我的世界1.20主题公布:Trails & Tales

Minecraft 1.20 has a name!
Minecraft 1.20 有自己的名字啦!

In Swedish, there is a saying that translates to “a beloved child has many names”. I like this expression because I am a self-proclaimed maximalist. More is more! But I am bringing this up today because the update that is known as Minecraft 1.20 and the 1.20 Update has received a new name! One that is less numerical and a bit more thematic. And that name is… Drumroll please… Even though it’s written in the title of this post… But we love the drama just the same… One more set of ellipses… the Trails & Tales Update!
瑞典有句谚语叫“惹人爱的孩子名字多”。我就喜欢这句话,因为我自认为是个极繁主义者,不管什么都是多多益善!我现在提起这个,是因为被称为“Minecraft 1.20”或者“1.20 更新”的更新终于要有名字啦!一个不那么呆板,听起来更像是个主题的名字。那就是⋯⋯请稍安勿躁⋯⋯我知道标题已经告诉你了⋯⋯但我们还是想营造一点戏剧感⋯⋯再写一个省略号吧⋯⋯那就是《足迹与故事》更新

The name was first announced in our premiere episode of Minecraft Monthly, our new news show! Watch the full episode on our YouTube channel and keep your eye out each month for the latest updates delivered by our very own Vu Bui.
该名字最早是在我们新一档新闻节目 Minecraft Monthly 的首集中公布的!你可以到我们的 YouTube 频道上观看完整节目,也欢迎每个月都来观看最新一集,由我们亲爱的 Vu Bui 为你送上。

The Trails & Tales Update will be coming to a Minecraft near you later this year. We first learned of it during Minecraft Live 2022 . Game Director Agnes Larsson shared that this update would make Minecraft Minecraftier than ever while focusing on self-expression, creativity, and intrinsic motivation.
《足迹与故事》更新将于今年登陆 Minecraft 各平台。本次更新最早公布于 Minecraft Live 2022 上,游戏总监 Agnes Larsson 分享说,本次更新将专注于自我表达、增加创意、提升内在动力,让 Minecraft 更有 Minecraft 味。

Previous updates like Caves & Cliffs and Update Aquatic have been named after a theme, and Trails & Tales is no different. The name represents the journey that Minecraft takes us on, and the unique stories that each of us bring back. Sometimes, that journey is literal, like riding towards the horizon on a camel with your best friend. Other times, it’s more metaphorical, like learning how to evade hostile mobs or working out a smart mining system. At the end of the journey, however you have chosen to play Minecraft, you will have your very own story that goes with it. We love hearing them, and we hope that Trails & Tales will encourage you to tell even more Minecraft stories that you can share with the world!
之前的更新如《洞穴与山崖》和《水域更新》都以更新主题命名,《足迹与故事》更新也不例外。这个名字代表了 Minecraft 带给我们的旅途,以及我们收获的独一无二的故事。有时候,“旅行”就是字面意思,比如与你最好的朋友一起骑着骆驼向地平线前行;有时候则还有更深一层意思,比方说学会躲避怪物、打造智能采矿系统。不论你是以何种方式玩 Minecraft,都能在旅行的终点处写就自己一路走来的故事。我们十分乐意倾听这些故事,也希望《足迹与故事》更新能够鼓舞你向全世界分享更多的 Minecraft 故事!

The 1.20 update is all about self expression, specifically self expression through representation, story telling, and world building. And, it’s the journey – your trails – that ties it all together. The Minecraft worlds belong to the players – and so do the stories, or tales, about those worlds.
1.20 更新是关于自我表达的更新,尤其是通过自我展现、故事讲述和世界建造来表达自我,由你的足迹书写而成的旅途会将这些元素联结到一起。Minecraft 世界属于玩家,世界中的故事、传说亦是如此。

⸺ Agnes Larsson


You can already try out the Trails & Tales features in Bedrock betas and previews, as well as Java Snapshots. Don’t hesitate to head out and sniff for seeds with the sniffer, trim your armor, dig into history with archeology, explore the cherry blossom biome, take a ride on a camel, hang your signs, play some mob heads, organize your chiseled bookshelf, and craft with bamboo!
你现在就可以在基岩版 Beta 和 Preview 版以及 Java 版快照中抢先体验到《足迹与故事》更新的特性。不要犹豫,立刻带上嗅探兽去嗅探种子、为盔甲添上纹饰、在考古中发掘历史、探索樱花树林群系、骑乘骆驼悬挂告示牌通过生物头颅播放声音、整理雕纹书架用竹子来合成物品吧!

All of the features currently out in snapshots, betas, and previews are early versions, which is why we want to know what you think of them. Your feedback is an important part of our process. After we release an early version, we use the collected feedback to iterate and tweak each feature. Then, we continue testing before it’s time for platform submissions, certification, and finally – release time!
目前在快照、Beta 版、Preview 版推出的这些特性均为早期版本,因此我们想要知道你对这些特性的想法,你的反馈对我们的开发进程意义重大。每发布一个早期版本后,我们都会按照收集到的意见来改进及调整每项特性。之后,我们还会不断进行测试,直到提交平台、完成认证并最终发布!

Please send your thoughts to the Minecraft 1.20 feedback site and report any bugs you find to bugs.mojang.com . Check out these instructions for installing snapshots, betas, and previews on your preferred platform!
请将你的想法发送到 Minecraft 1.20 反馈网站,并将漏洞反馈到 bugs.mojang.com。你可以按照这些指引,将快照、Beta 版和 Preview 版安装到你的常用平台上!


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