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The horror of the Deep Dark! A creature with no eyes, roughly resembling the Sculk that can be found throughout the Deep Dark, the Warden is an unstoppable force of nature that inhabits this biome.

  • Just like Sculk Sensors, these terrifying creatures use vibrations as a means to navigate their environment
  • 与幽匿感测器一样, 这些可怕的生物使用振动来感受世界。
  • When vibrations aren’t enough, they will also use a sense of smell to track down their prey – you can observe them sniffing their surroundings to get closer to unsuspecting players and mobs
  • 如果振动的强度不大,他们也会使用嗅觉来追踪它们的猎物——你会观察到它们探测周围,接近毫无察觉的玩家与生物。
  • To add to their myriad of ways to detect you, try not to get too close! If you collide with a Warden, it will notice you
  • 它们发现你的方式多种多样,所以不要靠得太近!如果你撞到了监守者身上,它们也会发现你。
  • In the Deep Dark and Ancient Cities, Wardens are everywhere – you just can’t see them. They slumber beneath your feet, and only dig out when enough Sculk Shriekers have alerted them of your presence
  • 在深暗之域中,监守者到处都是——你只不过是看不到它们而已。它们沉睡在你的脚下,如果有足够的幽匿尖啸体发现了你并发出警告,监守者就会破土而出。
  • Watch your step: the more vibrations a Warden detects, the angrier it will get. You can hear and see this from how fast the heart in its chest is beating
  • 注意你的脚下:振动得越激烈,监守者的怒气就会越高。通过它们胸腔内灵魂的跳动速度,你就能通过视觉和听觉来得知它们的怒气程度。
  • Once a mob or player has pushed beyond the Warden’s anger threshold, it will face its prey and roar before charging
  • 如果有生物让监守者的怒气超过了阈值,它就会面朝猎物,在开始冲撞前发出咆哮。
  • If, however, you keep the Warden from noticing you or getting angry for 60 seconds, it will dig back underground and despawn
  • 不过,如果你能让监守者连续 60 秒都未能察觉到你/产生怒气,那么它就会重回土地消失掉。
  • They have a special interaction with thrown projectiles
  • 监守者对投掷物有特别的互动
    • If the Warden receives two projectile vibrations within 5 seconds of one another, it will grow angrier at the shooter
    • 如果监守者在5秒内连续接受到两个投掷物产生的振动,就会将仇恨转移到发射者身上。
    • If the Warden receives a projectile vibration more than 5 seconds from the last projectile, it will not grow angrier at the shooter
    • 如果两个投掷物的振动产生相差超过5秒,那么它就不会对发射者产生仇恨。
    • This allows you to strategically distract the Warden without it getting angry while you take loot from nearby chests
    • 这可以让你在不惹怒监守者的情况下把它引诱走,然后拿走附近箱子里的战利品。
  • Unfortunately for all players, Wardens will also disable Shields when they hit them with their fists
  • 对玩家来说有个坏消息:监守者出拳的时候,被打中的盾牌会失效。
  • Wardens do not drop any loot
  • 他们并没有任何掉落物。
  • Wardens are powerful creatures, and it is often better to sneak around one that has emerged instead of taking it head on – you’ve been warned
  • 监守者是一种强大的生物,如果 Warden 突然蹦出来,最好悄悄绕着走,不要上去硬刚——已经警告过你了哈。

Ancient City

  • Wander the halls of these long-abandoned structures in the Deep Dark depths to uncover relics long forgotten
  • 在黑暗与深邃之深处,漫步于这废弃的漫长走廊,探求那被时光冲刷的遗物。
  • Ancient City structures spawn in the Deep Dark biome
  • 深暗古城结构生成于深暗之域群系。
  • You can find a variety of rewards In Chests, guarded by Sculk Sensors and Shriekers
  • 在幽匿感测体和尖啸体守卫的箱子之中,你会发现一些战利品。
  • You can also find a new mysterious block here called Reinforced Deepslate, which cannot be obtained in Survival mode
  • 你同样可以发现一种神秘的方块,被称为 Reinforced Deepslate(加固深板岩),而它无法在生存模式中获得。
  • If you’re looking for an Ancient City, try using the ‘/locate ancientcity’ command!
  • 如果你想找到深暗古城 ,试试 ‘/locate ancientcity’ 命令吧!

Known Issues

  • Ancient City structures can extend far beyond the Deep Dark biome, even though they start there
  • Ancient City 可以延伸到距离 Deep Dark 群系上方很远的地方,尽管它们就起始于那里。
  • Aquifers can sometimes intersect with Ancient City structures and submerge/destroy big chunks of the structure
  • 含水层可能会和 Ancient City 挤到一块,并且可能会淹没/破坏结构的大部分。



  • Fixed a crash that could occur when getting hit by a falling block while wearing a Helmet (MCPE-153321)
  • 修复了戴着头盔时被下落的方块砸中可能会导致崩溃的问题 (MCPE-153321)。
  • Fixed entities disappearing when importing worlds converted from legacy Console Edition
  • 修复了导入由原主机版转换而来的世界会使实体消失的问题。
  • Mobs with knockback resistance (e.g. Ravager or Zoglin) now receive less knockback when hit by Iron Golem
  • 带有击退抗性的生物 (例如劫掠兽和僵尸疣猪兽) 被铁傀儡袭击时会受到更少的击退。
  • Fixed End City feature generation in The End
  • 修复了末地城在末地的生成问题。

User Interface

  • Fixed issue where info and buttons did not appear for downloaded skin packs (MCPE-152216)
  • 修复了下载皮肤包时按钮和信息不显示的问题 (MCPE-152216)。
  • Fixed being unable to exit the Emote Wheel screen when using touch controls
  • 修复了使用触控控制时无法退出表情切换界面的问题。


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