我的世界生物圈栏: 马

A wild mob that makes us all giddy

Can you imagine if there were cars in Minecraft? It’d be awful. Players would be getting hit by them all the time, server owners would cover the game’s beautiful landscapes with roads, and every house would need to be at least twice as large so that it could accommodate a garage to store the car in. Instead, Minecraft has a much better way of getting around at high speeds – the horse. So we’re crowning these noble steeds our mob of the month!
你能想象 Minecraft 里开车的场景吗?那会很奇怪。玩家可能会随时被创,服主不得不在游戏内迷人的景色上修建公路,并且房子也将变得至少得现在的两倍大,以装下车库。事实上,在 Minecraft 里有一个更好更快的高速运动方式 —— (蓝冰+船)马。所以我们本月的生物圈栏将介绍游戏内的骏马!

Weirdly, despite saddles being added to the game in 2010, horses didn’t officially arrive until the appropriately named Horse Update in July 2013. It was possible to add horses to the Java Edition of the game before that, though, with the Mo’ Creatures mod – and those horses served as the basis for the ones in the game.
奇怪的是,尽管  在 2010 年就加入了游戏,马反而在 2013 年 7 月的 马匹更新 才正式到来。虽然在之前的 Java 版本里也可以有马的,只要你安装了 Mo’ Creatures 模组 —— 那些马其实也是游戏内马的始源*
MCW: 马#历史

Horses like to hang out in plains and savannas, where there’s plenty of space to spot and flee from predators. They’re social creatures by nature – you’ll usually find them in a small herd that encompasses two to six individuals, a few of which will often be young foals. Horses can also often be found in villages.
马喜欢在平原和热带草原里游荡,在那里有开阔的视野,也便于从天敌口中逃生。它们是天生的群居动物 —— 你通常能发现他们三五成群,以两只到六只为一组,还常常会出现幼马。另外在村庄内也经常能找到马儿。

You’ll quickly notice that horses come in many different combinations of colour and marking. There are 35 combinations in all – colours include white, creamy, chestnut, brown, dark brown, gray and black, while possible markings include white stockings, a white field, white spots, and black dots. Some horses have no markings at all.

To tame one, walk up to it slowly and then climb aboard with the use key. It’ll probably throw you off, but try and try again and eventually, it’ll be persuaded. You can speed up the process by feeding the creature. You can then throw a saddle on, and you’re good to go.

Horses can be bred together, using golden apples or golden carrots, and they can also be fed sugar, wheat, and apples to heal damage. Different horses have different health, movement speed, and jump height, so it’s worth maintaining a whole stable for different needs.

In the real world, humans have been riding horses for about 6,000 years, and the first rider most likely lived somewhere in central Asia. The earliest archaeological evidence for horse riding comes from sites in Ukraine and Kazakhstan, but within a couple of thousand years, the practice seems to have become widespread across the continent.
现实世界里,人类骑乘马匹已经超过 6,000 年了,最早的骑手应该在中亚的某处。有关马匹骑乘,最早的考古证据被发掘于乌克兰和哈萨克斯坦的遗址,但在几千年的历史长河里,这种做法似乎在欧洲大陆上广为流传。

Today, we don’t ride horses as much as we used to before cars were invented. Nonetheless, there are still estimated to be at least 60 million horses in the world today, most of which are in the Americas. They’re used in sports, agriculture, policing, entertainment, and medicine, among other areas. In 2004, an Animal Planet poll of 50,000 people in 73 countries voted horses as their fourth favorite animal – beaten only by tigers, dogs, and dolphins (I voted for silverfish, but they didn’t place).
现在随着汽车的发明,人们不在像以前那样经常骑马了。尽管如此,据估计今天世界上仍有至少6000万匹马,其中大部分在美洲。它们被用于体育、农业、警察、娱乐和医疗等领域。2004 年,动物星球节目对 73 个国家的 5 万人进行了一项民意调查,马被选为他们最喜欢的第四种动物,仅次于老虎、狗和海豚(我投票给了蠹虫,但它们没有上榜)。

Have you successfully harnessed a horse in Minecraft? If not, then get to it – it’s the game’s mane attraction, after all!
你在Minecraft中成功骑上马了吗?如果没有,那就去吧 —— 毕竟鬃毛是那么的诱人!


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