我的世界Java版 21w40a 发布 世界和生物生成进行调整

Yet another snapshot is now available for Minecraft Java. This time around we’ve done some additional tweaks to world generation and a few changes to mob spawning.
Minecraft Java版的新快照已经可用。这次更新我们对世界生成进行了一些调整,以及对生物的生成进行一些更改。

We’ve continuously made performance improvements since we released the first Caves & Cliffs: Part II snapshot (21w37a), and we’ve created another survey about performance. If you try out the snapshot, we would very much appreciate it if you could fill out this survey and tell us how you perceive the current performance. Thanks and happy mining!


We still highly recommend backing up your world before loading it in this snapshot.

Changes in 21w40a
21w40a 的修改内容

  • World generation tweaks
  • 世界生成调整
  • Changes to mob spawning
  • 生物生成调整
  • Copper Ore now drops 2-5 (from 2-3) Raw Copper items
  • 挖掘铜矿石现在会掉落2-5(此前是2-3)个粗铜
  • In the Stonecutter, a Block of Copper can be converted to four Cut Copper
  • 现在可以使用切石机来把铜块切割成4个切制铜块
  • A bunch of biome variants with similar features but different shapes have been merged into one since the shape is controlled independently now
  • 由于生物群系的形状现在是独立控制的,一些具有相似的特征但以不同形状生成的生物群系现在被合并
  • Renamed some biomes
  • 对一些生物群系进行重命名

World Generation


  • Updated ore distribution to make branch mining deep down more rewarding. Updated ore distribution chart
  • 更新了矿脉分布,使得开采更深处的矿脉有更多收获,这是新的矿石分布图表
    • For example,added more unexposed diamonds
    • 例如加入了更多未暴露的钻石
    • Iron ore now generates above 80,with more iron ore as you go higher
    • 铁矿石现在也会生成在高于y=80的地方,更高生成越多
    • Extra gold generates below height -48
    • 更多的金矿石会生成低于y=-48的地方
  • Non-cave biomes no longer change with height – so no more savannas in the sky and things like that
  • 非洞穴生物群系不再根据高度而改变 —— 例如不再出现浮空的热带草原生物群系
  • Tweaked the relative size of some biomes to match 1.17 a bit closer.
  • 调整了一些生物群系的相对大小来配合1.17的生成
  • Increased the average size of most biomes (this also means biomes aren’t in the same places as before)
  • 增大了大多数生物群系的平均生成大小(以及生物群系不再像以前那样位于相同的位置)
  • Fixed some aquifer issues (a side effect of this is that aquifers are in different places now compared to last snapshot)
  • 修复了一些关于含水层的问题(副作用是,跟上一个快照相比,含水层现在位于不同的位置)
  • Slightly increased the frequency of underwater magma
  • 稍微增加了地下岩浆的生成频率
  • Increased the amount of dungeons, especially below height 0
  • 增加了地牢的数量,特别是高度小于y=0的地方
  • Gravel now generates below height 0
  • 沙砾现在会生成高度小于y=0的地方
  • Villages are slightly more spread out
  • 村庄现在会稍微更加分散
  • Removed water lake features, Aquifers provide local water levels
  • 移除了水湖地物,含水层会提供相对应的水位

Mob Spawns

  • Axolotls now only spawn in water, above clay blocks, in lush caves
  • 美西螈现在只生成在水中,以及生成在繁茂洞穴的黏土块上
  • Glowsquids now only spawn in water blocks, under height 30
  • 发光鱿鱼现在只会生成在高度低于y=30的水中
  • Cod, Salmon, Pufferfish, Tropical Fish, Squid, and Dolphins now only spawn in water from height 50 to height 64
  • 鳕鱼、鲑鱼、河豚、热带鱼、鱿鱼和海豚现在只会生成在高度位于y=50到64的水中
  • Tropical Fish now also spawn in lush caves at any height
  • 热带鱼现在也可以生成在繁茂洞穴的任意高度里
  • Zombies once again spawn in dripstone caves – drowned can also spawn there however
  • 僵尸(以及溺尸)再一次会生成在溶洞里
  • Goats no longer spawn in stony peaks
  • 山羊不再生成在石峰(未定译名)里


Ore distribution in snapshot 21w40a. Click here for a link to the full-size image.
21w40a的矿石分布图表。点击此处 来查看完整大小的图像。


Technical changes in 21w40a
21w40a 的技术性修改

  • Optimized AI for Axolotls, Goats, Hoglins, Zoglins, Piglins, Piglin Brutes and Villagers
  • 优化了美西螈、山羊、疣猪兽、僵尸疣猪兽、猪灵、猪灵蛮兵和村民的AI
  • Bedrock layers generate dependent on the world seed now
  • 基岩层现在会取决于世界的种子而生成

Fixed bugs in 21w40a
21w40a 修复的漏洞

  • MC-217906 Large amounts of axolotls cause performance issues
  • MC-217906 – 大量美西螈会导致性能问题
  • MC-229365 Large amounts of goats causes performance issues
  • MC-229365 – 大量山羊会导致性能问题
  • MC-236632 Banners without patterns do not render properly
  • MC-236632 – 没有图案的旗帜无法正确渲染
  • MC-236663 Command blocks do not display command in their UI
  • MC-236663 – 命令方块的UI内不显示命令
  • MC-236736 No relief on treasure map or explorer maps
  • MC-236736 – 藏宝图或探索者地图上没有标记
  • MC-237925 Opening world from 1.12.2 (or older) in latest snapshot regenerates random chunks
  • MC-237925 – 在最新快照中打开来自1.12.2(或更旧的版本)的世界会随机重新生成区块
  • MC-237933 Sweet Berries generate much too often
  • MC-237933 – 甜浆果的生成过于频繁
  • MC-237950 Cave vines can generate without tip because prioritize_tip option is negated
  • MC-237950 – 由于停用了 prioritize_tip 选项,洞穴藤蔓生长过长,没有尖端
  • MC-237951 Cave vines can generate into water
  • MC-237951 – 洞穴藤蔓会生长进水体内
  • MC-237962 Entities bob their head up and down when targeting towards the player
  • MC-237962 – 实体在朝向玩家时会上下点头
  • MC-238104 Blue Orchid generation has decreased
  • MC-238104 – 兰花的生成频率下降了
  • MC-238265 version.json contains internal revision ID instead of game version ID
  • MC-238265 – version.json 内包含的是内部版本号而非游戏版本号


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