Minecraft 2022 新年庆典开始了

Ding, dong! Ding, dong! Ding, dong!

Hark, can you hear the bells a-ringing? No? Maybe it’s my doorbell. Or maybe it’s a sign that one of the biggest parties of the year is starting! Truthfully, it was both but I don’t have time for guests at the moment so I will leave whoever it is outside in the cold. Don’t they know that there is a free map to play, free skins to try on, and a sale to explore? Wait, maybe they don’t because I haven’t told you about it yet. My bad!


The New Year’s Celebration is our end of the year party that celebrates you, the community, for all the amazing creative ways that you have made Minecraft better this year. And there was a lot to celebrate, for example that incredible milestone of one trillion views of Minecraft content on YouTube . Yes, you read that correctly. The Minecraft community have created so much content, that we reached a trillion views this year. That number is so high, it sounds like it’s made up but my very tired accountants have promised me it is real! The YouTube Creator Skin Pack is also very real and is up for grabs now for one year on Minecraft Marketplace!
新年庆典是我们歌颂你们——Minecraft 的广大社区——的时候。你们在过去的一年里为了令 Minecraft 变得更好,如八仙过海地使出了各种有创意的招数。我们要歌颂的有许多,比如 YouTube 上的 Minecraft 视频总计达到一万亿次观看这一惊人的里程碑。是的,你没看错。Minecraft 社区创作的内容已经多到在今年达到一万亿次播放。这个数字太高太离谱了,我之前还以为是瞎编的,不过我们累得半死不活的会计团队告诉我这个数字千真万确是真的!YouTube 创作者皮肤包 同样千真万确,从现在到一年后的时间里,你就可以在 Minecraft 市场中免费领一个!

Throughout the celebration, we will also be releasing free maps for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and Minecraft: Java Edition, as well as daily free Character Creator items that start dropping on December 21. You can find the Bedrock: Edition maps in Minecraft Marketplace, along with our big sale that will take place between December 21 and January 4th. You can expect great giveaways, items at 33% off, and daily doorbusters at 75% off*!
在这个庆典的过程中,我们会不断放出 Minecraft 基岩版和 Java 版的免费地图,以及从 12 月 21 日起每日都会投放的限免角色创建器物品。你可以在 Minecraft 市场中找到基岩版的免费地图,并且市场在 12 月 21 日至次年 1 月 4 日间还会进行大促。期待限免、七折折扣和每日特促的二五折商品!*

And with that, I declare the New Year’s Celebration officially in session! Go! Rejoice! Check out Minecraft Marketplace, try on some skins, play the maps, and have fun – in whatever order you like! This is your party, after all.
好了,现在我宣布,新年庆典正式开始!冲啊!兴奋起来吧!看看 Minecraft 市场,试试新皮肤,玩玩免费地图,享受快乐吧——你先干什么都可以!毕竟,这是你的派对。

*YouTube Creator Skin Pack and Marketplace content requires Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (sold separately).Sale starts 12/21/21 at 10 a.m. PST and ends 1/4/22 at 10 a.m. PST.
*YouTube 创作者皮肤包和市场内容需要 Minecraft 基岩版(单独销售)。大促于 2021 年 12 月 21 日 18 时(UTC)开始,2022 年 1 月 4 日 18 时(UTC)结束。


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