我的世界基岩版 Beta 发布 紫水晶簇不能再放在草径上了

Features and Bug Fixes


Stability and Performance
  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • 修复了游戏中可能发生的各种崩溃
  • Amethyst Cluster block can no longer be placed on Grass Path blocks
  • 紫水晶簇不能再放在草径上了
  • Corrected Deepslate Lapis Lazuli Ore block name from Deepslate Lapis Ore (MCPE-123605)
  • 将Deepslate Lapis Lazuli Ore的名称改正为Deepslate Lapis Ore(中文暂译为深层青金石矿石)
  • Dispensers now remove bubble columns when removing water (MCPE-56462)
  • 发射器清除水的时候也会连带气泡注一起清除
  • Sea Pickles now change light depending on being in water or not (MCPE-131642)
  • 海泡菜现在会根据是否在水中而改变亮度
  • Snow layers are now melted by light from torches, etc. (MCPE-131272)
  • 顶层雪现在可以被火把等光源融化
  • Vanilla Parity: Falling gravity blocks will no longer break when landing on certain blocks  (MCPE-20109)
  • 特性同步:掉落的方块落在某些方块上时不再碎裂
  • Vanilla Parity: Using Bone Meal on Moss Blocks now also replaces Tuff blocks (MCPE-125922)
  • 特性同步:在苔藓块上施用骨粉也会使苔藓蔓延到凝灰岩上
  • Vanilla Parity: Fixed Light Block not being displayed correctly when being held (MCPE-123249)
  • 特性同步:修复了光源方块拿在手中时的显示问题
  • Fixed held items not disappearing visually to other players after a player dies when the Keep Inventory gamerule is enabled (MCPE-64235)
  • 修复了启用 “Keepinventory “游戏规则时,玩家死亡后手中拿着的物品其他玩家看起来还在那里的问题
  • Nether Portals placed between chunks no longer break when leaving the Nether (MCPE-74333)
  • 区块间的传送门方块不再在离开下界后被破坏
  • Shears now correctly cut Vines and Glow Lichen faster (MCPE-123139)
  • 剪刀现在可以正确地快速剪断藤蔓和发光地衣
  • Weeping and Twisting Vines now grow correctly after the player breaks them (MCPE-90932)
  • 玩家折断垂泪藤和缠怨藤后,现在其也能正确生长
  • Adjusted padding for HD Textures in mipmaps level 1 in texture atlas to fix texture bleeding
  • 调整了纹理图集中1级mipmaps中高清纹理的填充,来修复纹理渗漏
  • Half of the Enchantment Table book doesn’t render dark anymore (MCPE-106627)
  • 修复了附魔台上面的书有一半渲染为黑色的问题
  • Blocks moved by a Piston are no longer white while moving (MCPE-66250)
  • 被活塞移动中的方块现在不再显示白色
  • Axolotl spawns only when there is stone up to 10 blocks under them, and not in bubble columns
  • 美西螈只在上方十格内有石头且不在气泡柱内时生成
  • Armor Stands now drop equipped items when destroyed by fire or lava (MCPE-94603)
  • 被火或岩浆破坏的盔甲架会正常掉落其装备的物品
  • Limited the maximum number of Phantom mobs that can spawn (MCPE-106557)
  • 限制了幻翼的最大生成数
  • Goats now play their “impact 3” sound (MCPE-127757)
  • 山羊现在会发出它的声音”impact 3″
User Interface
  • Recipe Book crafting estimates no longer differ from the actual results
  • 配方书显示的制作结果不再与实际结果不同
  • Experimental warning message is no longer displayed inconsistently when loading beta worlds
  • 修复了实验性玩法警告信息在加载beta世界时显示不一致的问题
  • Cursor items no longer count towards recipe ingredient in Recipe Book
  • 光标物品不再算作配方书中的配方成分
  • Selected recipe is now deselected when the player runs out of ingredients
  • 玩家的材料用完时,选定的配方现在会被取消选择
  • Non-craftable recipes no longer displayed in Recipe Book when search mechanism is used
  • 使用搜索时,配方书中不再显示不可制作的配方
  • Nether blocks now appear in the crafting grid if any other ingredient is unavailable
  • 如果任何其他材料都不可用,现在制作网格中会显示下界岩
  • Fixed a wireless network connection error message that appeared when players were connected via a wired network
  • 修复了玩家通过有线网络连接时出现无线网络连接错误信息的问题
  • Fixed various spelling errors in Character Creator
  • 修复了角色创建器中的各种拼写错误
  • Hover of widget buttons were showing corrupted appearance before full load was complete
  • 在完全加载完成之前,悬停的小装饰按钮会看起来已损坏
  • Fixed a legibility issue with some Japanese font characters
  • 修复了一些日文字体的可读性问题
  • Riding an animal now displays the correct tooltip term when played on a non-touch screen
  • 当在非触摸屏幕上玩时,骑着动物时会显示正确的工具提示语

Technical Updates

GameTest Framework (Experimental)
GameTest Framework(实验性)
  • Renamed BlockTypes class to MinecraftBlockTypes
  • 将 BlockTypes 类重命名为 MinecraftBlockTypes
  • Renamed Effects class to MinecraftEffectTypes
  • 将Effects类重命名为MinecraftEffectTypes
  • Renamed Items class to MinecraftItemTypes
  • 将 Items 类更名为 MinecraftItemTypes
  • Events
  • 事件
  • Added read-only property currentTick to tick event – Returns the current server tick
  • 为 tick 事件添加了只读属性 currentTick – 返回当前服务器的 tick
  • Renamed event createEntity to entityCreate
  • 将事件createEntity重命名为entityCreate
  • Renamed event addEffect to effectAdd
  • 将事件 addEffect 重命名为 effectAdd
  • Renamed event activatePiston to pistonActivate
  • 将事件 activatePiston 重命名为 pistonActivate
  • Renamed event beforeActivatePiston to beforePistonActivate
  • 将事件 beforeActivatePiston 重命名为 beforePistonActivate
  • Renamed event explodeBlock to blockExplode
  • 将事件 explodeBlock 重命名为 blockExplode
  • Renamed event changeWeather to weatherChange
  • 将事件 changeWeather 重命名为 weatherChange
  • Target selectors ry and rym now support wrapping around north
  • 目标选择器ry和rym现在支持选择转多少时中间经过北方
  • Killing a custom mob with an unknown loot table entry type will no longer cause a crash, and will now throw a content error (MCPE-129006)
  • 杀死具有未知战利品表类型的自定义生物不再会导致崩溃,而是会抛出一个内容错误
  • Rabbit with initialEvent specified now scales properly to adult rabbit size (MCPE-76643)
  • 指定了初始事件的兔子现在与成年兔子的大小相符
  • Similar to the spawns_on_block_filter, the spawns_above_block_filter specifies a list of blocks and a distance. The mob can then spawn only if the nearest block within the specified distance below the desired spawnpoint is in that list (water and air not included). “minecraft:spawns_above_block_filter”: { “blocks”: “minecraft:stone”, “distance”: 10 }
  • 与spawns_on_block_filter类似,spawns_above_block_filter指定了一个方块列表和一个距离。只有在所需生成点下方指定距离内最近的方块在该列表中时,生物才能生成(不包括水和空气)。”minecraft:spawns_above_block_filter”: { “block”: “minecraft:stone”, “distance”: 10 }


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