我的世界基岩版 Beta 发布 更改了矿石生成并与Java版匹配

Ah, Betas. They grow up so fast! What was once a little baby bedrock beta has now blossomed before our very eyes. Why this nostalgic turn, you may ask? It may be a slight case of empty nest syndrome since the Caves & Cliffs features have moved out of the Experimental Features and grown into fully adult defaults. That’s not a tear in my eye, it’s just very dusty after the move! Maybe take a break from flinging wild accusations about and enjoy this week’s update instead, and as always send your feedback to aka.ms/CavesCliffsFeedback and report bugs at bugs.mojang.com . Where are my tissues?!
啊!测试版!你长得真是太快了啊!曾经青涩的测试版现在竟然已经在我们眼前绽放出了灿烂的花朵!  咳咳,你问为什么我们会出现这种怀旧情绪?这大概是一种空巢综合征,因为现在洞穴与山崖的特性已经完全移除出了实验性玩法!什么?你问我为什么眼里常含泪水?咳咳,因为风太大迷眼了( 。或许你现在可以停止你的胡乱指责,休息一下享受今天的测试版!记得在 aka.ms/CavesCliffsFeedback 向我们提交建议或在 bugs.mojang.com 向我们报告bug!我纸巾哪去了?!

Once again we would love to hear from you regarding the game’s performance – you can let us know how the game runs in this short survey: aka.ms/MCPerfPoll
再说一遍,我们希望听到你对游戏性能的反馈——你可以通过填写这个简短的调查问卷来让我们知道现在游戏的运行情况: aka.ms/MCPerfPoll

Reminder: We are still tweaking world generation and features may change, please remember make regular backup copies of your favourite worlds!
温馨提示: 世界生成和特性仍在调整中! 记得随时备份!

Caves & Cliffs

  • Features related to Caves & Cliffs Part II have been moved from the Experimental Toggle and are now enabled by default
  • 现在关于洞穴与山崖更新第二部分的特性已经完全移除出了实验性玩法
    • NOTE: Upon loading your world into this beta,new Caves & Cliffs Part II world generation will automatically be introduced with no default world copy created。You can read more about how new generation will be added below your existing chunks in our FAQ!
    • 注意: 在本测试版中打开你原来的世界将在原来的世界上直接加载新地形,不会自动备份!你可以通过 FAQ 来了解是如何在原有的世界之上加载新地形的!
  • New world generation in Caves and Cliffs Part II is currently incompatible with the ‘Creation of Custom Biomes’ experiment. In this beta, expect worlds with custom biome generation to be potentially unstable and for custom biomes to only exist in currently saved out areas of the world
  • 现在新的世界生成与自定义生物群系暂时不兼容。预计打开含有自定义生物群系的世界将会暂时遇到一些稳定性问题,并且目前自定义生物群系加载后将消失。
  • Changed ore generation rates to be in parity with Java Edition
  • 更改了矿石生成,与Java版匹配
  • Fixed an issue that prevented large trees from growing below y=0 (MCPE-126254)
  • 修复了大型树不能在y0以下生成的问题 (MCPE-126254)
  • Small Dripleaf now properly generates as part of Lush Caves biome
  • 小垂滴叶现在正常在繁茂洞穴生物群系中生成

Cave Generation

  • Old caves can now reach all the way to the surface
  • 旧洞穴现在可以一直延伸到地表
  • Old cave carver placement is now on parity with Java Edition
  • 旧洞穴的生成现在与Java版一致
  • Floating water no longer generates in caves (MCPE-141424)
  • 洞穴中不再生成浮空水 (MCPE-141424)

Feature Placement

  • Meadow Flowers no longer replace blocks in villages or other structures (MCPE-141378)
  • 草地上生成的花不再取代村庄或其它结构的方块了 (MCPE-141378)
  • Tuff blob features now generate below y=0 (MCPE-141452)
  • 凝灰岩现在会在y=0以下生成 (MCPE-141452)
  • Deepslate patches no longer generate above y=0 (MCPE-141330)
  • 深板岩不再成簇在y=0以上生成 (MCPE-141330)
  • Amethyst Geodes now get placed in the correct y-range during world generation (MCPE-141326)
  • 现在紫晶洞会在正确的y范围内生成 (MCPE-141326)

World Generation

  • Updated feature placement of Granite, Andesite, Diorite, Dirt, and Gravel to match Java Edition
  • 更新了花岗岩、闪长岩、安山岩、泥土、砂砾在地下生成的位置来与Java版匹配
  • Tweaked peaks to make small mountains look more like proper jagged mountain peaks instead of flat hilly mounds
  • 微调了山峰的形状,让小山现在更像锯齿状山峰而不是更像土丘
  • Improved blending between old and new chunks
  • 优化了新旧区块的过渡
  • Mineshaft tunnels can’t replace Bedrock anymore (MCPE-141123)
  • 废弃矿洞生成时不再顶掉基岩 (MCPE-141123)

Features and Bug Fixes

Stability and Performance

  • Players are no longer disconnected if server and client have different Runtime Block IDs
  • 现在即使服务器和客户端有不同的运行时间方块的ID,玩家也不会被断开连接
  • Optimized the time it takes to place vines in the Overworld
  • 优化了在主世界中放置藤蔓的时间


  • Added missing screen reader on the “Controller lost connection” prompt
  • 在 “控制器失去连接 “的提示中增加了缺失的屏幕阅读器


  • Corrected Portal locations when the Portal was moved but the location was not updated (MCPE-28765)
  • 现在传送门被移动时会正常更新传送门的位置 (MCPE-28765)
  • Breaking a block below fire no longer creates an invisible fire block when the ‘doFireTick’ gamerule is disabled (MCPE-101371)
  • 禁用”doFireTick “游戏规则时,破坏火下面的方块不再导致一个看不见的火方块产生 (MCPE-101371)


  • Players with higher than recommended render distance settings are now prompted to change it to the recommended value
  • 渲染距离设置高于推荐值的玩家现在会被提示修改为推荐值
  • Render distance default and max settings have been updated for better performance
  • 更新了默认和最大的渲染距离,来优化性能
  • A prompt now warns players that they will be taken back to the main menu if they sign-in while in-game
  • 现在会提示玩家如果在游戏中登录,将会退回到主菜单。


  • The Carved Pumpkin enchantment glint now only covers the item instead of the entire slot
  • 被附魔的雕刻南瓜发出的附魔光不再覆盖整个物品栏
  • Fixed a bug that could occur on older worlds where looking up in a Minecart would display the inside of the Minecart, blocking the player’s view
  • 修复了在旧世界中坐在矿车中向上看会显示矿车的内部,阻挡视野的问题
  • Updated item rendering so enchanted are no longer be invisible in the Nether (MCPE-116880)
  • 更新了物品的渲染,现在物品的附魔在下界也会正常显示 (MCPE-116880)


  • Store update prompt no longer appears for no internet connection or session start failure
  • 在没有网络连接或会话启动失败时不再出现商店更新提示


  • Mobs can now path over Trapdoors
  • 生物寻路现在可以经过活板门
  • Mobs no longer walk through Campfires (MCPE-142054)
  • 生物不再走入营火 (MCPE-142054)
  • Axolotls now animate correctly when airborne (MCPE-131322)
  • 美西螈在空中时也会正常显示动画 (MCPE-131322)
  • Sweet Berry Bushes now damage mobs and (MCPE-56142) (MCPE-140012)
  • 现在甜浆果丛会正常对生物造成伤害 (MCPE-56142) (MCPE-140012)
  • Mobs no longer try to path through Sweet Berry Bushes
  • 生物不再寻路穿过甜浆果丛

User Interface

  • Structure Block can now be saved and loaded within current dimension height limits (MCPE-122643)
  • 结构方块现在在目前的世界高度限制下都可以正常保存和加载 (MCPE-122643)
  • Fixed an issue where searching for non-existent content brought up the incorrect “1 result” message
  • 修复了搜索不存在的内容会显示 “1个结果 “
  • Fixed overlapping text on offerings occurring in 4:3 resolution screens
  • 修复了在4:3屏幕上出现的文字重叠问题
  • Fixed Java Edition parity while lying in bed in multiplayer game. A message will show how many players are lying in bed while waiting for all players to fall asleep
  • 现在在多人游戏中睡觉时给没睡觉的人显示的消息会写现在有多少人在床上等着大家睡觉(与Java版同步)
  • Provide better visual feedback and hints for different render distance settings
  • 为不同的渲染距离设置提供更好的视觉反馈和提示

Vanilla Parity

  • Raid mobs now despawn after a raid ends if the player moves too far away
  • 在袭击结束后,劫掠生成的生物如果离玩家太远就会消失
  • Raid boss bar color changed to red from purple (MCPE-46047)
  • 袭击的boss条现在显现为紫色 (MCPE-46047)
  • Vindicators no longer naturally spawn in Illager Patrols
  • 卫道士不再在灾厄巡逻队当中自然生成


Hero Of The Village

  • Hero of the Village effect now applies to all players who helped kill a raider once a raid is defeated, and the effect remains on the players, even if they travel outside the village (MCPE-53384)
  • 现在所有参与击败袭击的玩家都会获得村庄英雄效果,并且效果会留在玩家身上,玩家即使走出村庄,村庄英雄效果也不会消失 (MCPE-53384)

Technical Updates


  • Order of function calls triggered by ‘/execute’ inside a function are now consistent (MCPE-111849)
  • 由函数内的’/execute’触发的函数调用顺序现在一致了 (MCPE-111849)


  • Added caching support for subchunk requests and fixed issues with holes in the terrain
  • 添加了对子块请求的缓存支持,并修复了地形中出现大洞的问题。
  • Fixed a rendering error that could occur when attempting to render a Vanilla mob in a base game version prior to the version that mob was introduced through JSON files
  • 修复了试图渲染一个通过JSON文件引入的原版生物时可能发生的渲染错误
  • Most content errors and warnings will now only display once per world (MCPE-135153)
  • 大多数内容错误和警告现在只在每个世界显示一次 (MCPE-135153)

Item Scripting

Implemented first past of Item Script Components

  • ItemStack
  • tack
    • Exposed interfaces for accessing script-enabled ItemComponents on 物品tack
    • 公开了用于访问ItemStack上ItemComponents(支持脚本)的接口
    • hasComponent(componentId: string) —— returns true if the 物品tack has the component [componentId] attached to it
    • hasComponent(componentId: string) – 如果ItemStack上有组件[componentId],返回true
    • getComponent(componentId: string) —— returns a handle to the component attached to this 物品tack。Returns an undefined handle if the component does not exist or if the component is yet to be exposed to script
    • getComponent(componentId: string) – 返回连接到这个ItemStack的组件的句柄。如果该组件不存在,或者该组件还没有被暴露给脚本,则返回一个未定义的句柄
    • getComponents() —— returns an array of all attached script-enabled components on this 物品tack
    • getComponents() – 返回这个ItemStack上所有附加的支持脚本的组件的数组。
  • NumberRange
  • NumberRange
    • A class to describe a random value between a min and max number
    • 一个用来描述最小和最大数字之间的随机值的类
    • Property min —— the minimum value in the range
    • 属性min – 该范围内的最小值
    • Property max —— the maximum value in the range
    • 属性max–范围内的最大值
    • next() —— returns a random number between min and max
    • next() – 返回min和max之间的一个随机数
  • Items Registry
  • 物品注册表
    • Added Items registry class to get all Items by name
    • 加入了“物品注册表”类,可以通过名称获得所有物品
    • get(itemId: string) —— returns a handle to an ItemType if a type by the given name exists
    • get(itemId: string) – 如果存在一个给定名称的类型,则返回一个ItemType的句柄
  • Script enabled Item components
  • 启用脚本的物品组件
    • minecraft:food
    • minecraft:food
      • Read-only property nutrition —— number that describes how much nutrition this food item gives the player when eaten
      • 只读属性 nutrition – 数字,描述这个食物在吃的时候能给玩家恢复多少饿食度
      • Read-only property saturationModifier —— number that is the saturation modifier used to apply the saturation buff when eaten
      • 只读属性 saturationModifier – 用于在吃东西时饱食度修改器修改饱食度
      • Read-only property canAlwaysEat —— if true the player can always eat this item (even when not hungry)
      • 只读属性 canAlwaysEat – 如果为真,玩家可以一直吃这个物品(即使不饿)
      • Read-only property usingConvertsTo —— string name of the Item this will be converted to when eaten。If empty,the item will not convert to anything else
      • 只读属性 usingConvertsTo – 当被吃掉时,这个物品将被转换为的物品的字符串名称。如果为空,这个物品将不会转换为其他东西
    • minecraft:durability
    • minecraft:durability
      • Read-only property maxDurability —— the number amount of damage this item can take before breaking
      • 只读属性 maxDurability – 这个物品在损坏之前的最大耐久度
      • Read-only property damageRange —— a NumberRange describing the chance of the item losing durability
      • 只读属性 damageRange – 描述物品失去耐久度的几率的NumberRange
      • Property damage —— gets or sets the current damage on the ItemStack
      • 属性damage – 获取或设置ItemStack上当前的伤害
    • getDamageChance(unbreaking: number = 0) —— gets the maximum chance that this item would be damaged using the damageRange property if given an unbreaking level。Incoming unbreaking parameter must be greater than 0
    • getDamageChance(unbreaking: number = 0) – 使用damageRange属性获得该物品在给定的耐久附魔等级下被损坏的最大几率。输入的参数必须大于0


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