我的世界基岩版 Beta 发布 拴绳现在可以正确地拴在美西螈身上了

Caves & Cliffs Experimental Features


  • Leads now correctly attach to Axolotl
  • 拴绳现在可以正确地拴在美西螈身上了

Creative Inventory

  • There are no longer any unknown items in the creative inventory (MCPE-119503)
  • 创造模式物品栏中不再会有未知的物品
  • Cobbled Deepslate is now next to cobblestone in the Creative inventory. Polished Deepslate is next to Deepslate
  • 深板岩圆石在创造模式物品栏中与圆石紧邻,磨制深板岩与深板岩紧邻


  • Deepslate Bricks now have correct breaktime
  • 深板岩砖的破坏时长修复了


  • Water and lava now drip more often from pointed dripstone
  • 滴水石锥上滴落的水和岩浆变得更多了
  • Fixed pointed dripstone texture mapping
  • 修复了滴水石锥的材质

Glow Lichen

  • Glow lichen can now appear on the walls of underground water lakes
  • 发光地衣现在可以出现在地下湖泊方块的侧面了
  • The game no longer crashes when placing glow lichen on all sides of a single block
  • 在1×1的空间六个面上放满发光地衣不会导致游戏崩溃了

Glow Squid

  • Leads now attach correctly to glow squid (and squid)
  • 拴绳现在可以正确地拴在发光鱿鱼和鱿鱼身上了

Lush Caves

  • Hanging roots now drop correctly when mined by silk touch enchanted tool
  • 当使用带有精准采集魔咒的工具破坏垂根时可以正确地掉落自身
  • Moss can now also spread vertically when fertilized (MCPE-121672)
  • 苔藓被催熟时可以垂直蔓延
  • Dripleaves now break completely when the leaf part is broken (MCPE-121804)
  • 当垂滴叶的叶面部分被破坏时,可以破坏掉整个垂滴叶了
  • Breaking a dripleaf stem now drops a dripleaf item, matching the Java Edition (MCPE-122447)
  • 破坏垂滴叶的茎会掉落垂滴叶物品,以与 Java 版一致
  • Fertilizing a moss block can now also grow vegetation on existing moss blocks
  • 苔藓块被催熟时可以在已经存在的苔藓块上长出植被
  • Small Dripleaves can now be composted just like Big Dripleaves (MCPE-122610)
  • 小型垂滴叶现在可以像大型垂滴叶一样用来堆肥
  • Bonemealing moss blocks no longer generates ferns (MCPE-122800)
  • 苔藓块被催熟时不再会生成蕨类植物
  • Azalea and Flowering Azalea can now be grown into an Azalea Tree when fertilized (No ID)
  • 杜鹃花丛和盛开的杜鹃花丛被催熟时可以长成杜鹃花树了

Powder Snow

  • Leather horse armor prevents horses from freezing in powder snow
  • 穿有皮革马铠的马在细雪中不会受到冰冻效果
  • Mobs that enjoy the heat (Blazes, Magma Cubes, and Striders) take increased freeze damage
  • 不会受到火焰伤害的生物(烈焰人、岩浆怪和炽足兽)受到的冰冻伤害会增加
  • Polar bears, strays, and snow golems no longer take freeze damage
  • 北极熊、流浪者和雪傀儡不再会受到冰冻伤害
  • The time taken to fully freeze is now 7 seconds instead of 15
  • 完全被冰冻所需时间从 15 秒缩短至 7 秒
  • Frozen entities now take damage every 2 seconds instead of every 3 seconds
  • 受到冰冻效果的实体从每 3 秒受到一次伤害变成每 2 秒受到一次伤害
  • The speed at which entities can move vertically when inside powder snow has increased
  • 可以垂直移动的实体在细雪中的移动速度会增大
  • Powder snow takes slightly longer to mine
  • 采集细雪所需的时间稍微延长
  • Entities wearing leather boots falling from a height of > 2.5 blocks sink into powder snow instead of landing on top of it
  • 穿着皮革靴子的实体从大于 2.5 个方块的高度跳到细雪上不再会站在细雪表面,而是会沉入细雪
  • Entities that are on fire that walk into powder snow now melt the powder snow block in addition to extinguishing the fire
  • 着火的实体进入细雪时会熄灭身上的火焰,同时细雪方块也会被融化(消失)
  • Entities that are fully frozen now shake
  • 完全被冰冻的实体会颤抖
  • Applied fog effect while standing very close outside a Powder Snow block
  • 在细雪方块外离细雪方块非常近时会出现雾化效果


  • Striders shake properly when out of lava again (MCPE-69511)
  • 炽足兽离开岩浆时会正确地颤抖了

Other Experimental Tweaks and Changes

  • Dripstone feature and dripstone cluster feature now rarely generate in caves below y59
  • 滴水石和滴水石堆在洞穴的 y=59 以下生成概率变得很稀有
  • Rooted dirt, Small dripleaf, Moss Block and Pointed dripstone can now be obtained from the Wandering Trader
  • 缠根泥土、小型垂滴叶和苔藓块现在可以从流浪商人处交易获得
  • Glow berries can be found in abandoned mineshaft minecart chests
  • 发光浆果现在可以在废弃矿井中的运输矿车中找到
  • Moss block can be found in shipwreck chests
  • 苔藓块现在可以在沉箱子中找到
  • Masons now trade Dripstone blocks
  • 石匠现在可以交易深板岩方块
  • Dripstone block can be crafted from pointed dripstone
  • 滴水石块可以由滴水石锥合成
  • Axolotl and Glow Squid now spawn in water in non-ocean biomes under y = 30
  • 美西螈和发光鱿鱼现在可以在非海洋生物群系中 y=30 以下的水域中生成

General Bug Fixes and Tweaks
普通 Bug 修复及调整

  • Fixed a bug where if the view bobbing setting was disabled, the player’s hand would still bob (MCPE-79380)
  • 修复了关闭视角摇晃功能后玩家的手还会摇晃的 bug
  • Zombie Villagers properly shake while being cured
  • 僵尸村民在被治愈的过程中会正确地颤抖了
  • Fixed player spawning in unsafe locations when entering a random world for the first time (MCPE-42310)
  • 修复了玩家第一次进入随机世界时会出生在不安全的地方的问题

Structure Blocks

  • The structure placement block now has placement animation options similar to ‘/structure’ command
  • 结构方块在放置方块时现在有放置的动效果选项了,类似于 /structure 命令


  • Fix output message for ’/stopsound’ being incorrect (MCPE-116772)
  • 修复了 /stopsound 命令的输出信息不正确的问题


  • Charged creeper aura is rendered correctly in most cases now (MCPE-65798)
  • 闪电苦力怕的闪电效果现在可以在大部分洞穴中正确显示了
  • Fixed Paintings no longer rendering
  • 修复了画不显示的问题
  • Ray tracing specific textures will be allocated/deallocated when toggling ray tracing on/off
  • 当开启/关闭光线追踪时,光线追踪的特有材质可以正常地加载/卸载了


  • Switching between some items (bow, trident, crossbow, shield) in your main hand will no longer skip animation (MCPE-116680)
  • 在主手中切换某些物品(弓、三叉戟、弩、盾牌)时可以正常显示切换动画了

Underwater Gameplay Experience

  • Underwater visibility has been improved
  • 水下视力提升了
  • Underwater color has been tuned to better match Java Edition with a richer blue tint
  • 在水下的颜色效果中的蓝色调高了,以更好地与 Java 版一致

User Interface

  • A message will now display when trying to place blocks below the minimum build height
  • 当玩家尝试在最低建筑高度下方放置方块时,会显示一条消息

Technical Updates

GameTest Framework
游戏测试 框架

Updated Interfaces:

  • assertContainerContains – ItemIdentifier parameter changed to ItemStack
  • assertContainerContains 函数的 ItemIdentifier 参数名称变为 ItemStack
  • assertItemEntityNotPresent and assertItemEntityPresent APIs – ItemStack parameter changed to ItemType
  • assertItemEntityNotPresent 和 assertItemEntityPresent API 的 ItemStack 参数名称变为 ItemType

Added New Interfaces:

  • assertEntityNotTouching(entityIdentifier: string, position : Location) – Asserts that there is no entity of the given type at the given position
  • assertEntityNotTouching(entityIdentifier: string, position : Location) – 断言在给定的位置没有给定类型的实体
  • assertEntityTouching(entityIdentifier: string, position : Location) – Asserts that there is an entity of the given type at the given position
  • assertEntityTouching(entityIdentifier: string, position : Location) – 断言在给定的位置有给定类型的实体
  • assertItemEntityCountIs(itemType : ItemType, position : BlockLocation, searchDistance : number, count : number) – Asserts that the entity item count in the given search area matches the expected count
  • assertItemEntityCountIs(itemType : ItemType, position : BlockLocation, searchDistance : number, count : number) – 断言在指定范围内的实体数量与期望的数量一致
  • pulseRedstone(position : BlockLocation, duration : number) – Creates a Redstone block at the given position and destroys it after “duration” ticks
  • pulseRedstone(position : BlockLocation, duration : number) – 在给定的位置放置一个红石块,并在 duration 刻后摧毁它

Known Issues in this Beta

  • Parts of Villages’ generate underground
  • 村庄会部分生成于地下
  • Axolotl doesn’t spawn naturally
  • 美西螈不会自然生成
  • Glow Squid does not spawn naturally
  • 发光鱿鱼不会自然生成


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