NEW: Changes in experimental snapshot 3 compared to snapshot 2: 

  • Tweaked biome placement to reduce the risk of temperature clashes (such as a snowy biome in the middle of a desert). Temperature clashes still happen, but not as often.
  • 为避免温度错乱(比如雪地生物群系在沙漠中间)而调整了生物群系的位置。温度错乱还是有的,但是变少了。
  • Tweaked biome placement to allow for more noisiness and diversity again, essentially dialing back some of the changes from last snapshot. This means microbiomes are more likely to happen again, but they will usually be of matching temperatures (for example a small forest inside a plains biome).
  • 再次调整了生物群系位置,以允许更多的噪声和多样性地形。其实就是把上个快照的一些调整还原了。这说明微群系更有可能再次生成了,但是通常会在对应的温度下生成(比如平原中的小森林群系)。
  • Red sand is back! Tweaked badlands so they sometimes show up in flat areas next to plateaus, and made the red sand generate higher up (to account for the generally higher terrain).
  • 红沙回来了!我们调整了恶地,这样他们有的时候就会和高原一起生成在平坦的地方,红沙也就会在更高的地方的地方生成了(为了适应高度平均更高了的地形)。
  • Made peak biomes and meadows less likely to generate in flat low elevation areas.
  • 山峰和繁花山地群系会更少出现在平坦的、低纬度的地区。
  • Smoothed out the cliffs in shattered terrain a bit, so they don’t look like chunk errors.
  • 在破碎的地形中把山地变得更加平滑了,这样它们就不会像区块出错了一样。
  • Snowy slopes and snowcapped peaks no longer place dirt under the snow. Mountains look less dirty now 🙂
  • 覆雪山脉和冰雪山峰现在不会在雪块下方生成泥土了。现在山地不再脏脏的土土的了 🙂
  • Added a new mountain biome: Stony peaks. This is just a variant of lofty/snowcapped peaks that uses stone and gravel instead of snow and ice, and is used to avoid temperature clashes such as a snowcapped peak sticking up from a jungle.
  • 加入了新的山地群系:石头山峰。这只是覆雪山峰和冰雪山峰的一个变种,它使用了石头和沙砾,而不是雪和冰。这被用来防止温度错乱,比如一个冰雪山峰生成在丛林附近。
  • Added structures to some of the new mountain biomes. Pillager outposts generate in all the new mountain biomes. Villages generate in meadows.
  • 给新的山地群系加入了结构。掠夺者前哨站现在会在所有山地群系中生成。村庄现在会在繁花山地中生成。
  • Tweaked beaches a bit, to make them more inclined to show up on flat coastlines rather than hilly areas. Also reduced the amount of stone shores.
  • 微调了沙滩,这样他们就会在平坦的海岸线上生成,而不是高耸一些的地方。另外也减少了石滩的数量。
  • Coastlines and river banks are less likely to get messed up by aquifers. That is, local water levels are mostly used in terrain that doesn’t border a river or ocean. Cave openings and ravines that intersect an ocean or river will mostly use sea level.
  • 海岸线和河岸现在不太可能会被洞穴的含水层搞乱了。也就是说,本地水平面通常会在不涉及河流或海洋的时候被使用,而与海洋或河流接触的洞穴入口和峡谷会使用海平面。
  • Inland low-elevation areas are less likely to have flooded caves all over the place.
  • 陆地中的低海拔地区将不太可能会含水洞穴填满了。
  • Aquifers can go deeper and are more likely to connect with cave systems further down. That means if you dive into a deep lake on the surface (or in a mountain), you will sometimes encounter air pockets that lead to a cave system.
  • 含水层的位置可以更低,并且更有可能与深层的洞穴系统连接了。这意味着如果你从地表潜入一个深湖(或者在山地中),你有时候会发现空气洞,并于洞穴系统相连接。
  • Added more high-frequency variation to aquifers, to reduce the risk of massively huge areas with waterfilled caves everywhere. Underground lakes and flooded regions are more likely to be spread out instead of concentrated in one region.
  • 加入了更有可能生成的含水层变种,以减少被水填满的洞穴生成在各种地方。地下湖泊和被水淹的地区将更可能分散出去,而不是聚集在一起。
  • Fixed goat spawning (they weren’t spawning in the new mountain biomes)
  • 修复了山羊生成问题(它们不在新的山地中生成)。
  • Swamps are less likely to overlap cold or dry biomes, and they no longer place hanging water. Swamps are even happier now.
  • 沼泽现在不太可能覆盖干燥或寒冷的群系了,并且它们不再生成悬在空中的水。沼泽现在甚至更开心了。
  • Desert temples spawn on the surface rather than at a fixed y level.
  • 沙漠神殿会在地表生成了,而不是固定的 y 轴数值上。
  • Eroded badlands no longer create floating pillars on top of the water surface.
  • 被风蚀的恶地现在不会在水面上生成悬空的柱子了。
  • Grass no longer generates under water
  • 草不再会在水下生成了。
  • Reduced the risk of incorrect surface placement such as grass patches in deserts.
  • 减少了错误的地表放置几率,比如草生成在沙漠里。
  • Reduced the risk of river biome generating in dry mountain gorges. We don’t have support for actual rivers generating above sea level, so if a mountain gorge is above sea level then it will be dry.
  • 减少了河流在干燥的山地峡谷中生成的几率。我们不支持在海平面上方生成河流,所以如果山地峡谷在海平面上方生成,它就是干燥的。
  • Mob spawning no longer speeds up in low terrain or slows down in high terrain. The new spawning speed is similar to 1.17 spawning at y=64. This change is intended to make spawning more consistent in the updated overworld.
  • 生物生成不会在低地形中加速或在高地形减速了。新的生成速度差不多是 1.17 的 y=64 的速度。这一更改使得生物生成在新的主世界中更加一致。
  • Fixed an issue where players in multiplayer can face far more or far fewer enemies than intended, particularly when other players are flying. Each player now gets their fair share of mobs.
  • 修复了联机时玩家会面对更多或者更少的怪物的问题,特别是其他玩家在飞行的时候。每一个玩家的怪物分配现在均衡了。

NOTE: These snapshots are experimental!Some features may be significantly changed oreven removed if needed to improve performance.

Known issues

  • Opening a world from experimental snapshot #1 causes an error. So you need to create a new world for this snapshot.
  • 打开第一个实验性快照的世界会报错,因此你要为这个快照再新创一个存档。
  • Low performance (we are working on performance optimization for the normal snapshots coming later)
  • 性能低下(性能优化会在接下来的正常快照中进行)。
  • Nether terrain is messed up
  • 下界地形炸开了。
  • End pillars don’t generate (however they do generate when you respawn the dragon…)
  • 末地柱(译者注:黑曜石柱子)不生成了(但是他们还是会在重生末影龙的时候重新生成)。

How do I get the experimental snapshot?


关于如何安装实验性快照的可视化指南,参见这个附有精心配图的教程! 或者, 请按以下步骤操作:

  • Download this zip file
    下载这个 zip 文件
  • Unpack the folder into your  versions  folder of your local Minecraft application data folder (see below if you are confused)
    将其中的文件夹解压到您本地 Minecraft 文件夹的“versions”子文件夹中(如果您有疑问,请参见下文)
  • Create a new launch configuration in the launcher and select the  pending 1.18_experimental-snapshot-3.zip  version
    在启动器中新建启动配置,选择“pending 1.18_experimental-snapshot-3.zip”版本
  • Start the game and the remaining files will be downloaded
  • Play in a new world!This version is not compatible with other snapshots!

Finding the Minecraft application data folder

  • Windows: Press Win+R and type %appdata%\.minecraft and press Ok
    Windows 系统:按 Win+R 并输入 %appdata%\.minecraft ,点击确定
  • Mac OS X: In Finder,in the Go menu,select  Go to Folder  and enter ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
    Mac OS X 系统: Mac OS X : 在访达的“前往”菜单中,选择“前往文件夹”并输入 ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft,然后按“前往”。
  • Linux: ~/.minecraft or /home/<your username>/.minecraft/
    Linux 系统: ~/.minecraft 或 /home/<你的用户名>/.minecraft/

Having trouble? Check this visual overview. 
有疑惑? 请查阅这个概述。

What about the previous Caves & Cliffs preview datapack?

These changes are too big for a datapack, that’s why we’re doing it in a separate experimental snapshot. So for now, the experimental snapshot serves the same purpose as the datapack did before.

Can I open old worlds in this experimental snapshot?

No, experimental snapshots can only open worlds that were created in the same version. Later on in the actual 1.18 release you will be able to open 1.17 worlds.
不行,实验性快照只能打开在这个快照中创建的世界。在之后的 1.18 版本中您将能够加载 1.17 的世界。

What about Bedrock?

An earlier version of experimental Caves & Cliffs world generation is available on Minecraft Bedrock. You can read about it here. We are working hard to get this new version of world generation to Bedrock betas soon.
Minecraft 基岩版上提供了早期版本的实验性洞穴和悬崖世界生成选项。你可以在这里查阅相关信息。我们正在努力让这个新版本的世界生成器尽快加入基岩版测试版。

How do I give feedback?

Use the feedback site or this Reddit post . 
使用反馈网站或者这个Reddit 帖子 .

We are mostly interested in feedback about the new world generation overall, and what it is like to play in it. We are also looking for feedback on the updated mob spawning. We changed so that mobs only spawn in complete darkness in order to make it easier to spawn-proof the new larger caves.

New feature requests are not so useful at this point, since the scope of the Caves & Cliffs update is already large enough and we want to focus on finishing the features that we’ve already announced.

Note that we don’t use the bug tracker for experimental snapshots.

When will these features show up in the normal snapshots?

1.18 snapshots will probably start sometime around September.
1.18 的快照可能会在 9 月份左右的某个时间点开始推出。


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