我的世界基岩版 Beta 发布

Minecraft Preview:
Minecraft Preview:

  • Minecraft Preview players on Windows and iOS can now join each other’s games!
  • Windows 和 iOS 平台的 Minecraft Preview 玩家现在可以和别人联机了!

Known Issues:

  • We are aware that some Android devices may experience a crash when creating a world. This will only happen once at most, after which you can create worlds as usual.
  • 我们注意到有些安卓设备可能会在创建世界时崩溃。此问题最多只会发生一次,之后你就可以正常创建世界了。

Features and Bug Fixes


  • Fixed actor definition identifiers not being recognized if the item or block name contains “.”
  • 修复了物品和方块名称包含 “.” 时无法识别 actor 定义标识符的问题
  • Damage is now calculated more accurately, we now properly calculate and store partial damage for larger damage
  • 现在伤害计算的更加精确了。对于更大的伤害,现在会适当计算承受的伤害并存储一部分
  • Mobs across higher and lower difficulties have their damage adjusted slightly accordingly
  • 在高难度和低难度下,生物伤害按照上述原则进行了略微调整
  • Armor and protection reduction calculations have been made more accurate
  • 盔甲和保护附魔的减伤计算更加精确了
  • Dragon’s breath attack now properly deals damage (MCPE-94317)
  • 龙息现在会正确计算伤害了 (MCPE-94317)
  • The player’s position when rejoining a world will remain the same if they quit while in lava (MCPE-82480)
  • 在岩浆中退出游戏并再次加入后,玩家的位置不会改变了 (MCPE-82480)
  • Players can now fly down through ladders and other climbable blocks such as vines in creative without stopping (MCPE-82480)
  • 创造模式下,玩家可以飞过梯子、藤蔓等可攀爬的方块而不会停下来了 (MCPE-82480)
  • Fixed a bug where shield blocking animation stops playing smoothly after blocking once (MCPE-149838)
  • 修复了盾牌在进行一次抵挡后动画平滑地停止播放的问题 (MCPE-149838)


  • Fixed a bug where “carrots_stage_3” texture filename was incorrect and did not show up in-game (MCPE-152175)
  • 修复了 “carrots_stage_3” 纹理文件名错误且无法在游戏中正常展示的问题 (MCPE-152175)


  • Bees no longer become angry when Beehives are destroyed by Silk Touch (MCPE-83550)
  • 蜂巢被精准采集附魔的工具破坏后,蜜蜂不会表现出敌对了 (MCPE-83550)
  • Blaze fireballs, Fang attack damage, and Shulker bullets now deal consistent damage across all difficulties
  • 现在烈焰球,唤魔者尖牙和潜影贝导弹在任何难度下都将产生持续伤害
  • Small Magma Cubes do slightly more damage, from 2 to 3 on normal
  • 小岩浆怪造成的伤害略有提高,正常情况下从 2 调整为 3
  • Spiders deal slightly less damage, from 3 to 2 on normal (MCPE-94878)
  • 蜘蛛造成的伤害略有减少,正常情况下从 3 调整为 2 (MCPE-94878)
  • Baby Zoglins deal slightly less damage, from 1 to 0.5 on normal
  • 小僵尸疣猪兽造成的伤害略有减少,正常情况下从 1 调整为 0.5
  • Skeleton melee attack does slightly less damage, from 3 to 2 on normal
  • 骷髅近战攻击造成的伤害略有减少,正常情况下从 3 调整为 2
  • Wolves deal slightly more damage, from 3 to 4 on normal
  • 狼造成的伤害略有提高,正常情况下从 3 调整为 4
  • Baby Hoglins no longer attack players
  • 小疣猪兽不再攻击玩家了
  • Cows, Pigs, Chickens, and Sheep no longer spawn in cold taiga biomes
  • 牛、猪、鸡和绵羊不会在积雪的针叶林生物群系中生成了

User Interface

  • Buttons in touch controls no longer get stuck in pressed state when players go outside of the button area (MCPE-151921)
  • 玩家的手指从按钮上移开时,按钮不再保持按下状态了 (MCPE-151921)
  • Fixed an issue where text would display incorrectly on certain Android devices in the new UI (MCPE-151916)
  • 修复了某类安卓设备上使用新 UI 时文本展示异常的问题 (MCPE-151916)
  • Fixed a crashing issue that could occur when hovering over the search bar in the crafting menu when playing with a controller
  • 修复了使用控制器游玩时,鼠标悬停在合成界面搜索栏上可能引起崩溃的问题


  • Coin Purchase Screen now includes “Coin Starter Bundles” for purchase on some platforms
  • 在某些平台上,可在金币购买界面选购 “新手金币礼包[无标准译名]
  • Game no longer hangs/crashes when clicking “View More”
  • 点击 “显示更多” 时,游戏不会再卡死或崩溃了
  • Marketplace tags now fit in description section
  • 现在为市场的标签加入了描述部分
  • Download popup no longer flickers when closed
  • 关闭下载弹窗时不会一直闪来闪去了
  • Client now supports multiple player count tags in Marketplace pages
  • 市场页面支持展示此资源支持的联机玩家人数的标签
  • Added warning popup on Marketplace pages when attempting to equip skin pack skin while character creator item is equipped
  • 当玩家装备有角色创建器物品,且在市场页面尝试装备皮肤包中的皮肤时将弹出警告窗口。

Character Creator

  • Fixed an issue that caused some emotes to have unintended rotations when near the end of their animation (MCPE-134328)
  • 修复了动画即将结束时抽搐旋转的问题 (MCPE-134328)

Technical Updates

AI Goals
AI 寻路

  • Exposed new data parameter “calculate_new_path_radius” for the Go Home Goal. This is for specifying a distance in blocks that the mob is considered close enough to the end of the current path. A new path will then be calculated to continue toward home
  • 公开了 Go Home Goal 的新数据参数 “calculate_new_path_radius”。生物使用当前路径寻路时,若距离终点的格数等于上述指定的参数,将重新计算寻路并继续导航。
  • Added Knockback Height Cap value to Knockback Roar Goal
  • 为 Knockback Roar Goal 添加了一个值 Knockback Height Cap


  • Fixed a bug where timeline events at 0.0 would sometimes not run in looping animations
  • 修复了位于时间线 0.0 的事件有时不参与循环动画的问题


  • Fixed command block failing to summon mob in Extreme Speed Runner Marketplace map
  • 修复了市场地图 Extreme Speed Runner 中命令方块无法生成实体的问题

Technical Experimental Features

  • Due to engine limitations, “minecraft:geometry” data used for blocks with the Holiday Creator Features experimental toggle are now restricted to only allow geometry in the [0,0,0] to [15,15,15] space. Any blocks loaded from behavior packs that exceed this limit will render as the info_update block and show a content error in the log.
  • 因引擎限制,现在 Holiday Creator Features 实验性特性下为方块使用的 “minecraft:geometry” 数据将限制其几何体大小在 [0,0,0] 到 [15,15,15] 的区域内。超出此范围的方块会展示为一个 info_update 方块,并在日志中报错。

GameTest Framework
GameTest 框架

  • Exposed the following components for Actors. Each of these has a value property that contains the data of the component.
  • 为 Actors 公开了以下组件。其中每个都含有包含组件数据的属性值。
    • minecraft:variant
    • minecraft:skin_id
    • minecraft:mark_variant
    • minecraft:friction_modifier
    • minecraft:ground_offset
    • minecraft:scale
    • minecraft:push_through

mojang-gametest module:
mojang-gametest 模块:

  • Removed radiusargument[原文如此] from command /gametest clearall
  • 移除了指令 /gametest clearall 的 radius 参数
  • Modified the behavior of function attack()to make the simulated player swing even when no target is found
  • 修改了方法 attack() 的行为,使得即使没有目标被发现的情况下,模拟玩家也会不停游荡

mojang-minecraft module:
mojang-minecraft 模块:

  • Added event entityHit(entityHitEvent: EntityHitEvent, options?: EntityEventOptions)- Fires when an entity or block is hit by another entity
  • 添加了事件 entityHit(entityHitEvent: EntityHitEvent, options?: EntityEventOptions) – 在一个实体或方块被另一个实体攻击时触发
  • function playSound(soundID : String, soundOptions : SoundOptions) – plays a sound for a player, cannot be heard by entities other than that specific player
  • 函数 playSound(soundID : String, soundOptions : SoundOptions) –  为玩家播放声音,除被指定的玩家外的实体无法听到。

Interact Component

  • Now have two new fields, GiveItem and TakeItem, specifying if it is possible to give/take items from an entities main hand slot. Taking the item also drops the inventory of the mob
  • 现在有了两个新的字段,分别是 GiveItem 和 TakeItem,用来指定是否能将物品放到实体的主手物品槽,或从实体的主手物品槽取走物品。取走物品相当于从实体的背包拿走物品。


  • Weapon events are correctly applied when the Weapons are used by Mobs (MCPE-118692)
  • 生物使用武器时,武器事件将被正确触发 (MCPE-118692)


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