Minecraft YouTube 一万亿播放纪念

Historic events happen all the time. Literally, since they become part of history right after they occur. But you only carry some of the truly monumental ones with you for the rest of your life. I am very proud to say, that today is one of those days. If you’ve already paid a visit to YouTube’s homepage, you’ll know what I’m talking about since it is looking a little blockier than usual.
具有历史意义的事件无时无刻不在发生。字面意义上的,它们一发生就得注定载入史册。但是你只能在你的下半辈子里记住一些真正有纪念意义的。我在此自豪地说,今天就有历史性事件发生了。鉴于它今天有点更方,如果你已经访问过 YouTube 的主页,你就会知道我在说什么。

YouTube are celebrating Minecraft today, but not because creepers have broken through the screen and are hissing across their HQ. Well, that’s just one of the reasons. We are also celebrating Minecraft content reaching 1 trillion views on YouTube . One. Trillion. Views! And it’s all because of you, the community. You are **s that have not only watched but created this content.
YouTube 今天正在歌颂 Minecraft,不过倒不是因为苦力怕突破了屏幕,在他们的总部里到处嘶嘶叫。好吧,这也是原因之一。我们也正在庆祝 YouTube 上的 Minecraft 视频总计达到一万亿次观看。一!万!亿!这多亏了你们——社区。你们是那些不仅观看了,还创作了这些内容的人。

All of us at Mojang Studios are in awe of the creativity and ingenuity that the community shows us, each and every day. The builds you create, the tutorials you put together, the commentary that ranges from scathing to slightly less scathing – it inspires us to make Minecraft the best game it can be. I have been tasked with the very honorable mission of thanking all of you, from the bottom of our blocky little hearts. We’re watching, we’re laughing, and we’re learning from you.

Mojang Studios 的每个人都对社区展示出的创造力和心灵手巧心生敬畏。你们所创作的建筑、拼搭的教程、对我们严厉或否的批判,启发了我们,使我们可以令 Minecraft 尽可能变得最好。我谨代表工作室发自我们的方块小心脏地感谢你们。我们在看,我们在笑,我们在向你们学习。

We wanted to create something to mark this milestone. It is the first time that this has happened in the history of the internet, after all. And is there any better form of flattery than imitation? Experts say no! We tried to fit in as many homages as we could, but as you can imagine, 1 trillion is a huge number so there was no way we could include all the fails, SMP moments, speedruns, insane deaths, walkthroughs, builds, mods, hacks, in-jokes, theories, history lessons, deep dives, and music videos. Oh, the music videos. Before I start dancing, let’s unveil our tribute to the Minecraft content on YouTube.

我们想要做些什么来立下这一里程碑。毕竟,这是互联网历史上前所未有的大事件。除了模仿,还有什么更好的给我们的社区戴高帽子的方式呢?(没人同意)在这个视频中,我们尝试放入尽可能多的致敬。但你可以想到,我们不可能放入所有的死亡瞬间、SMP 瞬间、速通、疯狂追杀、实况、地图、模组、外挂、梗、理论、历史课、深入浅出,还有 MV。啊,MV。在我开始跳舞之前,让我们来揭开我们对 YouTube 上的 Minecraft 内容的礼物。

That’s enough reading for one day. Let’s get back to exploring the Minecraft Takeover. There is a lot of content to go through, after all!
今天的文章就这样了,让我们继续探索 Minecraft Takeover。还有许多内容等着我们去看呢!


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