我的世界Java版 21w39a 发布 加入了洞穴与山崖第二部分的进度

Time for an advanced snapshot! In this snapshot, you can also open worlds from previous versions again – with one big warning! The blending technology we intend to introduce for Caves & Cliffs: Part II is not yet available. If you open an old world in this snapshot it will be upgraded with air under the current bottom of the world and visible chunk borders to new areas.

We highly recommend backing up your world before loading it in this snapshot.


New Features in 21w39a
21w39a 的新增特性

  • Added Caves & Cliffs: Part II Advancements
  • 加入了洞穴与山崖第二部分的进度


  • Added “Caves & Cliffs” for falling from top to bottom of the Overworld
  • “洞穴与山崖”:从主世界的顶部掉落到底部
  • Added “Feels like home” for riding strider on lava for 50 blocks in the Overworld
  • “感觉像回家一样”:在主世界中骑乘炽足兽在岩浆中走过50个方块
  • Added “Star Trader” for trading with a villager at the build height limit
  • “星际交易员”:和一个在建筑高度极限的村民进行交易
  • Added “Sound of Music” for playing music with a jukebox in a Meadow biome
  • “音乐之声”:在草甸生物群系播放音乐

Changes in 21w39a
21w39a 的修改内容

  • Tweaked peaks to make small mountains look more like proper jagged mountain peaks instead of flat hilly mounds
  • 调整了山峰,让小的山丘看起来更像锯齿状的山峰,而非平平的土丘
  • The lone trees in Meadows now always contain a bee nest
  • 草甸的独树现在总会有一个蜂巢了
  • Drowned can spawn in aquifers inside dripstone caves
  • 溺尸现在会在滴水石洞穴的含水层中生成
  • Zombies don’t spawn in dripstone caves
  • 僵尸不再会生成在滴水石洞穴
  • Buried treasure chests can now contain water breathing potions
  • 埋藏的宝藏箱子里会有水下呼吸药水了
  • Changed default brightness to 50
  • 将默认亮度调整为50
  • Redesigned how effects look in the inventory screen, to allow them to show even with the recipe book open
  • 重新设计了背包界面里面的效果示意图,使得打开配方书时也能看到效果


  • Your list of effects are now shown to the right of your inventory, instead of the left side
  • 你的状态效果列表现在放在背包的右边展示,而不再是左边了
  • When the inventory effects list is visible, it will be hidden from the game view to reduce screen clutter
  • 当背包的状态效果可见时,就不再显示于游戏视角,以减少屏幕卡顿
  • There’s now two modes of seeing the effect list: compact and classic
  • 现在有两种状态效果列表的呈现模式:紧凑/经典
    • Classic is the pre-existing list of effects,one after another
    • 经典式就是之前那样,一个跟着一个
    • Compact is a single icon for each effect,suitable for small screen estate
    • 紧凑式就是每个效果一个单独的图标,适合屏幕较小的情形
  • The game will automatically switch between the two looks to suit the available screen estate (including having the recipe book open)
  • 游戏会根据当前可用的屏幕尺寸,自动在两种呈现方式中切换(包括在打开配方书的时候)

Technical changes in 21w39a
21w39a 的技术性修改

  • Added fall_from_height and ride_entity_distance advancement triggers
  • 加入了fall_from_heightride_entity_distance 进度触发器
  • Changed nether_travel to match other similar triggers
  • 修改了nether_travel以匹配其它相似的触发器
  • Added new loot table function set_potion
  • 加入了新的战利品表函数set_potion
  • Changes to the on-disk chunk format
  • 对磁盘区块格式进行了修改
  • Resource pack format has been increased to 8
  • 资源包格式升级到8
  • Standalone server.jar now bundles contains individual libraries instead of being flat archive
  • 独立的server.jar现在会打包独立的库,而不是简单的压缩包


New triggers


  • Triggered when a player lands after falling
  • 在玩家落地时触发
  • Conditions:
  • 条件:
    • player – a player for which this trigger runs
    • player – 触发此触发器的玩家
    • start_position – location predicate for last position before falling started
    • start_position – 记录下落开始时的位置的谓词
    • distance – predicate for distance between start_position and 玩家
    • distance – 记录 start_position 与玩家距离的谓词


  • Triggered for every tick when player rides in lava
  • 当玩家在岩浆中骑乘时,每刻都会触发
  • Conditions
  • 条件
    • player – a player for which this trigger runs
    • player – 触发此触发器的玩家
    • start_position – position where riding started (first tick on lava)
    • start_position – 骑乘开始时的位置(处于岩浆中的第一刻)
    • distance – predicate for distance between start_position and 玩家
    • distance – 记录 start_position 和玩家之间距离的谓词

Changed triggers


  • entered condition renamed to start_position
  • entered 条件现在重命名为 start_position
  • exited has been removed, since it was identical to player.location
  • exited 已被移除,因为这和 player.location完全一致

Loot Tables

New functions


Sets Potion tag on any item
对任意物品设置 Potion 标签


  • id – potion id
  • id – 药水的id

World Data: Chunk Format

  • Chunk’s Level.Sections[].BlockStates & Level.Sections[].Palette have moved to a container structure in Level.Sections[].block_states
  • 区块的 Level.Sections[].Blocktates 和 Level.Sections[].Palette 移动到了 Level.Sections[].block_states 的一个容器结构中
  • Chunk’s Level.Biomes are now paletted and live in a similar container structure in Level.Sections[].biomes
  • 区块的 Level.Biomes 现在算作 palette,且转移到Level.Sections[].biomes 中的一个相似的小容器结构中
  • Chunk’s Level.CarvingMasks[] is now long[] instead of byte[]
  • 区块的 Level.CarvingMasks[]现在是long[]而不再是byte[]类型

Resource Pack format

  • minecraft/textures/gui/container/inventory.png now contains an extra sprite for a thin-layout version of the effect list in the inventory
  • minecraft/textures/gui/container/inventory.png现在包含了一个额外的图标表,适用于背包界面中紧凑模式下的状态效果列表

Server bundling

  • server.jar now bundles individual libraries instead of merging all the files into single archive
  • server.jar 现在会打包为独立的库,而不是将文件简单地合成为一个压缩包
  • This change is meant to solve certain problems related to Java modules
  • 这一修改主要是为了解决 Java 模块的一些问题
  • On startup, server.jar will unpack libraries into a directory configured by bundlerRepoDi r (default: working directory)
  • 在启动时, server.jar 会对库进行解包,放置到一个 bundlerRepoDir 指定的位置 (默认为工作目录)
  • To run different main class than server, use bundlerMainClass property (for example java -DbundlerMainClass=net.minecraft.data.Main -jar server.jar –reports) or unpack jar manually and use contents of META-INF/classpath-joined for command line
  • 如果要运行不同的主类而不是服务器的话,可以使用 bundlerMainClass 属性(例如 java -DbundlerMainClass=net.minecraft.data.Main -jar server.jar –reports) 或者手动解包 jar 文件,在命令行中使用 META-INF/classpath-joined 的内容

Fixed bugs in 21w39a
21w39a 修复的漏洞
本段内容引用自 MCWiki:https://minecraft.fandom.com/zh/wiki/21w39a

  • MC-116359 – Status effects aren’t displayed in inventory when recipe book is open
  • MC-116359 – 配方书处于打开状态时,状态效果不在物品栏界面上显示。
  • MC-149822 – Bottom border on status effect displays in the inventory is missing
  • MC-149822 – 在物品栏界面上显示的状态效果缺失底部边框。
  • MC-193348 – Status effect bars shift the player’s inventory in creative mode
  • MC-193348 – 创造模式下的物品栏会因状态效果而不显示在正中间。
  • MC-196723 – Potion effects obtained in creative mode while in inventory do not show up until reopening inventory
  • MC-196723 – 创造模式下,当玩家无状态效果且打开物品栏时获得一个效果,此效果不会立即显示在物品栏上。
  • MC-214894 – Bamboo generates in caves under jungles
  • MC-214894 – 竹子会生成在丛林下方的洞穴中。
  • MC-214959 – Sugar cane generated in cave
  • MC-214959 – 甘蔗会生成在洞穴中。
  • MC-218167 – Chatting causes lag to occur
  • MC-218167 – 发送聊天内容会导致卡顿。
  • MC-236755 – “Feature Placement” Crash / java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index 0 out of bounds for length 0
  • MC-236755 – “地物放置”崩溃:java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index 0 out of bounds for length 0
  • MC-236903 – Naturally generated cave vines have an age between 17-25
  • MC-236903 – 自然生成的洞穴藤蔓会有17-25的age值。
  • MC-237505 – Certain Biome Builder debug values do not change
  • MC-237505 – 生物群系构造器(Biome Builder)特定调试值不变化。


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