with a frequency of 12
  • 幽匿感测体现在侦测鱼从桶中放出的频率为12
  • Sculk Sensors now detect a TNT being fired out of a Dispenser with a frequency of 12
  • 幽匿感测体现在侦测TNT从发射器中抛出的频率为12


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when teleporting and killing an entity in the same tick
  • 修复了在同一时间刻传送并击杀某一实体时出现的崩溃
  • Entities that die completely now have their data removed from the world file (MCPE-155283)
  • 彻底死掉的实体,其数据现在会从世界的存档文件中移除体 (MCPE-155283)
  • Fix potential crash when returning to the Overworld from the Nether or The End (
  • 修复了从下界或末地回到主世界时可能出现的崩溃 (
  • The game no longer crashes when entering Coin Starter Bundle Screen
  • 进入新手捆绑包界面时,游戏不会崩溃了


  • Redesigned the toggle switches to make it easier to distinguish between the on and off states
  • 重新设计了开关类按钮,现在更便于区分他们开启和关闭的状态了
  • Saddled Pig’s tooltip changed to “Ride” instead of “Mount” to match other ridable mobs
  • 带有鞍的猪的提示信息由”Ride” 修改为了”Mount” 以与其他可骑乘的生物相匹配


  • Fixed an issue that prevented Fisherman Villagers from offering to buy Boats at max level
  • 修复了阻止满级渔夫村民提供船供玩家购买的问题



  • Fixed bugs where client state could get out of sync with server if using an item is cancelled or fails
  • 修复了使用物品被取消或失败时客户端状态与服务端状态不同步的问题


  • Added /tagsfromitem and /itemswithtag commands which output the tags associated with an item and vice versa
  • 添加了 /tagsfromitem 和 /itemswithtag 两个指令,用于输出和某物品联系的标签,后者反之


  • Server developers can now see checksums of the block registry from the server and client to check for mismatch (search “Block Registry Checksum” in the output logs and compare)
  • 服务器开发者现在可以查看注册在服务端及客户端方块的校验和以确认没有不匹配(在输出日志中搜索“方块注册校验和”进行对比)


  • Releasing a bucketed custom mob now spawns the correct type of mob
  • 放出一个桶装的生物时,现在会生成正确种类的生物
  • Fixed the order in which a bucketed mob is created when released, which means any Actor Properties on it will load correctly
  • 修复了桶装生物生物释放时创建的顺序问题,这意味着与之相关的活动对象属性会被正确加载了


  • Added a server property disable-player-interaction which informs clients that they should ignore other players when interacting with the world
  • 添加了一个服务器属性 disable-player-interaction ,用以通知客户端在与世界交互时应当忽略其他玩家
  • Added a new dedicated server property, “chat-restriction”, that can be modified in the “server.properties” file to restrict the chat for all players connecting to the server. The property’s possible values are “None”, “Dropped”, and “Disabled”. See the default file for more information
  • 添加了一个新的专有服务器属性 “chat-restriction”,可在”server.properties” 文件中编辑以限制所有连接到此服务器的玩家聊天。此属性的可用取值为 “None”, “Dropped”, 和 “Disabled”. 参见默认文件以取得更多详细信息


  • With data-driven block tessellation, geometry box pivot-base rotation now rotates around the correct pivot point
  • 随着数据驱动方块的加入,现在基于轴旋转的几何箱体将围绕正确的轴点旋转
  • Add Content warnings for large icons for texture tessellation (eg. objects in hand)
  • 添加了对加入的纹理的大图标内容警告 (例如手持的物体等等)


  • The Client can now generate its own LevelChunks, saving the Server from having to generate and stream over every chunks in view. Server will be limited to generating LevelChunks that are in ticking range and saved on disk
  • 客户端现在可以生成自己的LevelChunks,这样服务端不用生成并遍历当前视图中的每个区块。服务器将被限制生成时间刻范围内的LevelChunks,并保存在磁盘上
    • Created a new ChunkSource and ChunkViewSource for Client to generate chunks with
    • 现在有了新的 ChunkSource 和 ChunkViewSource 供客户端在生成区块时创建
    • Added new FeatureRegistryPacket to send contents of FeatureRegistry to Client
    • 添加了新的 FeatureRegistryPacket 供 FeatureRegistry 将内容发送给客户端
    • Added most BiomeComponents into BiomeDefinitionListPacket for proper Client Biome post-processing
    • 把大多数的 BiomeComponents 加入了 BiomeDefinitionListPacket 以使得客户端的生物群系后处理更加合理
    • Added FeatureToggle ‘Client Side Generation’
    • 添加了特性开关 ‘Client Side Generation’
    • Modified existing telemetry to split between Server and Client side LevelChunk generation
    • 修改了现有的传送技术,使得客户端与服务端的 LevelChunk 生成分离
    • Added code to fix up client-side lighting so it matches Server side
    • 添加了一些代码,修复了客户端的光照并与服务端相匹配
    • Added IMGUI tools for validating Server/Client generation determinism and lighting
    • 添加了 IMGUI 工具以验证服务端/客户端的生成的一致性及光照
    • Added IMGUI tools for logging and tracking lifetime events of a particular LevelChunk/SubChunk
    • 添加了IMGUI工具来记录并追踪某一 LevelChunk/SubChunk 的全生命周期事件



  • Added Content Errors for when there are too many properties on the actor (more than 32) or when a string enum name is too long (more than 32 characters)
  • 添加了活动对象属性过多(超过32个)或一个字符串枚举值过长(超过32个字符)时触发的内容错误
  • Restored ability to use a Molang expression string for default values of Actor Properties (These are primarily useful for random starting values)
  • 恢复了对Actor属性的默认值使用Molang表达式字符串的能力(主要用于随机化初始值)

Gametest 框架

  • Performance Watchdog
  • 性能监控
    • Added a performance watchdog that monitors GameTests for slow-running scripts
    • 添加了监测 GameTests 慢运行脚本的性能监控
    • Executing a slow-running script will result in content log warnings
    • 执行慢运行脚本将导致内容日志警告
    • Additionally, long script hangs (more than 3 seconds in a single tick) will result in an exception
    • 此外,脚本长时间挂起(每刻超过三秒)将引发异常
    • Added new properties to propertiesfor watchdog configuration on Dedicated Server
    • 为专有服务器添加了新的属性以配置性能监测器
      • script-watchdog-enable- Enables the watchdog (default = true)
      • script-watchdog-enable- 启用监测器 (默认值 = true)
      • script-watchdog-hang-threshold- Sets the watchdog threshold for single tick hangs (default = 3000 ms)
      • script-watchdog-hang-threshold- 设置监测器对每刻挂起时长的报错阈值 (默认值 = 3000 ms)
      • script-watchdog-spike-threshold- Sets the watchdog threshold for single tick spikes (default = 100 ms)
      • script-watchdog-spike-threshold- 设置监测器对单时间刻内的峰值阈值 (默认值 = 100 ms)
      • script-watchdog-slow-threshold- Sets the watchdog threshold for slow scripts over multiple ticks (default = 2ms)
      • script-watchdog-slow-threshold- 设置多个时间刻上慢运行脚本的时长阈值 (default = 2ms)
    • Updated mojang-minecraft-uiforms to respond when the client was unable to show a modal form
    • 更新了 mojang-minecraft-uiforms 在客户端无法展示模态形式时进行响应
      • Renamed isCanceledfield to canceled
      • 重命名 isCanceledfield 为 canceled
      • Added cancelationReasonfield
      • 添加了 cancelationReasonfield
      • Added FormCancelationReasonenum
      • 添加了 FormCancelationReasonenum
    • ScoreboardObjectiveDisplayOptions
    • ScoreboardObjectiveDisplayOptions
      • Added ‘ScoreboardObjectiveDisplayOptions’ class
      • 添加了 ‘ScoreboardObjectiveDisplayOptions’ 类
      • Added read-only property ‘Objective: objective’
      • 添加了只读属性 ‘Objective: objective’
      • Added read-only property ‘ObjectiveSortOrder: sortOrder’
      • 添加了只读属性y ‘ObjectiveSortOrder: sortOrder’
    • Scoreboard
    • Scoreboard(记分板)
      • Added function ‘removeObjective(objectiveId: string | Objective): void’ – Untracks an objective
      • 添加了方法 ‘removeObjective(objectiveId: string | Objective): void’ – 停止追踪一个目标
      • Added function ‘addObjective(objectiveId: string, displayName: string): Objective’ – Creates and objective to be tracked, identified with objectiveId and displayed on the screen with displayName
      • 添加了方法 ‘addObjective(objectiveId: string, displayName: string): Objective’ – 创建要跟踪的目标,使用 objectiveId 进行标识,并用 displayName 显示在屏幕上
      • Added function ‘getObjectiveAtDisplaySlot(displaySlotId: string): ScoreboardObjectiveDisplayOptions’ – Gets objective and sort order contained in the DisplayObjective slot specified by displaySlotId
      • 添加了方法 ‘getObjectiveAtDisplaySlot(displaySlotId: string): ScoreboardObjectiveDisplayOptions’ – 获取目标,并依据指定的 displaySlotId 为其 DisplayObjective 内的内容排序
      • Added function ‘setObjectiveAtDisplaySlot(displaySlotId: string, ScoreboardObjectiveDisplayOptions: scoreboardObjectiveDisplayOptions): Objective’ – Sets the objective and sort order of the display slot, as specified by displaySlotId
      • 添加了方法 ‘setObjectiveAtDisplaySlot(displaySlotId: string, ScoreboardObjectiveDisplayOptions: scoreboardObjectiveDisplayOptions): Objective’ – 设置一个目标,依照指定的 displaySlotId 为展示的物品槽排序
      • Added function ‘clearObjectiveAtDisplaySlot(displaySlotId: string): Objective’ – Clear’s the DisplayObjective of the objective it is currently displaying
      • 添加了方法 ‘clearObjectiveAtDisplaySlot(displaySlotId: string): Objective’ – 若此目标正在展示,清除其 DisplayObjective
    • Block
    • 方块
      • Added Block SignComponent that allows for retrieving of the value of sign text – Accessible from getComponent(“sign”)on sign blocks
      • 添加了 Block SignComponent 以允许检索告示文本的值 – 可通过对告示牌使用 getComponent(“sign”) 来访问
    • BlockSignComponent
    • BlockSignComponent
      • Added read-only property text: string- Gets the sign text
      • 添加了只读属性 text: string- 获取告示文本


  • Limit the number of elements in the conditionsfield of the minecraft:part_visibility to 64
  • 将 minecraft:part_visibility 条件字段中的元素数量限制为 64 个
  • Renamed minecraft:aim_collisionblock component to minecraft:selection_box
  • 将 minecraft:aim_collisionblock component 重命名为  minecraft:selection_box
  • Renamed the ‘minecraft:block_light_emission’ component to ‘minecraft:light_emission’ and changed its accepted value type from float to int
  • 将 ‘minecraft:block_light_emission’ 组件重命名为 ‘minecraft:light_emission’ 并将其可接受的值类型由浮点数调整为整数
  • Renamed ‘minecraft:destroy_time’ to ‘minecraft:destructible_by_mining’ and restructured the component to be either defined as a boolean or as an object
  • 将 ‘minecraft:destroy_time’ 重命名为 ‘minecraft:destructible_by_mining’ 并重构了此组件使其被定义为一个布尔值或一个对象
    • Setting the component to true will give the block the default destroy time and setting it to false will make the block indestructible by mining
    • 将此组件设为 true 会将此方块的破坏时长设为IE默认,设为 false 会使此方块不可通过挖掘破坏
    • Setting the component as an object will let users define the number of seconds needed to destroy the block with base equipment
    • 将此组件设为一个对象将会使得用户可以定义使用基础工具破坏此方块的用时秒数
  • Changed the minecraft:frictioncomponent to represent friction of block instead of movement
  • 修改了 minecraft:frictioncomponent 以代表方块的摩擦而非运动的


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