我的世界Java版 1.18 测试性快照 6 发布

New world generation in Java available for testing

An experimental Caves & Cliffs snapshot has arrived!

UPDATE (Sep 1): Snapshot 6 is shipped! Try it out and give us feedback! Scroll down for changelog and download link.
更新 (九月一日): 快照6已发布! 快试试吧,并且给我们一些反馈!更新日志和下载地址都可以在下文找到。

Changes in experimental snapshot 6 compared to snapshot 5

  • Tweaked placement of the new mountain biomes so they match the mountain terrain and temperature better. Grove and snowy slopes are less likely to generate on mountain peaks. In cold climates grove and snowy slopes tend to start much lower down, while in temperate and hot climates they tend to start higher up.
  • 对新的山地生物群系的位置进行了调整,使其与温度呈相关性。树林和雪坡现在不太可能会生成在山峰上了。在寒冷的气候条件下,树林和雪坡往往从更低的地方开始,而在温带和热带则往往从更高的地方开始。
  • Tweaked biome placement to reduce the risk of cold microbiomes, such as a small splotch of snowy tundra in the middle of a forest (birdpoop microbiomes). It can still happen, but not as often.
  • 调整了生物群系的位置,减少了产生寒冷微生物群系的风险,比如在森林中有一块小小的积雪的冻原(这微生物群系跟鸟粪一样)。虽然这种情况还是可能会发生,但是几率会大大减少。
  • Fixed an accidental change from last snapshot that made lush caves smaller and more fragmented. Now they should be about as common as in snapshot 4 again.
  • 修复了在上一个快照中意外出现的导致繁茂洞穴变得更小,更零散的问题。现在繁茂洞穴应该和快照4中的一样普遍了。
  • Giant tree taiga and giant spruce taiga no longer count as cold climates from a biome placement perspective. So these biomes are less likely to mixed in with snowy biomes. This caused a small reshuffle of other biomes to maintain the overall balance.
  • 巨型针叶林和巨型云杉针叶林现在从气候的角度来看,不再属于寒冷气候了。所以这两个生物群系不太可能会和积雪类型的生物群系在一起了。并且也略微调整了一下其他的生物群系来保持整体的平衡。
  • Slightly reduced the number of water springs.
  • 略微减少了水泉的数量。
  • Slightly increased underwater magma, to increase the chance of finding air when diving in aquifers.
  • 略微增加了生成在水下的岩浆块,这样你在含水层潜水时找到空气的概率会提升。
  • Cavier ocean floors! Aquifers under oceans/rivers are more likely to link to the underground. This means you are more likely to find cave openings on ocean floors that actually lead somewhere instead of being cut off. One consequence of this is that caves at y0-40 below oceans are more likely to be flooded. If you dive into an underground lake you might end up inside one of those flooded caves and pop out at the bottom of an ocean.
  • 更洞洞的海底!海洋/河流底下的含水层更容易与海底连接。这代表着你会更容易从海床上找到通往某个洞穴的入口,而不是被海床生生切断。这样做的一个结果就是:在海洋下面y0-y40的洞穴都有可能被海水淹没。如果你在某个地下湖泊中潜水,最后可能反而离开了洞穴,而从某个海底下出来。
  • Underwater ravines are back. Cave carvers can now carve through sand and gravel on ocean floors, so underwater ravines and caves will no longer be hidden under a layer of gravel or sand. As opposed to MC 1.17, we no longer use a specific carver for underwater ravines, we just use normal noise caves and carvers but on ocean floors. So the underwater ravines won’t look exactly the same as in 1.17, but we get a lot more natural variation. Magma may still generate inside them, as with all flooded caves.
  • 水下峡谷它回来了。现在负责雕刻洞穴的雕刻器可以雕刻海底的沙子和沙砾了,所以,水下峡谷和水下洞穴不再会被隐藏在一层沙子或者沙砾下面。相比于MC 1.17,水下峡谷不再使用一套特殊的雕刻器,而是和雕刻噪声洞穴雕刻器一致,只是把它移到了水下而已。所以,这个版本的水下峡谷会和1.17的水下峡谷长得不太一样,但是更自然了。岩浆块依旧有可能在其内生成,就像其他的含水洞穴一样。
  • Horses, Mules, and Donkeys now follow players holding golden carrots, golden apples, and enchanted golden apples. Makes it easier to get your horse across that deep river! Similarly, llamas follow hay bales.
  • 马、骡和驴现在会跟随手持金胡萝卜、金苹果、附魔金苹果的玩家。这样你的马就可以更容易的趟过一条深深的河!与之类似的还有羊驼会跟随手持干草块的玩家。
  • That’s all.
  • 以上。
  • No wait, one more thing. Almost forgot the swamps. Swamps can now generate in dry areas. They couldn’t in last snapshot, which seemed to make sense, but it turned out that sometimes a very small area will be drier than the surrounding area, causing microbiome issues like small spots of desert in the middle of a swamp. Swamps should be less fragmented now, and they appreciate that.
  • 等等,还有一件事。差点忘了沼泽。沼泽现在可以在干燥地区生成。这不是在最后一个快照中做改动是有一些道理的,因为有时候会有一个小小的区域比周围都更加干燥,这会导致微生物群系的问题发生,比如沼泽中有一块小小的沙漠。现在沼泽不会再碎片化了,并且他们觉得很赞。

How do I get the experimental snapshot?



关于如何安装实验性快照的可视化指南,参见这个附有精心配图的教程! 或者, 请按以下步骤操作:

  • Download this zip file
  • 下载此 zip 文件
  • Unpack the folder into your “versions” folder of your local Minecraft application data folder (see below if you are confused)
  • 将其中的文件夹解压到您本地 Minecraft 文件夹的“versions”子文件夹中(如果您有疑问,请参见下文)
  • Create a new launch installation in the launcher and select the “pending 1.18_experimental-snapshot-6” version
  • 在启动器中新建启动配置,选择“pending 1.18_experimental-snapshot-6”版本
  • Start the game and the remaining files will be downloaded
  • 直接开始游戏,游戏剩余的文件将被自动下载
  • Play in a new world! This version is not compatible with other snapshots!
  • 开始游玩新世界吧!注意此版本与其他快照不兼容!

Finding the Minecraft application data folder

  • Windows: Press Win+R and type %appdata%\.minecraft and press Ok
  • Windows 系统:按 Win+R 并输入 %appdata%\.minecraft ,点击确定
  • Mac OS X: In Finder, in the Go menu, select “Go to Folder” and enter ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
  • Mac OS X 系统: 在访达的“前往”菜单中,选择“前往文件夹”并输入 ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft,然后按“前往”。
  • Linux: ~/.minecraft or /home/<your username>/.minecraft/
  • Linux 系统: ~/.minecraft 或 /home/<你的用户名>/.minecraft/


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