Minecraft Now第二部分将于2月10日播出

You have been waiting patiently, and the show is almost here! The second episode of Minecraft Now is going to start in just a few days, the number of which depends on when you’re reading this since that is allegedly how time works. The easiest thing to do is to set a reminder on YouTube and you will get notified when the clock strikes 12:00 ET. Or 9:00 PT or 18:00 CET, since that is how location works.
也许你已经等候多时,但是它很快就要来了!Minecraft Now的第二部分过几天就开始了,具体多久取决于你读这篇文章的时间,因为时间就是这样的。最简单的方法当然就是去YouTube订阅,然后你将会在美国东部时间12:00收到通知。也有可能是太平洋时间9:00或者中欧时间18:00,那取决于你住在哪里。

The second episode is brought to you by our host Lydia. She is joined by Agnes and Alexander for a heated debate about alphabetical order. Do the benefits outweigh the pressures of having a name that starts with the premiere letter? We will never find out, because they are going to get upstaged some notoriously scene-stealing frogs with them! Discover how we’re working on bringing them into the game in the 1.19 update and what makes them so irresistibly cute!

Besides frogs, we are also going to get a look at your amazing warden art! I got a sneak peek of your submissions and they are as terrifying as they are gorgeous. Well done! Lydia, Agnes, and Alexander will also take a tour of the legendary Spawnpoint, the server that Mojang employees have been running around on for ages! What are they doing there? Are they having fun without me? I’m going to find out once and for all!
除了青蛙,我们也要一起分享各位的 warden 作品!我偷偷的看了看各位的作品,它们既美丽又可怕。干的不错!Lydia,Agnes,以及Alexander将会进入传说般的Spawnpoint,一个由Mojang员工运营了一段时间的服务器!他们在那里干嘛?没有我们的时候他们玩的开心吗?我们将一一揭晓!

Don’t miss a single second of Agnes, Alexander, and amphibians by setting a reminder for the Minecraft Now stream, which starts on February 10, 12:00 ET/ 9:00 PT/ 18:00 CET!
不要错过了Agnes,Alexander以及amphibians节目的每分每秒。你可以为Minecraft Now直播设置提醒,它将开始于2月10日的以下时间:美国东部时间12:00/ 太平洋时间9:00/ 中欧时间18:00!


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