我的世界基岩版 Beta 发布

Experimental Features

Deep Dark
Deep Dark

  • Implemented Shrieker tweaks in preparation for the Warden, which will be added at a later date!
  • 实施了Shrieker的调整以便为Warden做准备,这些将在晚些时候加入(正式版)!
    • Sculk Shrieker now listens to Sculk Sensor tendril clicking
    • Sculk Shrieker现在侦听Sculk Sensor 藤蔓的点击
    • The threat level which will cause the Warden to spawn in the future now decreases over time
    • 导致Warden在未来生成的威胁等级现在会随着时间的推移而降低。

Non-Experimental Features and Bug Fixes

Stability and Performance

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • 修复了游戏过程中可能出现的几个崩溃问题
  • Fixed possible crashes on Android when suspending or resuming the app
  • 修复了在安卓系统上暂停或恢复应用时可能出现的崩溃。


  • Vertical field of view is no longer halved in horizontal split screen, making items such as Book & Quill easier to view when playing in split screen
  • 在水平分屏时,垂直视野不再缩小一半,使分屏游戏时更容易观看书与笔等物品。
  • Tweaked surrounding terrain for structures such as Villages during world generation (MCPE-145659)
  • 在生成世界的过程中,对村庄等结构周围的地形进行了调整。(MCPE-145659)
  • TNT no longer disappears when ignited with the ‘TNT Explodes’ game rule disabled and the ‘Fire Spreads’ game rule enabled (MCPE-82485)
  • 在禁用 “TNT爆炸 “和启用 “火焰蔓延 “游戏规则的情况下,TNT被点燃时不再消失 (MCPE-82485)
  • Gravity affected blocks now fall on Top Snow when placed above it instead of hovering over it (MCPE-151407)
  • 重力方块在放置于顶层雪上方时,现在会落下,而不是悬停在其上方(MCPE-151407)

Vanilla Parity

  • Players flying in Creative mode are no longer pushed by liquid current (MCPE-84592)
  • 在创造模式下飞行的玩家不再会被流体所推动(MCPE-84592)
  • Farmer Villagers can now use Bone Meal on crops and can turn excess Seeds into Bone Meal at their Composter (MCPE-74079)
  • 农民村民现在可以在农作物上使用骨粉,并可以在他们的堆肥桶上将多余的种子变成骨粉(MCPE-74079)
  • Protection Enchantment now properly works on most damage types (MCPE-40651)
  • 保护附魔现在能正确地对大多数伤害类型起作用 (MCPE-40651)
  • Fixed a desync issue that could sometimes cause health to regenerate only visually
  • 修正了一个不同步问题,该问题有时会导致生命仅在视觉上恢复
  • Landing on a Stalagmite is now properly considered fall damage (MCPE-151192)
  • 降落在石笋上现在被正确地认为是坠落伤害 (MCPE-151192)
  • Fixed some issues in where damage invulnerability wasn’t properly being applied
  • 修正了一些不能正确应用伤害无效的问题
  • Fixed an issue where the Protection enchantments mitigated too much damage. This has been changed to match Java Edition (MCPE-113191)
  • 修正了保护附魔减轻了太多伤害的问题。这已被修改为与Java版一致(MCPE-113191)
  • Absorption Hearts no longer stay yellow while under the Wither effect (MCPE-131852)
  • 伤害吸收的心形当处于凋零状态下不再保持为黄色 (MCPE-131852)
  • Added armor toughness
  • 增加盔甲韧性
  • Diamond Armor and Netherite Armor now have a toughness value of 2 and 3 respectively
  • 钻石盔甲和下界合金盔甲现在的盔甲韧性分别为2和3
  • Tweaked armor reduction calculation to account for toughness
  • 调整了盔**伤的计算方法,以考虑到盔甲韧性
  • Netherite Armor will now reduce more damage than Diamond Armor
  • 下界合金护甲现在会比钻石护**少更多伤害
  • Lowered the amount of knockback resistance granted by Netherite Armor (MCPE-109408)
  • 降低了下界合金盔甲的击退抗性 (MCPE-109408)
  • Punching deals less damage now, to better match the Java Edition (MCPE-152713)
  • 现在冲击造成的伤害减少了,以更好地与Java版匹配 (MCPE-152713)


  • Fixed a bug in the Glow Squid’s texture where the glow map in the alpha channel was incorrect, causing patches of non-glowing texture to be seen (MCPE-117507)
  • 修正了发光乌贼纹理中的一个错误,即α通道中的发光贴图不正确,导致看到不发光时的纹理 (MCPE-117507)
  • Fixed the crosshair disappearing when Outline Selection for blocks is disabled
  • 修正了当方块的轮廓选择被禁用时,十字准线消失的问题
  • Players that are on fire now render fire in front of the player on the inventory screen regardless of in-game camera perspective (MCPE-147777)
  • 着火的玩家现在在物品栏前方呈现出火光,而不考虑游戏中的摄像机视角 (MCPE-147777)
  • Fixed a highlight effect on Leather Armor appearing on paperdolls (MCPE-75321)
  • 修正了皮甲在纸玩偶(paperdolls)上出现的高光效果 (MCPE-75321)


  • Bucket of Tropical Fish no longer displays the incorrect name after catching a fish
  • 热带鱼桶在捕获鱼后不再显示错误的名称


  • The skin equip warning prompt once again appears when equipping a skin from a product page
  • 从产品页面装备皮肤时会再次出现皮肤装备警告提示


  • The Ravager now targets and attacks the Wandering Trader (MCPE-44606)
  • 劫掠兽现在以流浪商人为目标并攻击它们 (MCPE-44606)
  • Mobs spawned from a Dispenser are now persistent (MCPE-110521)
  • 从投掷器中生成的生物现在是永久存在的(MCPE-110521)
  • Shulkers no longer like to occupy the same block as another Shulker (MCPE-43972)
  • 潜影贝现在不会喜欢占据另一个潜影贝所在的方块上(MCPE-43972)
  • Shulkers now prioritize attaching to neighboring block faces before trying to teleport away
  • 潜影贝现在在试图传送走之前会优先依附于相邻的方块表面
  • Shulkers now stay attached to the current attached blockface if it is valid, instead of switching to upright position
  • 如果当前附着的方块表面是有效的,潜影贝现在会继续附着在它上面,而不是切换到正上方的位置

User Interface

  • Fixed text in certain languages not being correctly rendered in the new Create New World screen (MCPE-151948)
  • 修复了某些语言的文字在新的 “创建新世界 “屏幕中不能正确渲染的问题 (MCPE-151948)


  • Cartographers now always unlock Woodland Explorer Map trade (MCPE-152725)
  • 制图师现在总是解锁林地探险家地图交易 (MCPE-152725)


  • Correct error output is now displayed when attempting to use the /loot spawn command passing in the position of an unloaded area and there is 0 loot to drop
  • 当试图使用/loot spawn命令传递未加载区域的位置,并且没有战利品可以掉落时,现在会显示正确的错误输出
  • Added ‘/loot ‘ command insert loot and insert kill overload
  • 增加了/loot指令的insert loot和insert kill重载
  • Title commands fired before a client was done joining will now show instead of being ignored
  • 在客户端完成加入之前发出的标题命令现在会显示出来,而不是被忽略

Technical Updates

GameTest Framework

  • BlockExplodeEvent
  • 方块爆炸事件
    • Removed property destroyedBlockPermutation
    • 删除属性 destroyedBlockPermutation
  • World additions for music management:
  • 为音乐管理做出的世界补充:
    • queueMusic(trackName : string, musicOptions : MusicOptions)
    • queueMusic(trackName : string, musicOptions : MusicOptions)
    • playMusic(trackName : string, musicOptions : MusicOptions)
    • playMusic(trackName : string, musicOptions : MusicOptions)
    • stopMusic()
    • stopMusic()
    • Added MusicOptions JS class with volume, fadeSeconds and loop properties
    • 添加了带有音量、淡出时间和循环属性的MusicOptions JS类
  • Added event entityHurt(entityHurtEvent: EntityHurtEvent, options?: EntityEventOptions)- Fires when an entity takes damage
  • 增加了事件entityHurt(entityHurtEvent: EntityHurtEvent, options?: EntityEventOptions)–当实体受到伤害时触发
  • Removed ‘Minecraft’ and ‘GameTest’ imports; please use ‘mojang-minecraft’ and ‘mojang-gametest’
  • 删除了’Minecraft’和’GameTest’引入;请使用’mojang-minecraft’和’mojang-gametest’


  • Removed “preventsjumpingcomponent” from data-driven blocks
  • 从数据驱动方块中删除了 “preventjumpingcomponent”。


  • Testing RenderDragon on all Android and iOS devices
  • 在所有安卓与ios设备上测试RenderDragon

JumpToBlock Behavior

  • JumpToBlock behavior is now correctly affected by JumpBoost mob effect (MCPE-137432)
  • 跳上方块(JumpToBlock)的行为现在正确地受到跳跃提升生物效果的影响 (MCPE-137432)

Block Components

  • Fixed a case where experimental BlockCollisionComponents did not allow partial specification
  • 修正了实验性 方块碰撞组件 (BlockCollisionComponents)不允许不完全的规范的一种情况


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