我的世界基岩版 Beta 发布 美西螈不会在陆地上装死

Caves & Cliffs – Experimental Features

  • Minecarts with Chests can also appear in Mineshafts at -y
  • 箱子矿车可以在y0以下的废弃矿道中生成
  • Strongholds will be more hidden in larger caves
  • 要塞会在大型洞穴中生成的更隐蔽
  • Fixed a bug where Shulkers would not teleport below y=0 (MCPE-121810)
  • 修复了潜影贝不会传送到y0以下的问题

Caves & Cliffs – Non-Experimental


  • Axolotl can no longer move on its own while playing dead (MCPE-124128)
  • 装死的美西螈不能再自行移动
  • Axolotls no longer play dead on land
  • 美西螈不会在陆地上装死

Powder Snow

  • Dispensers can now dispense a Powder Snow Block using a Powder Snow Bucket
  • 用发射器发射细雪桶可以放置细雪块
  • Skeletons no longer freeze when standing inside of Powder Snow, and will transform into strays after 45 seconds (MCPE-116781)
  • 站在细雪中的骷髅不会冻结,而是会在45秒之后变成流浪者
  • Mobs can now pathfind properly on top of Powder Snow (MCPE-118214)
  • 生物可以正常在细雪上寻路
  • Vanilla Parity: Powder Snow can no longer support Scaffolding (MCPE-120947)
  • 原版特性同步:细雪不再能支撑脚手架
  • Vanilla Parity: Mining time of Powder Snow Block now matches mining time in Java Edition
  • 原版特性同步:挖掘细雪所需的时间现在和Java版的相同
  • Players can no longer Jump on top of Powder Snow to avoid sinking (MCPE-112023)
  • 玩家不再能通过在细雪上跳跃来避免陷入细雪中了

Azalea Leaf

  • Azalea and Flowering Azalea leaves now drop themself when mined with Silk Touch tools
  • 使用精准采集挖掘杜鹃树叶和盛开的杜鹃树叶现在会正常掉落其本身

Caves and Cliffs

  • Infested variants of Deepslate can be found in Extreme Hills biome
  • 现在你可以在山地中找到深板岩的虫蚀变种
  • Block of Copper is now crafted with 9 Copper Ingots
  • 现在需要九个锭来合成一个铜块
  • Block of Copper can be crafted down into 9 Copper Ingots
  • 铜块可以分解为9个铜锭
  • Copper Ore and Deepslate Copper now drop 2-3 Raw Copper
  • 铜矿石和深层铜矿石现在会掉落2-3个粗铜
  • Raw Iron, Copper, and Gold item textures have been updated
  • 更新了粗铁、粗铜、粗金的材质
  • Block of Raw Iron, Copper, and Gold textures have been updated
  • 更新了粗铁块、粗铜块、粗金块的材质
  • Compass and Clock textures have been updated
  • 更新了指南针和钟的材质

Spore Blossom

  • Spore Blossom no longer survives in water
  • 孢子花会被水破坏


  • Copper now has correct graphical and sound effects when waxing/dewaxing (MCPE- 121827)
  • 现在给铜涂蜡/除蜡的时候会出现正确的视听效果
  • Underside of leaves now render correctly when placed on top of Copper Slabs
  • 放在铜半砖上的树叶的底面会正常渲染了

Glow Squid

  • Squid and Glow Squid now make a specific sound when they let ink out
  • 荧光鱿鱼和普通鱿鱼喷射墨汁时会发出一种特殊的声音
  • Old signs no longer glow when being dyed (MCPE-117835)
  • 染料给之前放置的告示牌染色不会使其上的文字获得荧光效果


  • Increased chances of getting screamer goat by breeding screamer goat with non-screamer goat
  • 提升了把一个尖叫山羊和一个普通山羊作为亲本繁殖,子代是尖叫山羊的几率


  • Fixed an issue where first person offhand items were rendered when zooming in with the Spyglass (MCPE-125825)
  • 修复了用望远镜能看到第一人称副手上拿的物品的问题

Pointed Dripstone

  • Stalactites now drip water a bit more often when filling Cauldrons
  • 略微增加了钟乳石滴水装满炼药锅所需滴水的次数

Raw Gold

  • Piglins now admire Block of Raw Gold
  • 猪灵现在会端详粗金块
  • Piglins now admire Raw Gold
  • 猪灵现在会端详粗金

Rooted Dirt

  • Tiling Rooted Dirt turns does no longer instantly turn it into Farmland block
  • 用锄头锄缠根泥土不再会把它立刻变成耕地


  • Spyglass is now part of the “Equipment” category in the Creative inventory (MCPE-126079)
  • 望远镜现在在创造模式物品栏的“装备”分类中

Vanilla Parity

  • Falling blocks now break when landing on Shulkers
  • 现在掉落的方块落在潜影贝上时会被破坏

User Interface

  • Fixed controller cursor sensitivity scaling (MCPE-33868)
  • 修复了控制器光标灵敏度缩放问题
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from reassigning key ‘E’ in “Keyboard & Mouse” settings (MCPE-124224)
  • 修复了不能在“键盘和鼠标”中修改“E”键的功能的问题


  • Fixed issue where Minecart with Command Block was not affected by the ‘CommandBlocksEnabled’ gamerule (MCPE-93666)
  • 修复了命令方块矿车不被游戏规则“CommandBlocksEnabled”影响的问题


  • The ‘/kick’ command works properly if cheats and command blocks are disabled, and it no longer uses target selectors
  • 现在无需开启作弊就可以使用/kick命令,并且其不再使用目标选择器

Technical Updates

  • Added AddVolumeEntityPacket that contains information of a volume entity including its net ID and NBT containing information about the volume’s definition and components, which will be added to the client’s registry
  • 添加了addVolumeEntityPackage,包含volume entity的信息,包括其网络ID和NBT,其中NBT包含有关volume entity的定义和组件的信息,这些信息将添加到客户端的注册表中
  • Added RemoveVolumeEntityPacket that contains a volume entity’s net ID to remove it from the client’s registry
  • 添加了 RemoveVolumeEntityPackage ,包含volume entity的网络ID,可以将其从客户端注册表中删除


  • Added a new optional flag “use_simplified_breeding” to “minecraft:genetics” component. When this flag is set to true, the offspring never inherits hidden alleles of parents as main alleles and main as hidden. This allows to implement simple breeding logic easier
  • 向”minecraft:genetics”组件中添加了一个新的可选标志”use_simplified_breeding”。当此标志设置为true时,子代将不会把父代的隐性等位基因作为显出性状的等位基因,亲本显出性状的等位基因作为隐性等位基因来继承。这将使简单的育种逻辑更容易实现

GameTest Framework

  • Components
  • 组件
    • [Removed] function setColor(color : Number)
    • [已移除]函数setColor(color : Number)
    • property value : Number – Gets or sets the color of the entity
    • 属性值:Number-获取或设置实体的颜色
    • Added additional component interfaces. movement, navigation, healable, breathable, ageable, and tameable components can be referenced via entity.getComponent(componentName : string).
    • 添加了额外的组件接口。可以通过entity.getComponent(componentName:string)来引用运动、导航、可治疗、可呼吸、有年龄和可驯服组件。
    • minecraft:color
  • Container – New interface for interacting with entity containers. Can be referenced via entity.getComponent(“inventory”).container
  • Container-用于与实体容器交互的新接口。可以通过entity.getComponent(“inventory”).container引用
    • function setItem(slot : Number, itemStack : ItemStack) – Adds itemStack to the container at the given slot
    • 函数setItem(slot:Number,itemStack:itemStack)-将itemStack添加到容器的给定槽处中
    • function getItem(slot : Number) : ItemStack – Gets the itemStack at the given slot
    • 函数getItem(slot:Number):ItemStack-获取给定插槽处的ItemStack
    • function addItem(itemStack : ItemStack) – Adds the given itemStack to the first available slot of the container
    • 函数addItem(itemStack:itemStack)-将给定的itemStack添加到容器的第一个可用槽中
    • function transferItem(fromSlot : Number, toSlot : Number, toContainer : Container) – Transfers an ItemStack from fromSlot of the container to toSlot of toContainer
    • 函数transferItem(fromSlot:Number,toSlot:Number,toContainer:Container)-将ItemStack从容器的fromSlot传输到toContainer的toSlot
    • function swapItems(slot : Number, otherSlot : Number, otherContainer : Container) – Swaps ItemStacks between slot of the container and otherSlot of otherContainer
    • 函数交换(slot:Number,otherSlot:Number,otherContainer:Container)-在容器的slot和otherContainer的otherSlot之间交换项堆栈
    • function worldLocation(relativeLocation : BlockLocation) – Transforms the coordinates of given GameTest location to its corresponding world location
    • 函数worldLocation(relativeLocation:BlockLocation)-将给定游戏测试位置的坐标转换为相应的世界位置
    • function relativeLocation(worldLocation : BlockLocation) – Transforms the coordinates of given world location to its corresponding GameTest location
    • 函数relativeLocation(worldLocation:BlockLocation)-将给定世界位置的坐标转换为相应的GameTest位置


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