Caves & Cliffs: Part I: Dev Q&A
Last week we hosted a Dev Q&A on the Minecraft Discord server in honor of the release of the Caves & Cliffs Update: Part I! There was an overwhelming amount of questions about the new update, and our devs tried their very best to answer all your burning questions about the process that went in to bringing this update to life.
上周,我们在Minecraft Discord 服务器上举办了一次开发者问答,以纪念洞穴与山崖第一部分的发布!这次有大量的关于此次更新的问题,我们的开发者也会竭尽所能地去回答你提出的问题。

Joining us was Jasper, our lead artist, Agnes, the Vanilla Minecraft Game Director, Ingela, a Producer on caves & Cliffs Part I, and Cory, Alexander, and Ulraf — our gameplay designers and developers.

Let’s dive right into the Question & Answer highlights, shall we?


Question: What was the most difficult aspect of coding the goat?
: 给山写代码的过程中,最难实现的部分是什么?

Alexander: For sure the jumping! We first started with a very “naive” approach where we just “transformed” the goat in a “nice” arc. However, we realized this caused many issues, so we went back to the drawing board and landed on the idea of giving the goat an initial velocity and then let physics do its part 🙂 However, calculating Projectile Motion while taking air resistance in consideration becomes more complicated, so we ended up turning off air resistance for the mob while it jumps.
Alexander: 当然是山羊的跳跃!我们一开始用的是一种十分天真的办法,我们以为只要把普通的跳跃改造一下”,让他变成一个很棒的弧线就行了。然而,我们发现这样搞问题贼多,所以我们重新回到了设计版上,这次,我们将给予山羊一个初速度,然后剩下的一切就交给物理了 🙂 然而,我们又发现在计算弹射这种运动的时候,空气阻力会使计算超级复杂,所以我们最后关闭了所有生物跳跃时的空气阻力。

Question: Will Caves & Cliffs: part II be considered 1.18 or will it still be part of 1.17?
: 洞穴与山崖第二部分将视为1.18,还是仍然为1.17的一部分?

Agnes: It will be 1.18, since it comes with so many new features.
Agnes: 将视为1.18,因为它有特别多的新特性。

Question: Hi! How is the staff doing?
: 你好!工作人员的表现如何?

Alexander: It has ofc been a challenge to deliver this update while 100% working from home. Strangely though, I would say the team has come closer together than ever, and in particular we are working much more cross-functionally and closer in collaborating to get features done for both editions and in parity with each other! We are very happy with having part one released, and we’re looking forward to delivering part two next!
Alexander: 在100%居家办公的情况下完成此次更新不得不说是一次挑战。但奇怪的是,我敢说这次的工作团队比以往更加团结,我们做了很多本不属于我们职能的工作,为了使Java版和基岩版的工作保持一致,我们更加深度的进行了合作。这次的第一部分能正式发布,我们每个人都感觉十分高兴,这也使我们特别期待开发第二部分的时光。

Question: Will mobs that lost in Mob Vote 2020 be added in 1.18?
: 在2020生物投票中落选的生物是否会在1.18中被加入?

Ulraf: All the options that lost the 2020 vote are going back to our Ideas Library! We might bring them back in the future but no guarantee!
Ulraf: 在2020生物投票中落选的生物我们都会记录在案,并且我们也有可能在未来的更新中将其带回来,但不是绝对的!(一句废话)

Question: When will candles come to Bedrock?
: 蜡烛什么时候会加入基岩版?

Alexander: They are already in the Beta!
Alexander: 在Beta版已经有了!

Question: Will we ever get copper/amethyst tools or armor?
: 什么时候会做/紫水晶的工具或者护甲?

Ulraf: We don’t want to add a new tier of tools and armor unless it has a new and exciting place in the progression (like Netherite had!) No current plans to make tools and armor from copper/amethyst.
Ulraf: 我们并不想增加新的工具和护甲层级,除非它们在进度中有十分特别的地位 (比如下界合金) 所以我们目前没有计划制作铜/紫水晶的工具和护甲。

Question: When or will you add desired features from Java like hardcore and spectator to bedrock?
: 什么时候会添加一些Java版独有的特性(比如极限模式和旁观模式)到基岩版?

Agnes: We want both Bedrock and Java to be the same amazing experience, parity between the editions is important for us. We know we aren’t there yet, but that is the goal! So, we should add spectator and hardcore to Bedrock, we can’t say when yet.
Agnes: 我们希望基岩版和Java版的都有很棒的游戏体验,所以让版本之间保持一致也对我们来说很重要。我们知道我们目前确实没有达到它,但它是我们的目标!所以,我们一定会将旁观模式和极限模式加入基岩版,但不敢保证是什么时候。

Question: What tips do you have for making textures? I love the style and shading of your Minecraft textures!
: 你有没有什么制作材质的小技巧?我特别喜欢你的Minecraft材质的风格和着色!

Jasper: Fundamentally you have to understand that the art style of Minecraft is inherently Pixel Art which is a medium with many different styles. Minecraft textures is just one of those styles. To become really good at making Minecraft textures you should try to make a lot of other pixel art to understand how pixels work with each other and how color theory works. So my tip is: Learn pixel art fundamentals!
Jasper: 从根本上说,你必须明白Minecraft的材质本质是一种像素艺术,它有许多种不同的风格。而Minecraft材质风格仅仅是其中一种。如果你想成为一位真正优秀的Minecraft材质制作者,你应该去尝试制作其他风格的像素艺术,并以此去了解像素之间该如何配合,它们的色彩该如何调整。所以,我的技巧就是: 打好像素艺术的基本功!

Question: Any inspiration for the lush caves we’ll be expecting in 1.18? How did you guys come up with them?
: 对于即将出现在1.18中的繁茂洞穴有什么灵感吗?你们是怎么获得灵感的?

Agnes: For the Lush Caves we really wanted you as a player to feel you are in, and under, vegetation. There’s something fascinating with looking up and see a ceiling full of greenery. I have a memory of being in my grandparents’ garden when I was a child and standing under really big leaves. We wanted to achieve a similar feeling. We also took inspiration from an artist called John Bauer, who often painted small characters in really big forests. A special thing with cave biomes is that they have a ceiling, so we really wanted to use the ceiling in the cave biomes we crafted .
Agnes: 对于繁茂洞穴,我们真的希望你作为玩家,可以有一种在植被之中,或者说是在植被之下的感觉。抬抬头,就可以看到满天花板的植被真的让人很着迷。这种感觉与我的一段记忆相吻合:当我孩提时,我站在我祖父母的花园里一颗郁郁葱葱的大树下。我们还从一位叫做John Bauer的艺术家笔下找到了灵感,他经常创作一些小人站在大森林底下的画作。洞穴生物群系相比与其他生物群系有一个特别之处就是,它有一个天花板。所以我们会好好利用洞穴生物群系独有的天花板。

Question: Is there any reason for axolotls being as big as they are? In real life they are tiny animals.
: 为什么美西螈在游戏中这么大?有什么特别的理由吗?在现实世界中,它们只是一种很小的动物。

Ingela: It is much easier to give an animal a character in the game if they are bigger and it is also easier to interact with it on touch screens.
Ingela: 更大的体型方便在游戏中进行设计,并且当你使用触摸屏与其互动是也会更方便。

Question: Do you plan to add more uses for the amethyst?
: 你是否计划对紫水晶增加更多用途?

Corey: I have a big list of ideas and even some rough prototypes, but I cannot promise anything just yet!
Corey: 我有一个很长的想法清单,甚至其中有些都已经有了粗制的原型,但我无法保证任何事情。

Question: What was by far, the funniest moment while working on Caves and Cliffs: Part I?
: 到目前为止,在洞穴与山崖第一部分的制作过程中有没有什么有趣的事情?

Corey: I was working on fixing a bug with axolotls and accidentally turned off their gravity, so all the axolotls I was testing with and playing with started floating away into the sky like balloons when I realized my mistake, I turned gravity back on, and then they all fell to the ground and…
Corey: 当时我正在修复一个美西螈的漏洞,但我不小心把它的重力关掉了,所有的美西螈都和气球一样飘向天空。当我反应过来重新把重力开起来时,它们又从天上全部掉到了地上…

Question: What was the most challenging part of the production of the update besides the terrain/world generation?
: 除了地形/世界的生成外,你们制作此次更新的最具挑战性的部分是什么?

Ingela: When we came to the realization that we would not be able to deliver our promise of the huge scope of the update with all features and world generation challenges and had to take the decision to split the update in two. Pulling out the world generation tech from Part I and refocusing the team from the full focus of world generation to deliver all blocks, mobs and items in June. We are very happy for all the understanding and love from our players and that our team is doing well.
Ingela: 当我们发现我们无法兑现承诺的时候。即我们无法做到以前承诺的所有特性和改变世界生成的范围,并且最终不得不将此次更新一分为二。我们将改变世界生成范围的内容从第一部分移除了,并且在六月份将所有原本用于制作世界生成机制的精力都转移到了方块,生物和物品上。我们特别感谢所有玩家的理解和爱,我们团队做的很棒!

These were just some of the highlights from last week’s Q&A. To go back and read the full chat, and to catch more Dev Q&As in the future, be sure to check out the official Minecraft Discord!
以上只是上周开发者问答中的一些亮点。如果想获得完整的聊天记录,并且不错过未来更多的开发者问答的话,快来康康我们的官方Minecraft Discord吧!


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