我的世界基岩版 1.17.40 发布 添加了新的山地生物群系“裸岩山峰”

The 1.17.40 update has arrived! This release brings new bug fixes to the game, as well as some new experimental features.
Minecraft 基岩版 1.17.40 更新到来了!这个正式版带来许多新的bug修复以及一些新的实验性特性。

Please search for any bugs you find on bugs.mojang.com and let us know what you think at feedback.minecraft.net .
请你在 bugs.mojang.com 上搜索你找到的任何bug,并在 feedback.minecraft.net 上告诉我们你的想法

Experimental Features:

Reminder: We are still tweaking world generation and features may change. Please remember to make regular backup copies of your favourite worlds!
请注意: 我们仍在调整世界生成机制且一些特性可能会改变。请记得为你最喜欢的世界做好备份

Please keep in mind that these features are work in progress, still under in development, and subject to change. If you activate them, your world might crash, break, or not work with future updates. Experimental features cannot be turned off after world creation.

For more information, please see the article about enabling experimental features at aka.ms/MCExperimentalFeatures .
你可以在 aka.ms/MCExperimentalFeatures 这篇文章里了解启用实验性特性的更多信息。
Added new world/cave generation when upgrading saved chunks below “Y=0” using the Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle

  • 启用洞穴与山崖实验性选项后,已生成的区块的Y=0以下部分将使用新的世界/洞穴生成
    • Chunks previously upgraded with Bedrock underneath will not see this change
    • 之前版本升级过的区块的基岩层下方将不会有此更改
    • For more information,please see our FAQ!We’d love to hear your feedback about it at aka.ms/CavesCliffsFeedback
    • 你可以阅读我们的 FAQ 来获取更多信息!我们乐意听到你在 aka.ms/CavesCliffsFeedback 提出的反馈。
  • Added a new mountain biome: Stony Peaks!
  • 添加了新的山地生物群系:裸岩山峰!
    • This is a variant of lofty/snow-capped peaks that uses stone and gravel instead of snow and ice,and is used to avoid temperature clashes such as a snow-capped peak sticking up from a jungle
    • 这是尖峭山峰和冰封山峰的变种,但表面是石头和沙砾而非冰雪。它是用来避免温度冲突的:比如会在丛林里代替冰封山峰生成
  • Corrected vegetation in Mountain Meadows
  • 修正了草甸中的植物
  • Dripstone Clusters can now only be found in the Dripstone biome
  • 滴水石簇现只能在溶洞生物群系中找到
  • Dripstone features now only generate in Dripstone biome
  • 滴水石的特性只会在溶洞生物群系中出现
  • Mountain biomes now have correct feature places to match the Java Edition side-snapshot
  • 高山生物群系现在已经修正了其特性以匹配Java版的快照
  • Infested Stone can be found under new mountains
  • 被虫蚀的石头现在可在新山地生物群系中找到
  • Tweaked ore distribution to match the Java Edition side-snapshot
  • 调整了矿石分布,以匹配Java版的快照
  • Clouds are now at Y level 192
  • 云现在会在Y = 192 处
  • Tweaked biome placement, river size, and terrain shapes for a better overworld experience
  • 调整了生物群系的分布、河流的大小以及地形的形状以使世界更加协调
  • Tweaked mob spawning in mountain and cave biomes to match the Java Edition side-snapshot
  • 调整了高山和洞穴生物群系中的生物生成以匹配Java版的快照
  • Trees in swamps can now generate slightly deeper when in water
  • 沼泽中的树现在可以生成在更深一点的水里面
  • Deepslate now generates at lower depths (MCPE-125117)
  • 深板岩现在会在深层生成(MCPE-125117)
  • Dripstone features now generate at Deepslate depths
  • 滴水石的特性会在深板岩生成的高度中出现
  • The placement logic of Small Dripstone feature has been refactored so frequency is similar but exact positions will differ
  • 小滴水石的放置逻辑已被重构,这使得频率虽然很接近,但实际位置却有不同
  • Copper Ore now generates up to y=96 instead of y=64 (MCPE-125233)
  • 铜矿石现在会一直到Y=96处生成,而不再是Y=64了 (MCPE-125233)
  • Flat worlds with the Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle enabled will properly upgrade to use the new dimension heights
  • 超平坦世界开启洞穴与山崖实验性选项后将会正确升级并使用新的维度高度
  • Upgrades older flat worlds to the new extended heights available with the Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle
  • 将旧的超平坦世界使用洞穴与山崖实验性选项升级后,它将会有新的建筑高度
  • New flat worlds using the Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle will generate starting at “y=-64”
  • 现在开启洞穴及悬崖实验性选项的新的超平坦世界会从Y=-64处开始生成。
  • Maps now correctly show the colors of blocks below a Y level of zero (MCPE-136638)
  • 地图现在能正确地显示Y=0以下方块的颜色(MCPE-136638)
  • Vines now generate in Lush Caves instead of generating above the surface (MCPE-125800)
  • 藤蔓现在会在繁茂洞穴生成,而不再在地表生成了 (MCPE-125800)
  • Vines can now grow down below zero height
  • 藤蔓现在可以长到高度0以下了
  • Villages now generate in the style of the biome they are located in (MCPE-136939)
  • 村庄现在会以他们所在的生物群系的风格生成(MCPE-136939)


  • New achievements screens are now available on Windows 10 ARM-based PCs
  • 新的成就界面现已在基于 Windows 10 ARM 的 PC 端可用了。


Performance / Stability
性能 / 稳定性

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Character Creator
  • 修复了一个在使用角色创建器时可能发生的崩溃
  • Fixed a softlock that could occur when on the Realms world slots screen and the internet connection was lost
  • 修复了一个当Realms上的世界插槽界面断开网络连接时,可能会出现的卡死问题。


  • Fixed an issue causing Marketplace downloads on Nintendo Switch to fail after entering and leaving a world
  • 修复了 Nintendo Switch 玩家在进入、离开世界后会导致市场下载失败的问题
  • World settings are now carried over on to Realms when replacing worlds
  • 现在替换世界时,其世界设置会转移到Realms


  • Fixed a most unfortunate issue that caused players to be set on fire upon changing dimensions if there was Lava underneath the Nether Portal (MCPE-28765)
  • 修复了一个最不幸的问题:若下界传送门下方存在熔岩时,玩家传送至另一维度会着火(MCPE-28765)
  • Improved world visibility culling for underground situations to eliminate seeing sky at the end of tunnels/stairs (MCPE-128372)
  • 优化了地下的可视化剔除体积机制,以消除隧道/楼梯尽头的“天空”般的模样 (MCPE-128372)
  • Players can no longer eat food at full hunger in Survival mode (MCPE-60807)
  • 生存模式下,玩家在饱腹状态下不能再进食了 (MCPE-60807)
  • Amethyst geodes are now much less likely to generate in Strongholds, and if they do they will not destroy End Portals (MCPE-129861, MCPE-128799)
  • 降低了紫晶洞在要塞附近生成的概率,且即使生成了也不会破坏末地传送门(MCPE-129861, MCPE-128799)
  • Dungeons are no longer misplaced or missing outside of the Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle (MCPE-121708)
  • 开启洞穴与山崖实验性选项后,地牢将不再被错误放置或消失 (MCPE-121708)
  • Vanilla Parity: Players are now able to activate Elytra gliding while moving upward (MCPE-59580)
  • 待同步特性: 玩家现在可以在向上移动时使用鞘翅 (MCPE-59580)


  • Tropical Fish no longer lose their colors upon grabbing them with a Water Bucket and then releasing them (MCPE-137158)
  • 现在使用水桶收集热带鱼且快速放出后,热带鱼将不再失去颜色 (MCPE-137158)
  • Bees now spawn properly in the world (MCPE-132195)
  • 蜜蜂在世界中会以正确的数目生成 (MCPE-132195)
  • Mobs no longer casually stroll into open flames (MCPE-23835)
  • 生物不再在明火附近转悠 (MCPE-23835)
  • Villagers can no longer spam doors open and closed (MCPE-28055)
  • 村民将不再乱开关门了 (MCPE-28055)
  • Cartographers now more consistently give new maps on all platforms
  • 制图师现在会在所有平台上提供更加一致的地图
  • Improved mob pathing around partial blocks (MCPE-127381)
  • 优化了生物在不完整方块上的寻路机制 (MCPE-127381)
  • Armor no longer renders on Pillagers and Vindicators, but the mobs are still granted armor effects (MCPE-74242)
  • 盔甲将不再在掠夺者和卫道士身上显示,但其仍然会获得盔甲效果 (MCPE-74242)
  • Fixed an issue with mob rendering that caused Vindicator Axes to be visible even when they’re not attacking on older Resource Packs (MCPE-123229)
  • 修复了在使用旧版本资源包时,卫道士的斧头即使在没有攻击目标时也会被渲染的问题 (MCPE-123229)
  • More mobs will now spawn underground in the Overworld
  • 现在在主世界地下会有更多生物生成
  • Fixed failure to render Leads when attached to mobs out of view (MCPE-63931)
  • 修复了当拴绳拴住的生物在视野以外时,拴绳不会渲染的问题(MCPE-63931)
  • Iron Golems now spawn only on solid blocks (MCPE-140145)
  • 铁傀儡现在只会在固体方块上生成 (MCPE-140145)


  • Falling Stalactites are now offset properly to avoid interacting with entities outside their intended hitbox (MCPE-132772)
  • 下落的钟乳石现在会正确偏移以避免和它们的实际碰撞箱以外的实体交互 (MCPE-132772)
  • Beehives now generate in the world facing South
  • 蜂巢现在会面朝南方生成
  • Trapdoors now rotate correctly when loaded from a Structure Block(MCPE-66933)
  • 现在由结构方块加载的活板门将会正确旋转(MCPE-66933)
  • Powder Snow no longer disappears when looking at it from a distance (MCPE-127565)
  • 远距离观察细雪时其不再消失 (MCPE-127565)
  • Sea Grass no longer spawns under Lily Pads during world generation to avoid breaking them
  • 海草将不会在睡莲下方生成,以免破坏睡莲
  • Holding Top Snow in hand while hovering over Grass Blocks no longer causes incorrect behavior (MCPE-140659, MCPE-140660)
  • 手持雪层并将其覆盖在草方块上将不再导致行为异常 (MCPE-140659MCPE-140660)

User Interface

  • Riding an animal now displays the correct button prompt when playing with non-touch controls
  • 使用非触摸控制骑乘动物时会有正确的按钮显示
  • Using Dye on Signs that contain formatted color text will now overwrite the formatted color text
  • 现在对载有格式化彩色文本的告示牌使用染料时会覆盖其格式化彩色文本
  • Fixed text on Signs losing their formatting when new lines or word-wrapping are encountered. Formatting will now persist until the reset code or an overriding code is found. This is not retroactive and previously created Signs will not be changed
  • 修复了告示牌上的文本会因手动换行或自动换行导致格式丢失的问题。现在除非使用重置代码或用其他格式代码覆盖,否则格式将一直生效。此前已放置的告示牌将不会受到影响
  • Altered the message that is displayed when players change skins in-game (MCPE-92772)
  • 修改了玩家在游戏中更换皮肤的消息 (MCPE-92772)
  • Fixed an issue where the D-pad and directional keys could not be used to navigate in certain parts of the user interface (MCPE-132826)
  • 修复了在特定的用户界面中,方向键和导航键无法用来导航的问题 (MCPE-132826)
  • Fixed an issue where an error message could be shown after suspending the game on the Achievements screens with Screen Animations disabled (MCPE-132269)
  • 修复了当禁用屏幕动画时暂停游戏进入成就界面可能会报错的问题(MCPE-132269)
  • Fixed an issue where an obscure game rule was added to Settings (MCPE-139025)
  • 修复了一个模糊的游戏规则被添加进“设置”的问题 (MCPE-139025)
  • The sign in text on the main menu no longer overlaps the Marketplace button
  • 登入时主菜单的文本将不再覆盖“市场”按钮
  • Added space between tab title and the word ‘Tab’ for text-to-speech on Settings screen
  • 在tab标题和设置界面的文字转语音选项中的“Tab”字样中添加了空格
  • Added a “More Info” button to the sign in error screen
  • 在登录失败界面添加了一个“更多信息”按钮


  • All changes to settings made on new worlds before creation are now transferred to the world after creation
  • 现在创建新世界之前对设置的修改都会转移至创建后的世界

Character Creator

  • In Character Creator, tweaked color tint for the default Steve skin to match default Steve (MCPE-120818)
  • 在角色创建器里,调整了默认的 Steve 皮肤的颜色来使得其更匹配默认的 Steve (MCPE-120818)
  • Back appearance pieces will no longer cover the left and right arrows in the profile screen
  • 背景部分将不再遮挡界面的左右箭头
  • Sidebar no longer opens upon expanding any of the classic skin packs in the Dressing Room
  • 在更衣室中打开经典皮肤包时,侧边栏不会再被打开
  • Improved the navigation flow for Character Creator so that it always switches to the selected Character Creator profile (MCPE-139022)
  • 优化了角色创建器的导航流,以使其总是选中选定的角色创建器角色 (MCPE-139022)
  • Skins that are equipped from Marketplace while in-game now apply to the player’s character
  • 现在可以在游戏中为玩家更改市场中的皮肤


  • Education Edition items are no longer shown as an option when using @e [type=] (MCPE-78363)
  • 使用 @e [type=] 时,教育版物品将不再成为选项之一 (MCPE-78363)
  • Command Blocks with ‘Needs Redstone’ and a non-zero ‘Delay in Ticks’ will now execute only if they remain powered for the delay duration (MCPE-74281)
  • 对于开启了“需要红石”和“延迟时间”非0的命令方块,若其在延迟时间内持续接收信号,则其命令只会被执行一次 (MCPE-74281)
  • Fixed alignment of the sidebar display from the ‘/scoreboard’ command when text length changes
  • 修复了当文本长度改变时, ‘/scoreboard’ 命令的侧边栏不会显示对齐的问题
  • Fixed the ability to summon experience orbs via the ‘/summon’ command (MCPE-130835)
  • 修复了不能使用 ‘/summon’ 命令生成经验球的问题(MCPE-130835)

Technical Updates:

Updated Add-On Template Packs
更新的 Add-On 模板包

  • Updated Add-On templates for 1.17.40 are available for download with new resources, behaviors, and documentation
  • 1.17.40版本更新的 Add-On 模板包(包括资源包、行为包、文档)现已开放下载
    • Resource Pack Template: aka.ms/ResourcePackTemplate
    • 资源包模板: aka.ms/ResourcePackTemplate
    • Behavior Pack Template (Includes documentation): aka.ms/BehaviorPackTemplate
    • 行为包模板(包含了文档): aka.ms/BehaviorPackTemplate


  • Fixed display only entity destruction in chunk discard scenarios
  • 修复了区块卸载时只显示实体消失的bug
  • Fixed a bug that caused animations to be restarted when changing render controllers
  • 修复了在切换渲染控制器时会使动画重置的bug

Data-Driven Blocks

  • Updated documentation for the Block Rotation component
  • 为 Block Rotation 组件更新了文档
  • Updated documentation for ‘BlockExplosionResistance’
  • 为 ‘BlockExplosionResistance’ 更新了文档
  • Added required toggles to documentation and to content error for block components
  • 为文档和方块组件出现的内容报错添加了需要的切换项


  • Added a content error for using a material but not providing the required number of textures to the render controller
  • 加入了一种内容报错,此报错会在使用材质但未向渲染控制器提供足够数量的纹理时出现


  • Fixed ‘item_remaining_use_duration’having improperly scaled or inverted results (This fix is a Versioned Change as of engine version 1.17.30)
  • 修复了 ‘item_remaining_use_duration’ 返回的结果会被异常缩放或倒置 (这是修复引擎版本1.17.30的版本更新带来的bug)
  • Add new compile errors for expressions like ’text’ + 3, which were previously ignored (This is a Versioned Change as of engine version 1.17.40)
  • 为诸如 ’text’ + 3 的表达式添加了新的编译错误,这在之前会被忽略(这是引擎版本1.17.40的版本更新)
  • Molang expressions that contain capital letters are properly evaluated now
  • 包含大写字母的Molang表达式现在会被正确计算
  • ‘query.get_equipped_item_name’ will now recognize Sea Lanterns (MCPE-67893)
  • ‘query.get_equipped_item_name’ 现在会识别海晶灯 (MCPE-67893)
  • Added new compile errors for expressions like 1 + (9 10), which were previously ignored (This is a Versioned Change as of engine version 1.17.40)
  • 为诸如 1 + (9 10) 的表达式添加了新的编译错误,这在之前会被忽略(这是引擎版本1.17.40的版本更新)

GameTest Framework (Experimental)
游戏测试框架 (实验性)

  • Renamed method ‘succeedWhenBlockTypePresent’ to ‘succeedWhenBlockPresent’
  • 将方法 ‘succeedWhenBlockTypePresent’ 重命名为 ‘succeedWhenBlockPresent’
  • Fixed a bug where property id would return “Unknown” for custom entities (MCPE-137786)
  • 修复了自定义实体的属性 id 会返回 “Unknown” 的问题 (MCPE-137786)
  • Identifier strings returned from property id now include the item’s namespace
  • 现在属性 id 返回的标识符字符串会包含该物品的命名空间。
  • Updated the GameTest Framework interface and added a new SimulatedPlayer capability:
  • 更新了游戏测试框架的接口,并添加了新的SimulatedPlayer功能
    • Added ‘SimulatedPlayer’class to GameTest。This class enables GameTest to simulate a variety of Player behaviors such as movement,using items,and interacting with blocks and entities。See the GameTest API reference documentation for more details
    • 为 GameTest 添加了 ‘SimulatedPlayer’ 类。这个类能模拟玩家的诸行为,例如移动,使用物品,与方块、实体交互等等。可在 GameTest API 参考文档里查询更多细节
      • Added function spawnSimulatedPlayer(blockLocation: BlockLocation,name: string): SimulatedPlayer
      • 添加了函数 spawnSimulatedPlayer(blockLocation: BlockLocation,name: string): SimulatedPlayer
      • Added function removeSimulatedPlayer(simulatedPlayer: SimulatedPlayer): void
      • 添加了函数 removeSimulatedPlayer(simulatedPlayer: SimulatedPlayer): void
    • mojang-gametest.Test type
    • mojang-gametest.Test 类
      • Changed signature of function assertEntityInstancePresent(entity: Entity,blockLocation: BlockLocation,isPresent: boolean = true)
      • 修改了函数 assertEntityInstancePresent(entity: Entity,blockLocation: BlockLocation,isPresent: boolean = true) 的函数签名
    • mojang-minecraft components
    • mojang-minecraft 组件
      • Component ‘inventory’now works with Player inventories
      • 组件 ‘inventory’ 现可与玩家的背包共同运行


  • Removed method ‘thenWaitWithDelay’
  • 移除了方法 ‘thenWaitWithDelay’
  • Added method ‘thenWaitAfter(delayTicks: number, callback: () => undefined)’- After a delay, executes the given callback every tick until it succeeds. Exceptions thrown within the callback will end sequence execution
  • 添加了方法 ‘thenWaitAfter(delayTicks: number, callback: () => undefined)’- 在一个延迟后,每个时间刻都将执行给定的回调直到成功。回调过程中抛出异常的话将会终止序列执行。


  • Fixed a bug where the location property would return an incorrect height for players
  • 修复了位置属性会返回玩家的错误高度的bug
  • Added property ’id’
  • 添加了属性 ‘id’


  • Replaced method ’getLocation’ with property ’location’
  • 将方法 ‘getLocation’ 替换为属性 ‘location’
  • Replaced method getPermutation with property ’permutation’
  • 将方法  getPermutation 替换为属性  ’permutation’
  • Replaced method ’getType’ with property ’type’
  • 将方法 ‘getType’ 替换为属性 ‘type’
  • Replaced methods ’isWaterlogged’ and ’setWaterlogged’ with property ‘isWaterlogged’
  • 将方法 ‘isWaterlogged’ 和 ‘setWaterlogged’ 替换为属性 ‘isWaterlogged’
  • Replaced method ’getBlockData’ with property ’permutation’
  • 将方法 ‘getBlockData’ 替换为属性 ‘permutation’
  • Replaced method ’isEmpty’ with property ’isEmpty’
  • 将方法 ‘isEmpty’ 替换为属性 ‘isEmpty’
  • Removed property ’canBeWaterlogged’
  • 移除属性 ‘canBeWaterlogged’


  • Replaced method ’getName’ with property ’id’
  • 将方法 ‘getName’ 替换为属性 ‘id’
  • Replaced method ’canBeWaterlogged’ with property ’canBeWaterlogged’
  • 将方法 ‘canBeWaterlogged’ 替换为属性 ‘canBeWaterlogged’


  • Replaced method ’getType’ with property ’type’
  • 将方法’getType’ 替换为属性 ‘type’


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