我的世界Java版 21w16a 发布 加入了滴水石的生长机制

Snapshot 21w16a introduces some changes to azaleas and dripstone. On top of that, we’ve tweaked the textures of raw ores. There are also a few additions to the Caves & Cliffs preview datapack.

New Features in 21w16a

  • Azalea and Flowering Azalea can now be bonemealed to get an Azalea Trees
  • 杜鹃花丛与盛开的杜鹃花丛现在可以通过施加骨粉而成长为杜鹃树
  • Added dripstone growth
  • 加入了滴水石的生长机制

Dripstone growth

  • If a stalactite is hanging from a dripstone block with a water source above, it will slowly grow both the stalactite from above and a stalagmite from below
  • 如果钟乳石悬挂在滴水石块上,同时滴水石块上方有水源,那么钟乳石和石笋就会缓慢生长
  • Growth speed is random but very slow, a single growth step can take several minecraft days
  • 生长速度是随机的,但是非常缓慢,一步生长需要好几个游戏内的天数
  • A stalactite will only grow up to 7 blocks long
  • 钟乳石最多能长7格长
  • A stalactite will only cause stalagmite growth if the floor or stalagmite below is within 10 blocks
  • 只有在钟乳石距离地面或石笋10格内,才会让石笋生长
  • If the stalactite tip is inside water it won’t drip, and therefore won’t trigger any growth
  • 如果钟乳石的尖端在水里,则不会有滴水现象,因此也不会有任何生长
  • If the stalagmite tip is inside water it won’t receive drops, and therefore won’t be grown by a dripping stalactite. Same thing if there is any fluid between the two tips
  • 如果石笋的尖端在水里,则它无法接收到来自钟乳石的水滴,因此也不会生长。同理,在钟乳石和石笋之间有任何液体的话,都会阻碍生长
  • A stalagmite or stalactite will never grow into a fluid
  • 钟乳石和石笋都不会长入液体中

Changes in 21w16a

  • Tweaked the texture of raw ores and raw ore blocks
  • 修改了粗矿和粗矿块的材质

Changes to the Caves & Cliffs Preview

  • Aquifers below height 0 will sometimes be lava aquifers instead of water aquifers
  • 低于高度=0的含水层有时候会变成含熔岩层
  • Ore veins can now spawn underground
  • 现在在地下会生长矿脉了

Ore veins

  • Ore veins are large, rare, snake-like underground ore formations
  • 矿脉是大型、稀有、蛇形的地下矿物体
  • Copper veins form above height 0 and are mixed with granite
  • 铜的矿脉生长在高度=0以上,而且会与花岗岩混合
  • Iron veins form below height 0 and are mixed with tuff
  • 铁的矿脉生长在高度=0以下,而且会和凝灰岩混合

Technical Changes in 21w16a

  • Users who previously permanently declined server resource packs will now still be shown the pack prompt if the pack is mandatory (instead of being immediately disconnected)
  • 若用户之前曾永久地拒绝使用服务器资源包,那么如果这个资源包是强制使用的话,现在依然会展示资源包提示信息(而非直接让用户断开连接)
  • The statistic for play time has been renamed to play_time
  • 游玩时间的统计项重命名为 play_time
  • There is now a statistic for “Time with World Open” (total_world_time) that also includes the time when the game was paused
  • 现在有一个「世界开启的时间」统计项 (total_world_time) ,这个统计项在游戏暂停时依然会计算时间

Fixed bugs in 21w16a

SPX 大数据区块链深度学习人工智能响应式自动翻译™ 由以下志愿者提供支持:Dianliang233ETStareakHalcyonLight BeaconLxazl5770RicoloveSPGodingWuGuangYaoff98shalakejason0xuan_suzyjking


  • MC-29522 – stat.playOneMinute adds a value of 1 every tick
  • MC-29522 – stat.playOneMinute统计项每tick增加1而非每分钟
  • MC-55775 – Statistics screen sometimes doesn’t show up to date information
  • MC-55775 – 统计屏幕有时展示的信息不是最新的
  • MC-111534 – The firework rocket use statistic doesn’t count rockets used for elytra boosting
  • MC-111534 – 烟花火箭使用统计项不计入用于鞘翅飞翔加速的部分
  • MC-117653 – Recipes and advancements are not granted while most GUIs are open
  • MC-117653 – 绝大多数 GUI 打开时会阻止玩家获得配方或进度
  • MC-136560 – minecraft.used:minecraft.elytra not functioning
  • MC-136560 – minecraft.used:minecraft.elytra统计项不工作
  • MC-136681 – Debug Stick use statistic increases when not allowed to use it
  • MC-136681 – 调试棒的统计数据在其不被允许使用时依然会增长
  • MC-157116 – Food that is plantable counts towards using when right clicked on the ground
  • MC-157116 – 可被种植的食物在对地面右击时会被计为使用
  • MC-190128 – Using a flint and steel to ingite TNT is not tracked by the in-game stats
  • MC-190128 – 使用打火石点燃TNT不被游戏内统计追踪
  • MC-203637 – Mobs don’t avoid lava cauldrons when pathfinding despite of setting themselves on fire
  • MC-203637 – 生物寻路时不会避开装有熔岩的炼药锅从而导致其着火
  • MC-205236 – Frozen State doesn’t go away after respawn when on a server
  • MC-205236 – 在服务器上重生后不会解除冰冻效果
  • MC-208598 – Baby axolotls take damage when touching a solid block from below / eye height is outside of their hitbox
  • MC-208598 – 幼年美西螈在其下部/眼睛的高度处接触实体方块会受伤,即使这些位置理论上不在它们的判定箱内
  • MC-212113 – Glow Lichen can spawn underwater whilst not in a cave.
  • MC-212113 – 发光地衣能在不是洞穴的水下生成
  • MC-212863 – Glow lichen use the same color as vines on maps
  • MC-212863 – 发光地衣与藤蔓在地图上是同一个颜色
  • MC-213927 – Using bone meal on a sapling that is on a moss block consumes bone meal, but doesn’t grow into a tree
  • MC-213927 – 对生长在苔藓方块上的树苗洒骨粉会消耗骨粉,但树苗不会生长成树。
  • MC-213998 – root_vines_head is unused in-game files
  • MC-213998 – root_vines_head 在游戏文件中没有得到使用
  • MC-214129 – Several dirt blocks are not part of the #minecraft:lush_plants_replaceable tag
  • MC-214129 – 多种泥土方块不在标签#minecraft:lush_plants_replaceable
  • MC-214293 – Mobs can spawn on top of azaleas
  • MC-214293 – 在杜鹃顶部会生成生物
  • MC-215270 – Moss requires air above a replaceable block to spread
  • MC-215270 – 苔藓需要在可替换方块上存在空气时才扩散
  • MC-216787 – Cobwebs in mineshafts can generate as if supported by chains
  • MC-216787 – 废弃矿井里可以生成看上去像是被锁链所支撑的蜘蛛网
  • MC-217411 – Anvils can become damaged when only falling one block
  • MC-217411 – 铁砧在掉落一格的情况下仍会受损
  • MC-218590 – Error message for commands.give.failed.toomanyitems doesn’t translate item name
  • MC-218590 – 键名为 commands.give.failed.toomanyitems 的本地化信息并不会翻译物品的名称
  • MC-218592 – Azalea trees can generate inside of lakes (even completely submerged in water)
  • MC-218592 – 杜鹃树可以在湖中生成(甚至完全浸没在水中)
  • MC-218614 – Inconsistency: Infested Deepslate can’t be placed along axis
  • MC-218614 – 不一致:不能横向放置被虫蚀的深板岩
  • MC-218637 – Inconsistency: Infested deepslate is not rotated randomly like normal deepslate
  • MC-218637 – 不一致:被虫蚀的深板岩不会像普通深板岩一样随机旋转
  • MC-219155 – Cast fishing line is disconnected from the rod
  • MC-219155 – 抛出的钓线与钓竿分离
  • MC-219211 – Two mysterious white pixels can be seen in the upper left corner of the recipe book icon
  • MC-219211 – 在配方书图标的左上角能看到两个神秘的白色像素
  • MC-219851 – Applying bone meal to a waterlogged big dripleaf stem creates more waterlogged big dripleaf stems
  • MC-219851 – 对含水的大型垂滴叶茎使用骨粉会产生更多含水的大型垂滴叶茎
  • MC-219903 – Silverfish infesting deepslate cause it to rotate
  • MC-219903 – 蠹虫蛀蚀深板岩后会使其旋转
  • MC-220024 – Shader compilation slows or fails the more asterisks are in a multiline comment
  • MC-220024 – 多行注释内的星号越多,着色器编译就会更慢甚至失败
  • MC-220307 – TrueType Font glyphs render incorrectly
  • MC-220307 – TrueType 字体的字形渲染不正确
  • MC-220641 – Loyalty tridents disappear when your inventory is full
  • MC-220641 – 投掷带忠诚的三叉戟在物品栏已满时消失
  • MC-220887 – Shader includes fail to compile correctly when missing newline at end of file
  • MC-220887 – 着色器的include文件末尾无回车时会导致编译失败
  • MC-221560 – Copper/Coal Ore in Deepslate Patches aren’t Deepslate Ores
  • MC-221560 – 生成于深板岩堆里面的铜矿石/煤矿石并非深层变种
  • MC-221628 – Entities don’t stop glowing after losing the glowing effect
  • MC-221628 – 实体在失去发光效果后依然保持发光
  • MC-221652 – Teleport command to player does not work as in previous versions
  • MC-221652 – /tp <玩家名> 和之前版本效果不一样
  • MC-221655 – Glow Squids and Axolotls Spawn in Monuments
  • MC-221655 – 发光鱿鱼和美西螈生成在海底神殿里
  • MC-222004 – Grass block isn’t apart of the #dirt block tag
  • MC-222004 – 草方块不属于 #dirt 这一标签下的方块
  • MC-222517 – A large amount of slime or honey blocks will crash the game
  • MC-222517 – 一大堆史莱姆方块/蜂蜜块会导致游戏崩溃
  • MC-222684 – You cannot grow azalea trees by bonemealing Azalea plants
  • MC-222684 – 无法通过骨粉催生将杜鹃花植物催生为杜鹃花树
  • MC-222778 – minecraft.used:minecraft.candle doesn’t increase when placing a candle on a cake
  • MC-222778 – minecraft.used:minecraft.candle统计项在把蜡烛放在蛋糕上时不会增长
  • MC-223260 – Emerald ore does not generate as intended
  • MC-223260 – 绿宝石矿石未按预期生成
  • MC-223553 – minecraft.used:minecraft.glow_ink_sac doesn’t increase when applying a glow ink sac to a sign
  • MC-223553 – minecraft.used:minecraft.glow_ink_sac在将其对告示牌使用时不会增长
  • MC-223554 – minecraft.used:minecraft.ink_sac doesn’t increase when applying an ink sac to a sign
  • MC-223554 – minecraft.used:minecraft.ink_sac 不会在玩家对告示牌使用荧光墨囊时增加
  • MC-223555 – minecraft.used:minecraft.COLOR_dye doesn’t increase when applying a dye to a sign
  • MC-223555 – minecraft.used:minecraft.<颜色>_dye统计项在其对告示牌使用时不会增长
  • MC-223557 – minecraft.used:minecraft.bucket doesn’t increase when taking powder snow, lava, or water from a cauldron using a bucket
  • MC-223557 – minecraft.used:minecraft.bucket在其从炼药锅中取出细雪、熔岩或水时不会增长
  • MC-223558 – minecraft.used:minecraft.glass_bottle doesn’t increase when taking water from a cauldron using a glass bottle
  • MC-223558 – minecraft.used:minecraft.glass_bottle在其从炼药锅中取水时不会增长
  • MC-223563 – minecraft.used:minecraft.glass_bottle doesn’t increase when collecting honey from a beehive or bee nest
  • MC-223563 – minecraft.used:minecraft.glass_bottle 不会在玩家从蜂巢或蜂箱收集蜂蜜时增加
  • MC-223638 – minecraft.used:minecraft.shears doesn’t increase when carving a pumpkin
  • MC-223638 – minecraft.used:minecraft.shears 不会在雕刻南瓜时增加
  • MC-223639 – minecraft.used:minecraft.shears doesn’t increase when collecting honeycombs from a beehive or bee nest
  • MC-223639 – minecraft.used:minecraft.shears 不会在从蜂巢或蜂箱收集蜜脾时增加
  • MC-223756 – minecraft.used:minecraft.powder_snow_bucket doesn’t increase when filling a cauldron with a powder snow bucket
  • MC-223756 – minecraft.used:minecraft.powder_snow_bucket在使用细雪桶填充炼药锅时不会增长
  • MC-223757 – minecraft.used:minecraft.lava_bucket doesn’t increase when filling a cauldron with a lava bucket
  • MC-223757 – minecraft.used:minecraft.lava_bucket 不在使用熔岩桶填充炼药锅时增加


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