我的世界Java版 21w43a 发布 y=-64的地方会生成新的基岩层

Here’s a snapshot from the blender! In this snapshot, world generation around the edges of an old world will now be adjusted for a smoother transition! This is the first iteration of this system, which we expect to keep improving. Keep in mind that if you try it out now, the result will be saved to your world forever – which, as we know, is quite a long time. Better be safe than sorry – make a backup before you try it!
这是个“混合”的快照!在这次的快照中,旧世界边缘部分的生成机制将被调整来实现更平滑的过渡!这是这个系统的第一次更新换代,我们也希望不断改进它。如果你正在尝试游玩此次快照的话请谨记,加载世界的结果将永远留在你的存档里 – 据我们所知,那会保持很长很长的时间。未雨绸缪好过亡羊补牢,所以在游玩之前先做好备份吧!

Also – the space underneath existing chunks is now filled in, but only with deepslate. We will be adding full cave generation in this place later on, so if you want that in your world, make a backup before you try it!

Due to some updates to terrain generation in this snapshot, seeds have shuffled once again so worlds will not look like they did in the previous snapshot. We expect world seeds to be stable after this snapshot.
Oh yeah, did we mention that it’s a good idea to make a backup?

New Features in 21w43a
21w43a 的新增特性

  • The edge between old and new world generation is now adjusted when you upgrade a world
  • 当你升级一个世界存档时,新旧世界的边缘过渡部分将被调整

Upgrading of old worlds

  • When generating close to old chunks hew terrain is adjusted to better match the existing terrain at the borders
  • 当生成的地形靠近旧区块时,新地形会被调整来适配旧世界的原有地形
  • 在旧世界区块中,如果y=0处是基岩,那么下方将会被填满深板岩
    • Worlds upgraded in this snapshot will permanently have this deepslate,so if you want new caves under height 0 later,make sure to keep a backup before upgrading
    • 在此快照中升级的世界将永久保留这个深板岩层,因此如果你想让旧区块高度小于0的地方能有洞穴生成的话,请在升级前做好备份。
  • The old Bedrock between y=0 and y=4 in old chunks gets replaced with Deepslate
  • 旧区块中y=0到y=4之间的基岩将会被替换为深板岩
  • A new Bedrock layer is placed at y=-64
  • y=-64的地方会生成新的基岩层

Changes in 21w43a
21w43a 的修改内容

  • The Priority Updates video setting has been renamed to Chunk Builder
  • 优先更新视频设置已重命名为 Chunk Builder
  • Reduced the amount of flooded caves near river and ocean coastlines
  • 减少了河流沿岸和海洋海岸线附近被淹没的洞穴数量
  • Aquifer water levels change less often, so you’ll more often have larger areas with the same water level. This means slightly fewer underground waterfalls and slightly easier underground boat travel
  • 含水层水位变化减少,因此会有更大的区域处于相同水位下。 这意味着地下瀑布会变少,使得在地下行船会轻松一些
  • Lava aquifers are slightly less common
  • 岩浆含水层常见度降低
  • Restricted Big Dripleaf placement to Clay, Grass, Dirt, Farmland, Moss, Rooted Dirt, Podzol and Mycelium
  • 限制大垂滴叶放置在粘土、草方块、泥土、耕地、苔藓、含根泥土、灰化土和菌丝上

Technical changes in 21w43a
21w43a 的技术性修改

  • Some internal details of block and fluid ticking have been changed to improve save times. While it should behave exactly as it was, it might be a good time to test your redstone contraptions (on a copy of a world or with a backup, of course)
  • 方块和流体滴落的一些内部细节已经修改来加快保存时间。虽然外表上好像没什么变化,但是你可以试着用你的红石装置测试一下(当然,记得在世界的副本或备份上做实验)
  • The Chunk format has been updated
  • 区块格式已被更新

World Data: Chunk Format

  • Removed chunk’s Level and moved everything it contained up
  • 移除了区块等级并将其包含的所有项目向上移动一级
  • Chunk’s Level.Entities has moved to entities
  • 区块的 Level.Entities 项目已移至entities项目下
  • Chunk’s Level.TileEntities has moved to block_entities
  • 区块的 Level.TileEntities 项目已移至 block_entities项目下
  • Chunk’s Level.TileTicks and Level.ToBeTicked have moved to block_ticks
  • 区块的 Level.TileTicks 和 Level.ToBeTicked 项目已移至 block_ticks项目下
  • Chunk’s Level.LiquidTicks and Level.LiquidsToBeTicked have moved to fluid_ticks
  • 区块的 Level.LiquidTicks和 Level.LiquidsToBeTicked项目被移至 fluid_ticks
  • Chunk’s Level.Sections has moved to sections
  • 区块的 Level.Sections 项目已移至 sections
  • Chunk’s Level.Structures has moved to structures
  • 区块的 Level.Structures 项目已移至 structures
  • Chunk’s Level.Structures.Starts has moved to structures.starts
  • 区块的 Level.Structures.Starts 项目已移至 structures.starts
  • Chunk’s Level.Sections[].BlockStates and Level.Sections[].Palette have moved to a container structure in sections[].block_states
  • 区块的 Level.Sections[].BlockStatesLevel.Sections[].Palette已转移至容器结构sections[].block_states
  • Chunk’s Level.Biomes are now paletted and live in a similar container structure in sections[].biomes
  • 区块的 Level.Biomes 项目被重新调色并被置于相似的容器结构 sections[].biomes
  • Added yPos the minimum section y position in the chunk
  • 加入了yPos项目代表该区块中y轴的最小值
  • Added below_zero_retrogen containing data to support below zero generation
  • 添加了below_zero_retrogen 字段,内含用于支持世界高度为0以下生成的数据
  • Added blending_data containing data to support blending new world generation with existing chunks
  • 添加了包含数据的 blending_data 项目以支持将新世界生成的区块与现有的旧世界区块结合

Fixed bugs in 21w43a
21w43a 修复的漏洞

  • MC-131930 – Deep warm ocean generates without coral and sea pickles
  • MC-131930 – 暖水深海中不会生成海泡菜和珊瑚
  • MC-156616 – Badlands layers not generating properly
  • MC-156616 – 恶地地层未正确生成
  • MC-217379 – Pufferfish don’t spawn in deep warm ocean
  • MC-217379 – 河豚不会在暖水深海生成
  • MC-236624 – Deep Warm Oceans don’t count towards the “Adventuring Time” advancement
  • MC-236624 – 暖水深海不会被算入“探索的时光”进度
  • MC-236970 – Badlands strata is covered by orange terracotta at Y=160 and above
  • MC-236970 – 恶地在 Y=160 及以上的地层会被橙色硬化粘土覆盖
  • MC-238073 – Decorators are independent of world seed
  • MC-238073 – 装饰方块生成器独立于世界种子工作
  • MC-238939 – Stone can generate in the Nether
  • MC-238939 – 石头可以在下界中生成
  • MC-239397 – Lava pockets generate in icebergs
  • MC-239397 – 岩浆池在冰山中生成


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